Icicles in the south

Icicles hang from the decorative greenery and the trumpeters on the fountain in Forsyth Park Wednesday morning as the temperature dropped below freezing.
(John Carrington/Savannah Morning News)

yep that's a surfboard ..lol

These were taken down in Brunswick, Ga by my nieces cousin .. a little chilly looking don't ya think .. lol. Last week was a very long cold week and I for one am so glad to see we are on our way into the 50's today. Even though the sun has been shining like crazy I don't do cold .. lol

I have no doubt that we have lost a lot of plants this past week but I bet them dang mosquitoes and gnats will be back shortly ..lol

Have ya'll ever smelled frozen Society Garlic it is horrible ..

Hope everyone has a warm and cozy day !
hugs ya'll, Cherry

Let's go to Wormsloe Plantation for ~ Outdoor Wednesday

Beth and I visited in November and walked all over the grounds it is truly a spectacular sight to see they even have real deer !! As opposed to fake deer which is what I thought I was looking at .. giggle ... hope the memory makes ya smile girlfriend ..

Wormsloe Plantation

The road going into the plantation is lined with an arch of live oak trees and Spanish moss it is beautiful year around but in the spring when the azaleas are in bloom it is breathtaking .

Front gate

Oak avenue

Welcome center

isn't this beautiful ?

Visitors can view a museum with artifacts unearthed at Wormsloe, as well as a short film about the site and the founding of Georgia.

Colonial Life area

Sights along the Nature Trail

A scenic nature trail leads past the tabby ruins to a living-history area where, during programs, demonstrators in period dress exhibit the tools and skills of colonial Georgia. The site hosts several events throughout the year, including the "Colonial Faire and Muster" in February, which highlights aspects of 18th-century life, such as music, dancing, crafts and military drills.

Tabby Ruins ~ Jones family Fort/ House 1739 - 17775

1828 plantation house that is still home to the descendants of Noble Jones which are private

this is as close as you can get to it ..would have loved to gone inside.

now from the other end of Oak avenue

Wormsloe is the oldest Georgia's tidewater estates, Wormsloe has remained in the hands of the same family since the mid-1730s. Claimed and developed by founding Georgia colonist Noble Jones, Wormsloe has successively served as a military stronghold, plantation, country residence, farm, tourist attraction, and historic site. Nonetheless, Wormsloe's most characteristic and defining use has been as the ancestral home of Noble Jones's descendants.
Lying some ten miles southeast of Savannah, Wormsloe occupies the southern portion of the Isle of Hope, a peninsula four miles long and as much as a mile wide. During the colonial era Wormsloe's strategic location made it a valuable component of Savannah's outer defenses against Spanish attack. As a principal military officer of colonial Georgia, Jones used Wormsloe (then his leasehold) as a guard post, and his fortified tabby residence served as nucleus for a garrison of marines. In 1756 George II of England formally granted Jones ownership of Wormsloe (originally spelled "Wormslow"). During the 1750s Jones used a small corps of slaves to cultivate some of his 500 acres there. His agricultural activities, limited though quite diversified, included some cotton and grains (perhaps even small quantities of rice), along with vegetables, fruits, berries (including grapes), and mulberry trees. The leaves of mulberry trees were needed as food for the silkworms that Georgia's Trustees hoped would make the colony a supplier of silk. Though it has long been assumed that this silkworm connection explains the plantation's unusual name, "Wormsloe" (and close variants) figures prominently as a place name in the English-Welsh borderland from which the Joneses came.
you can read the entire story here Wormsloe Plantation ..

hope ya'll enjoyed the tour
now head on over to Miss Susan's to see all the other beautiful blogs Outdoor Wednesday post.
I bet you will lots of pictures of snow ...

It is still freezing here and I'm still not liking it ... lol
hugs ya'll, Cherry

Cherry's in the Garden and more

Happy New Year everyone

New Years Day we had our traditional Hoppin John and Collards .. We also rode out to Tybee Island with plans to watch the Polar Bear Plunge click here to checkout some great pictures but it was pouring rain and cold which didn't seem to matter to anyone but me .. How about this brave fellow from Gallery by the Sea ... only on Tybee.. lol

The rain is gone and the sun is shining so beautiful ... I keep looking out and thinking this can't be right ... it is freezing out .. now I know my northern girlfriends are laughing at me because I complain when it gets a little chilly but I'm telling ya'll it really is freezing around here !!!

That's ice on my swimming pool .. we have never had that before the temp this morning at 10 am was 18.9 .. right now at 2 something pm it's like 40 .. dat's cold girlfriends !!! Heck I don't have enough socks to make it through this week .. and it's going to stay cold! This isn't one of those cold today and back in the 70's tomorrow kind colds that Savannah is know for.
This is a real cold front.

and this is what a real cold front does to a garden .. ugly isn't it

so what do we do down here when it gets too cold to go out and play ? Not much .. make a big pot of chicken stew, cuddle up, stare out the windows and dream about spring or go blog hopping which is what I'm going to do ... won't ya'll come along I'm joining Mosaic Monday's hosted by Miss Mary at Little Red House wish I had something prettier to share for my first time .

sending warm sunny wishes to everyone
hugs ya'll, Cherry