A little more of our beautiful Botanical gardens here in Savannah

Today I am showing off some more of what is in bloom right now at the  
on Eisenhower Drive. 
This weekend is their First Rose Festival 
and the gardens couldn't be any prettier than they are right now.

If you have never been to the gardens stop by this weekend they will be selling roses all weekend long. Hospice Savannah is also participate throughout the three-day show with botanical photography
 by Margaret Brennan and Lewis Strickland which will be on display in the Hospice’s art gallery. 
Friday evening rose martinis will be served in the Botanical Garden’s Reinhard House
 and in the living room of Hospice Savannah.

rose martinis now doesn't that sound like fun..

and our very own Savannah Granny will also be there some through out the weekend
 so if you get the chance to stop by be sure to tell her hello..

Wishing ya'll much success and loads of fun Miss Ginger hope to see you there.

This spot is where I like to go and NOT think... 
It is so peaceful at the gardens. 
Hospice is right next door to the gardens which is the Hospice that cared for my brother
 and were so kind to my family. I find such a calmness every time I stop by

and love hanging out with the kitty's

another kitty

here kitty, kitty

and here is my favorite buddy he / she could care less what is going on around him
 till I start to leave and he always escorts me to the car to say good bye..

hope ya'll enjoyed the tour and again stop by and help support
 the show and Hospice this weekend.

Now let's head on over to
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Hunting eggs at Gigi's house

Hi everyone hope ya'll had a wonderful Easter weekend ours was nice. Being with family is always a blessing, other than eating to much.... Chicken & dumplings and my niece Dani's Strawberry trifle which was really yummy can make a women hurt herself.

We hunted eggs and yes Gigi almost hurt someone when she saw that egg in her Amaryllis

We threw the eggs in our big basket really quick so we could hurry and find more..

We hunted really hard in Gigi's flower beds... I'm sure this is where the Easter bunny put all them pretty eggs.

my, my look at all the eggs in my big basket..

hey Brayci that's a mighty big basket you have there

What cha got in it?

Hey ... look at all the eggs you found.. mind if I have one ?

look I found one !! and yes that is what she said as she was running away with Brayci's egg..lol

and when I wasn't pestering my cousin Brayci I was hauling butt as fast as I could with momma hot on my heels..

I did sit for a minute for Miss Monica to take some pretty pictures of us in the park but you won't catch me sitting still for long cause I'm a girl on the go ... and if you would like to see Brayci & Lexi's first comical act check them out in the cotton field here.

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

One of a Kind treasures in Springfield, GA

Miss Lois and I were on the way up to Rahn's greenhouses and instead of taking the bypass we went into downtown Springfield where we found a cute little shop filled with some great pieces. We met the lovely Miss Cecile Baker the shops owner along with her daughter Vicki who is married to a handy fellow name Richie..

the shop is filled with antiques, new, used furniture and some great vintage pieces .

loved this chair

and handmade pieces made by Richie.. Richie builds custom furniture everything from Shabby chic to farm house beautiful you can see more of his fabulous work on his web site The Sawdust Shack.. isn't that the cutest name !

Miss Lois bought doll's .. She is a member of the Savannah Doll Club and loves to collect and make all types of Porcelain dolls these struck her fancy and had to come home with us. If you are anywhere near Springfield go checkout One of a Kind I promise you will not be disappointed.

and across the street from One of a Kind is Old Town

which had some great items also and then just a little ways down the street is another shop that we didn't get to plunder though which just means we will have to head on back up soon to check it out and visit with Miss Cecile again.. Happy Good Friday and Earth Day weekend if you are in Savannah tomorrow The City will be hosting Earth day event's in Forsyth Park and don't forget to checkout the Forsyth Farmers market lots of great local items. Fresh produce, honey, beef, pound cakes, and herbs.. It's located at the Park avenue/ Brighter day end of the park.

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry