BLOTANICAL buddies I wrote to Stuart

Ok all my BLOTANICAL buddies below is a note that I wrote to Stuart and his reply...
If you noticed the difference on PICKS and liked it please let Stuart know.
He is trying out the new set up on the NEW BLOGGERS PICKS LIST
I find the white background to be easier to read.. let us know what you think

thank ya'll, Cherry

Hi Cherry,
Thanks for using the Help Desk.
You wrote: love the new set up under "NEW BLOGGERS PICKS " it is much easier to read and the flags are great .. sure hope all of the PICKS LIST are going to look like this really soon. thanks again for a great place I have been having a blast . Cherry

Cheers Cherry. I tried this new look just to guage the reactions from members. Yours is the only comment so far so I shall wait and see how others respond to it before moving it across to all the other Picks. Glad you're having a blast.

Worms are history .. Stray brings a friend !

Thanks to everyone for the info on the worms I sprayed them with the detergent solution.

I got them soaped up pretty good but then I thought ...

well lets just see what's inside ??

So I poked around with a stick, nothing moved so I went ahead and tore the nest down and threw everything on the fire pit so hopefully they are gone .. lol

Yes Phillip the lizards are real ... :) and they are everywhere around here my cats play with them daily..

New kitty's is going to see the Vet monday and look at his new friend he brought over.

Nothing upsets me more then people that don't take care of their animals this new guy is very loving someone dropped him out ... the little calico is super scared guess I will get her fixed and then see how it goes..

Now Miss Joy doesn't he look like he's going to keep the snakes away ... lol
I think he is going to be good for nothing but sleeping & eating just like the other two ... lol

Hubby got the shingles on the new roof .. looking good hubby ... oh and the roof

plums and ???? what the heck is this ???

I have lots of plums but I also have two nasty looking webs of worms ~
I think! So what do I do now ?

Today was a great day..

I finally finished planting the veggie garden all the seedlings and seeds are in ..
This is the latest I have ever planted my first round of squash & cucumbers.

I also did lots of weeding and moved a few things, washed up the lawn furniture. cleaned out my shed and helped hubby cut some boards for the porch..

Time we finished up the rain started and it came hard.
Some of those seeds may have just floated on next door .. guess we'll see in a few days :)

I have a new garden Buddie a little gray cat that showed up last week.
I tried to shoo him on but he knew he had found a sucker
so I fed him and he has promised to keep the snakes away this year..

He stayed within arms reach of me the entire day so lots of rubbing & loving going on ... nothing like the love of a stray.. it just makes my heart all warm & fuzzy :)

New porch coming along

Thank you for my E ... WOW !!!

Thank you so much to Miss Jane Marie at Thyme for Herbs
and the Lovely Patient Gardener for making me a happy girl ...

It's wonderful to know that such fabulous gardeners like what
I have been doing for fun for years ...

Thank you so much to both of you ..
hugs, Cherry

dirty fingers & toes

so it takes x rated lizards to get ya 'll to stop by :)

cuddling for sure ... lol

thanks to everyone for the nice comments on mom's, these pictures are of a very small section of her yard. She stays busy everyday in the yard and if she can't get outside she is picking apart last years flowers for seeds.

She not only has green thumbs she has green toes ..

speaking of thumbs & toes ..

I have been taking extra care all winter to try to grow out my fingernails.
Wearing gloves to wash dishes, extra cream on them at night and regular manicures.

They WERE looking great .. I have a special event tomorrow so I was thinking... time to polish with some bright spring color but when I looked at my hands I was shocked !!!

These are not the hands that I have been caring for...
these are gardener hands !!! that is dirt under my fingernails and they are broken, chipped & torn ....

I look outside knowing I have as many pairs of garden gloves as I have flip flops
( which those that know me, know that's a lot :)

So where are those gloves and why didn't I wear them ???

Because I love the feel of the dirt, I love to feel the tender plants
I even love to feel the weeds I'm pulling ..... and that's what really makes me a happy girl not bright spring polish.

So I will scrub and buff these finger & toes put on my pretty dress and be on my way.... and most likely I will be longing to get back home quickly so I can play in the dirt some more ...

have a happy weekend ya'll

X Rated Lizards

Happy Thursday ya'll

Confused Sky

Today was a great gardening day
with the confused sky I had the best of both worlds
just when it felt too hot to continue the clouds would change and I could keep on working ..

and I got lots done today
planted the second round of basil I did
lemon, lime, little Dani and a few others

I finished preparing the new
LITTLE veggie plot.

