The end of our Savannah tour of homes and gardens for 2010

This home had just been renovated. The home owner was fun he was really enjoying showing off his home and legs to everyone. The upstairs was very elegant while the downstairs was like the homeowner colorful and fun.

love those long windows. The upstairs kitchen went on forever with lots of counter and cabinet space.

The downstairs walls were between a lime and an olive green. I loved the faux marble painted concrete floors and the little galley kitchen.

next up ...

The dining area was beautiful the chandelier with the painted bamboo chairs was great. The sitting area was painted kinda of a dark pewter color. I loved it with the blue and chocolate furniture.

The house has a colorful past with lots of tales about murder and evil spirits long before Jim Williams came to town.. This brick wall separates it from our next house. The wall has broken bottles mortared to the top of it. Some say they are there to keep the evil spirits away and some say to keep the evil spirit that lived there in... Me ... I say they are cool and the sunlight shining through them looks pretty .. don't want to piss off any spirits good or bad ..

Our next home had Savannah writer Susan B. Johnson inside signing her book Savannah's Little Crooked Houses: If These Walls Could Talk and I hear it has a story to tell.

We had a wonderful lunch in City Market and did a wine tasting at Meinhardt Winery Which was awesome the guy's running the place were so much fun we tasted 7 or 8 wines and each one was better than the one before .. good thing we had a long walk back to our car cause we were feeling happy

We also hit the Goodwill on Broughton street where I found a really pretty cut glass mini candle chandelier for 3 bucks and we later saw in a shop for $35 so that was my woohoo find of the day.
It was an awesome day and I'm ready to go again ..

Hope ya'll enjoyed the tour ..

Miss computer is heading to the doctor for a few days she has slowed down to a crawl and has no space left for me to play which is why I haven't been blogging or visiting as much .. So we will see ya'll soon and share all the other fun stuff that has been going on here, like 2 great plant sales and this years Garden Expo that took place this weekend..

I'm hooking up with Miss Mary over at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday
ya'll come on over and see what all the other wonderful bloggers are sharing this week.

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Quite a busy day! Thanks for the tour!

  2. This was better than H(G)TV!! I may have to repaint my one campus office wall chocolate, since the est are blue.

  3. I love Savannah. I visited there years ago. It was during the Spring home tours.

    I long to return and stay downtown so I can walk to my heart's content and truly see all of Savannah.

    Thanks for reminding me what a beautiful town it is.

  4. Wow, what an amazingly busy day!

    Those houses and gardens are gorgeous (I'm very jealous now!) Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  5. What beautiful homes, love the beach bag as well. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  6. Wowww, thanks so much for the great tour! Love your pictures and your mosaics! Hope your week is a wonderful one!

  7. What a great tour, I felt like I was there with you. Your pictures and mosaics really tell a good story. Thanks for your tour.

  8. What a fun post! I'd love to visit Savannah someday, and I hope there will be houses tours when I do!

    I did read "Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil" and loved it! I read that had to move the bird feeder that was on the book's cover into a museum, as so many tourists were looking for it in the cemetery.

    Good luck with getting your computer fixed.

    Happy Mosaic Monday!

  9. Hi Cherry,

    The chandeliers in those homes are fabulous! Looks like one fascinating neighborhood after another there. And the shopping - too fun!


  10. How fun would that be! Great pics.

  11. My goodness, what a lovely tour you have taken us on! Thank you for that and the lovely pictures! Have a grand day!! Cathy

  12. Wow. Thanks for the tour of the wonderful home and a little shopping, too! I've never been to Savannah,but I did read *THE book* (does that count?)!! Savannah is on my list of places to visit.

  13. I long to go to Savannah so your post was a delight to find! Thanks for showing us some of the beautiful homes. It was a true pleasure looking through your photos and mosaics.


  14. Thanks for the tour - loved seeing your great pictures! Thanks for sharing with us.

  15. "He liked showing off his home and his legs" ha ha! That made me laugh!

    What a great tour! It was fun getting a peek at all these lovely homes.

  16. I would say you had a great day. Don'cha just love to look in other peoples homes? You get just a peek to see how others live. Thanks for sharing with us. Valerie

  17. Wow, loved the tour of the houses. You must have been going all day long. The shopping, winery, lunch and then more shopping. It does sound wonderful though, glad you had a great time.

  18. I visited Savannah once and fell in love. Thank you for this tour, Cherry!

  19. aloha,

    thanks for sharing your tour of these beautiful homes, i loved it and i love your cafe city market...its a great lunch spot from my last visit....gardens are so small in savannah.

  20. That was a most enjoyable tour of lovely homes and my legs aren't a bit tired! Thanks for all of the great photos!

    Kindly, ldh

  21. Wow. Some lovely pictures in your blog here and lovely homes. Thanks for sharing with us all. I like the baskets too - we use to buy our groceries with baskets similar to those when I lived in Spain. Greetings from Vancouver Island. Michelle

  22. It's wonderful that so many of the home owners allow you to take photos! I know I sure enjoyed the tour. :)


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