Wisteria House

This is the first stop on our tour of the
2009 Savannah tour of homes & gardens

I can remember always wanting to go inside this house even as a young girl when we would come to Savannah to visit daddy's family so I was very excited to see it . It is a private residence, it was built in 1897 it is a Queen Anne style home which was popular in the 1880's till the early 1900's. The rounded front porches are topped with copper turrets.
The back courtyard is small but they made it family friendly by adding a small pool and deck.

I love how the garage opens up to the pool for extra play space and the creeping fig that is climbing all over the garage.

Beth and I were tempted to just sit in the swing and forget about the rest of the tour .. lol but we couldn't do that we had to see what other treasures we could find there was 9 stops on the tour plus all the beauty of downtown Savannah so there is LOTS of pictures to share so I will get them all up as quickly as I can.
Don't forget click on any picture to enlarge

We did not know till we got there that we could not take pictures inside any of the homes for safety reasons, so sorry I sure wish I could have shared the entire tour with everyone.

Happy birthday ladies !

A little music, family, and daddy's ribs

along with birthday girls Miss Lois and Miss Madison
7 going on 17

and beautiful babies make for a wonderful way to spend a
Saturday afternoon !

Taylor and Bailey were adorable in their overalls .
Bailey kinda looks like Carol Burnett pulling on her ear .. lol

Mr. Kaiden our newest and his aunt Ashley isn't he sweet !

Miss Abbi stealing her aunt Cherry's heart with that cute outfit and her new front teeth

and Miss Bracyie with that giant bow.
She and aunt Cherry had a nice long conversation, she is up to date on all the family gossip ... lol
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Treasures from Saturday's yard sale

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Good morning !!!! Good morning !!!! Good morning !!!!

It's so nice to be back in blogger world ... LOL
My computer monitor went out and I am just now getting back up and running with lots of pictures from the Bamboo farm Spring fling that I need to up load but for the moment I need to go to work so it will have to wait .. boohoo .. but check out what I picked up Saturday morning at the big garage sale. I wanted something to put in this spot to sit on but really have not had time to go looking, this piece was under a big rug all I could see was a piece of leg. Once I got it uncovered I knew it would be perfect the fabric is faded and needs to be recovered but the stuffing inside is like new .. now to decide what color to paint it I kinda like the faded out green but was thinking about maybe a parakeet green for it and the two ladder back chairs with some really loud print fabric for the cushions ..

Would love to hear what ya'll think on the color and would you do them in the same color or different ???

Thank you to everyone that has stopped by I promise to drop in on you really soon !! How about this evening for dessert ... I'm in need of a sweet treat ??

Have a fabulous day get outside and play ya'll
hugs, Cherry

P.S. That really ugly lamp will look beautiful the next time ya'll see it ... lol

"I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden." - Ruth Stout

Me too !
Springtime has arrived so
take some time to relax and enjoy all the beautiful treasures that it brings. The sun rising in a clear blue sky with cotton candy clouds, the sweet scent of fresh cut grass, the birds chirping happily as they build their nest, first blooms, longer days, warm nights, firefly's and mine and daddy's favorite sitting in the swing under the confederate jasmine watching the bee's become intoxicated by it's wonderful fragrance.

Happy friday ya'll
hugs, Cherry

Today is my Blogaversary

Today no wisteria yet !

This time last year

One year ago today I started blogging with no intentions of sharing, but after lots of encouragement from my beautiful niece Jessica I opened it up to everyone and it has been nothing but fun ever since..

It seems like just yesterday and the truth is I still have so much to learn ... like labeling ??? I couldn't for the life of me see why I would ever need them. Now a year later.... looking back for things, it hit me ..... Oh this is why you need labels.

So I will be going back and labeling each post .. lol and then adding links !!!
I tried and tried to figure this out but could not for the life of me get it .. Then the lovely Miss Robin at Robin's Nesting Place took the time to explained it and dang it!!!! it was so simple .. I felt like a complete ding dong, she also explained how to enlarge my pictures.. Miss Robin here's a great big hug and thank you for all your help.. if you have not checked out her blog do so now it it fabulous ..

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that has stopped by this past year. I hope that you will drop in often and if you are ever in Savannah please let me know I would love to meet ya ! ( Miss Cameron ).

Our winter was longer and colder than we have seen in many years so a lot of things that should be blooming have not even begun yet. The wisteria has just started to bloom, the daylilies are only inches out of the ground and the Cherokee rose is just starting to open. The forecast shows one more little cold snap so I'm going to wait a little longer to plant any tender plants or veggies.

The dogwoods and azaleas are beautiful right now if you look past the pollen so I'm off to get some pictures to share.. Can't have the first day of spring come in here tomorrow morning without azaleas !

What says spring to you ? is it a certain flower ? event ? breaking out the white shoes & white jeans ( Bethany ) or the new Easter outfit ? Maybe it's firing up the grill, that first BBQ or how about changing from red wines to whites ??

Ok I confess it's all of these things for this girl ... throw in a new pocketbook and I'm ready !!
new shorts, tanks, bathing suits, flops, etc.. etc.. etc. Oh ya'll get the picture .. lol

Have a wonderful day everyone and again thank you so much for stopping by, for all the lovely comments and for sharing your blogs with all of us ..
and an extra thank you to Stuart at Blotanical for bringing so many beautiful garden blogs together in one place for the entire world to enjoy.

hugs, Cherry

Our beautiful little leprechaun Abbi

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Thank you bunches to Miss Abbigail's grandmother Kay for sharing this adorable picture of her. This youngun is so dang adorable I just want to eat her up !