We'll see how it works this year.
With the new addition going on right now I really couldn't make up my mind what to do about my veggies so I did containers & the little bed..
hope it will workout.

I took up 2 full wheel barrel loads of
Rudbeckias (Black eyed Susan's) gave one load away and the rest I will plant tomorrow on the back fence line took up a few other things that I think I will plant in the new little front bed.

Today was a happy day !!!

Mom's Lilies

Mom's yard is all a bloom ...

I could have stayed all day taking pictures ..

Soar lady Soar

in loving memory of nanny Willene
April 1930 - April 2008

Well I got lots done today let me tell ya !

Got one wheel barrel load of honeysuckle vines
from the back fence torn down
and was working on the rest of it when hubby suggested going to the river and since I haven't been this spring,
I beat him to the truck ...

It was chilly and windy but it didn't matter
being on the water is like being in the garden .. no worries ..
I'm in my own little world my mind doesn't have time to think
about anything except the beauty around me ..

Speaking of beauty the hostas are up and I missed it.
I just looked at them a few days ago and they were just barely showing
then this morning there they were waiting on me ...

Amaryllis are blooming

Yesterday was just beautiful while I was cleaning house ....

I know I should have walked out and not looked back like a good little gardener ...
but it has been such a busy couple of weeks things had to be done and just as I headed out the door the wind picked up then came the rain.

So no playing for me but I did get another rocker finished and I have one more coat on the swing and I will be finished with my painting projects .

Well maybe not .. lol

I think I will paint the big pots on the front porch black also to blend in.

The weather is changing here I may have to wear socks with my flip flops
possibility of frost one night .. crossing my fingers it won't ...

Bobbie I didn't even plant this stuff I just laid it in this bucket when I got home and it has rooted in and is spreading .. Hows yours doing ? Do you remember what it is ? Guess I should figure out where I want it and get it planted .. though it does look kinda pretty in the bucket ..

Ok time to get moving no rain but no sunshine either looks like a good morning to tackle the long neglected bed in the back yard I think some trees have moved in ...

Happy day ya'll

sweet dreams ya'll

While weeding in the front yard this evening the air became perfumed with the sweetest smell, it took a few minutes before I could pin point what it was but when it came to me ..

I had to stop weeding and hurry to the back and straight to my banana shrubs ..

I have had them for years the first time I smelled them I was a kid in my grandmothers garden I broke off limbs and put them in a mason jar right by my bed .. and every spring when we went to visit I would always run to the back yard first to see if they were blooming ..

Then many years later while walking one evening the beautiful scent hit me and I was a kid all over again ... I followed the scent right into a very nice lady's yard and she was kind enough to cut me some pieces that I rooted and they are now the most beautiful shrubs ever just loaded down with blooms and buds ...

So guess what's on my nightstand tonight ..

this kid is headed to bed..
sweet dreams ya'll

Good Morning Sunshine

Whiskey Barrel pictures for Melanie

after reading Melanie's wonderful post at Old Country Gardens
at Blotanical about planting in Whiskey barrels I had to run to my mother in laws and take these pictures ... look at the size of these ... other then tomato's, geraniums are all she plants and these are left over from last spring.

The garden expo

The Savannah Garden Expo is mine and Bobbie's fun day together each year we go and we shop ...This year was no exception we loaded her SUV with all kinds of goodies.We had everything from plants to a beautiful cast iron table.
There was lots of vendors Savannah's Secret Gardens booth was the largest and had so many plants you just wanted to buy one of everything .. but since they happen to be friends of mine and are so close to the house I get to shop with them often ..
Pete's herbs were missed !! they didn't do the show this year another herb farmer was there with lots of nice stuff and some heirloom tomatoes but I still missed Pete's ..
They started a farmers market section this year and the folks that do the Starland Farmers Market were there they are putting together a green market box program that you can sign up for the market is going to open April 26 so I will have to go check that out..
I had another great lunch a Southwest chicken wrap with a corn salsa on it ..tasty
Caraway Cafe catered the event this year all of the items on the menu looked yummy..
I will have to wonder over to the cafe the next time I'm in midtown at lunchtime.
We had a wonderful day but then just spending the day with Bobbie is always a good day add flowers and food and it becomes the perfect day ...