chalkboard painted bags and other fun stuff

Miss Olivia Leigh turns One today
what a fast year 2013 has been
I had so much fun making things to use for her birthday pictures

first I built a giant " One "
from 2 pieces of 36 x 48 foam cord board
and a whole lot of hot glue

once I had it built I covered
 it in newsprint paper
and then I used Mod Podge to cover it
 with the pink tissue paper

I then started cutting strips of fabric that my
 niece Jessica and I tied to ribbon to make this really cute piece..
Thank you so, so much for stopping by that day Miss Jessica..

next up I painted jumbo paper lunch bags
 with just regular flat black paint
trimmed the bottom with some craft sissors
punched two holes in the bottom/ top of the bag tied a raffia bow
and then I added a strip of Chevron fabric so we could tie them to the fabric thingie...

Miss Olivia's momma used the bags to share
 the date and time of the party..
 Which is today woo hoo I love partying with one year olds..
Happy Birthday Miss Olivia
We love you so much and can't wait to get
 lots and lots of hugs and kisses from you today..
hugs ya'll, Cherry

Happy Weekend from my new little friend and I

Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend
 it looks like it is going to be a pretty one..
hugs, Cherry

Easy Butterfinger, Chocolate chip, Pecan, Dulce de leche cookie bars

Wowwee what a name for a bar cookie...
In need of a sweet treat to take to our family reunion
 this past weekend, I walked around and around
 and around the grocery store without a clue what to make.
I came home with 4 packages of refrigerated 
chocolate chip and pecan cookie dough
2 cans of caramel Dulce de Leche
and a pack of mini butterfingers.
I pushed the dough around into a greased
 foil lined pan. Poured the 2 cans of caramel on top
then covered that with crushed butterfingers...
I also added some chocolate chips 
which I will not do the next time they were not needed.
I baked until a toothpick came out clean which
 was just a little over the cookie package directions.
 They came out all ooey gooey yum, yum, yummo
I will be making these again for sure.
Give them a try easy and yummy
what's not to love...

Oh yeah sorry there is no after picture..
I forgot to take one when they came out of the oven
hugs ya'll, Cherry

How to mess with a momma

Happy Friday ya'll
there is a touch of fall in the air and I'm loving it..  
I haven't been doing much gardening 
but I have been staying busy and having lots of fun..
like putting together this cute beaded chandelier

I used Christmas beads a gazillion hot glue sticks,
some punch cups,
and an old brass chandelier
that has been around forever. 
I think it turned out cute.

Then I took my babies to my girlfriend April's fabulous yard
 hung it in her fabulous Oak tree and started taking a million pictures..

Miss Olivia with her big sister Alexis
and here is where the messing with momma comes in...
Aunt Cherry went to Picmonkey and started playing

with all the different settings

and now momma
has to decide which pictures she likes the best.

Oh how aunt Cherry loves
 messing with mommies
and her sweet, sweet babies

Miss Olivia turns one next week.
 We did some really cute birthday pictures
 but I can't share just yet
if you haven't checked out Picmonkey
 you should it's lots of fun.

hugs and Happy Friday ya'll
Thank you for allowing me to show off a bit

38th Annual NOGS Tour 2013 Garden # 4

How about a pretty downtown Savannah
 courtyard on this fine Sunday morning which happens
 to be the first day of September.

The front of the home looked a lot like a traditional Savannah home

beautiful woodwork, lighting, lots of windows
 and haint blue ceiling

all along the side of the house was this stucco and wrought iron work
which led to the entrance gate for the courtyard

once inside it looked more like what I think of as a French villa

this fountain has a mirror behind it which expanded
 the courtyard and brought in lots of light

raised beds filled with herbs and flowers

loved the path which went along the inside
of the stucco wall to the front yard

Confederate jasmine was planted along most of the walls

there was a beautiful alcove

with this pretty dining area which looks out into another
fountain area and into the home

this is the opposite side of the alcove

beautiful comfy setting area, pretty pots with lush greenery

my favorite pots ever.. I am so in love with these big white pots

This courtyard was very tranquil, peaceful and natural looking
even full of people it felt as if I was alone.
The absent of lots color made it a calming space.

and that little pop of color added the " happy "to the space
Hope ya'll enjoyed ..
Have a wonderful weekend everyone..  hugs, Cherry