Aunt Cherry loves ya, don't be giving all that sweet sugar to grandma Kay !!!

The weather is perfect here this morning ! What a differences a little rain can make, we got rain Monday night sunshine yesterday and this morning everything is bright green I can't wait to get back home this afternoon and play in the yard !!

Wooohooo it's almost springtime in Dixie !!
I'm making plans for the weekend who's coming to join me ????
Friends of Coastal Gardens presents the
SATURDAY, MARCH 21 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Free admission – Parking $2 per car
Plant Vendors, Arts & Crafts Vendors, Hand-spinning and weaving bamboo fiber
Free gardening lectures
Face Painting, Hay Rides, Snack Bar

Bamboo Farm & Coastal Gardens
Corner of Hwy. 17 and Canebrake Rd
Savannah, GA 31419

And .....

Savannah Morning News Ultimate Yard Sale

7 Am Saturday March 21 Bass Pro shop parking lot

something about the word ULTIMATE makes me quiver .. lol
I'll be there waiting with bells on .. lol

Have a fantastically fun filled day ya'll
hugs, Cherry

Top of the morning to ya !

Happy St. Patty's from Savannah

Cead Mile Failte ~ One Hundred Thousand Welcomes
may the luck of the Irish follow you through out your day..
hugs, Cherry

The water in the fountain in Columbia Square is green and the tulips are reaching to the sun as a parade marches by on its way to Emmet Park on Sunday for the 25th annual Celtic Cross Ceremony. Hunter McRae/Savannah Morning News

Basket of bulbs

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Time to get planting !!
I am way behind on all my spring chores.
I have a couple of baskets with bulbs that should have been planted by now and stacks of seed packs that I haven't even looked through yet ..
Guess this ole girl better get outside and get busy.. lol

Looking forward to seeing that Hot Chocolate mix
have a beautiful day ya'll, Cherry

Mr. Painted Bunting

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I have been trying to get a picture of this little fellow for over a month
as long as I'm on the inside of the porch all is good but time I open the door he is gone .. lol
A little blurry from the screen but he's still pretty..

Thank you for all the wonderful thoughts and prayers
have a beautiful evening everyone.
hugs, Cherry

My big brother

April 1957 ~ March 2009

My dearest brother as I sit here this morning watching the sun come up and listening to the birds sing all I can think of is you are sitting in God's garden right now talking up a storm, telling everyone all about your beautiful wife, children and grand babies.

You are surrounded by all of those that loved you and were waiting for you to come home.

I know I've told you at least a million times how much I love you but did you know you were my friend? Did you know that I treasured you, that even though you drove me crazy in true big brother fashion that I thought you hung the moon and the stars ?

Yes you knew, you knew everything.. that's what made you the best big brother ever.

May the Lord make your love increase and overflow.
1 Thessalonians 3:12

No truer words ...
your love was always true, strong and steady. Overflowing and increasing everyday.
When I look into the faces of your children, when I hold those beautiful grands I feel your love.

We miss you, so stay close bubba ..

Devereaux and I will take care of daddy, momma, Debbie and the kids you just remember to give Cricket a poke every now and then.

Thank you for being my brother, thank you for teaching me how to love unconditionally,
thank you for being you.

With all my heart & soul I love you, your little sister, Cherry

poem from Jessica

I would first like to thank everyone that has stopped by in the last two weeks and apologize for not personally responding to all the wonderful and helpful comments you have left.

On Friday January the second of this year my big brother Allen was diagnosed with a very progressed small cell lung cancer. He fought as hard as he could but with every success came more sad news, we thought we would have more time with him but we lost him Thursday night.

I would like to share a poem that his oldest daughter Jessica wrote and read at his Memorial service yesterday.

Walking down the hospital hall feeling so weak I just about fall.
They say you have less than a year
we all heard our worst fear.
Cancer is in your liver, lungs and hip
at our hearts we all feel a rip.
A month later the stroke takes you for a loop,
it is heart breaking to see your face droop.
I love you more with every passing day
All I want is for you to stay.
It is so hard to see you not talk
I have to go for a walk
Thinking of back in the day
if I was sad you would make it ok.
You taught me to bait my own hook
and to be a great cook.
To change an element in a water heater and
to read a tire pressure meter.
You could fix anything you put your hands on
there wasn’t a thing you couldn’t do with a little nail or glue.
Everyone knows this is true ...
Watching the race, you take a nap
always to wake up before the last lap
On the table there was always food no matter what the mood.
Taking a whole motor apart, man you were always so smart.
On the floor you would sit just to listen to every great hit.
You would play them for hours
like nothing else in the world matters.
Coming home after a long fishing day
I wanted to hear every word you had to say
There was always a great fishing tale
you would have the biggest like every other male !
After my walk you still couldn’t talk...
A few weeks later pneumonia set in
In the hospital you go again.
Everyone comes to see you, putting on a show
like only you could do.
That’s the last you would stay awake ... man how our hearts ache
Some missed your last breath but everyone loves you to death
It hurts so bad but its for the best
Daddy go with God its time to rest.
I will not say goodbye
for it will only make me cry
There will be a time for us too
then we will all come home to you.

A few pictures from the weekend

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