Outdoor Wednesday ~ Moon flowers and the Sphinx Moth

I can't remember ever not having moon flowers for me they are a must. 
Late September is when they shine around here the perfume is intoxicating 
or maybe it was the wine I was drinking while watching these open over the weekend .. 
I love watching them go from a tight bud to look at me I'm a star .. 
While I was watching I heard a buzz and felt a flutter as something brushed the top of my head ... 
again could have been the wine but it wasn't ... lol
When I uploaded /download ~ I have never figured out the difference my pictures 
I was so surprised to see I had caught a Sphinx Moth not once but twice. 
I really thought when it happened it was a hummingbird. 
I never saw him so when I found him in the pictures I was thrilled. 
Oh and by the way that little guy travels at speeds up to 30mph ..

Hope everyone has a fun Outdoor Wednesday
 now hurry go visit our lovely host Miss Susan at A Southern daydreamer 
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hugs ya'll, Cherry


  1. Cherry!

    Such a wonderful display-- how patient are you??? wow..

    I have never known what that beauty was called before now, thanks for the education and delight.

    If you get a chance please stop by and say hi!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  2. Great photos and a great photo of that moth as well!

  3. I really like the green and white swirl buds. Reminds me of a Georgia O'keefe painting. Such a beautiful flower...great post!

  4. I love how you captured the sequence of the flowers opening. I have been hearing a lot about moon flowers. I may plant some next year.

  5. That last photo is great, Cherry! Isn't it fun to see a bug in the photos that you didn't know was there?! That moonflower just glows in the dark...and you can't miss that fragrance!

  6. Thanks for showing such incredible photos - very nice !

  7. Cherry, wow! How much time passed from tight bud to gorgeous star? I've never had moon flowers, wish I did. And the Sphinx Moth, what an added bonus to an already great post.

  8. Cherry girl I am so jealous !! I have tried Moonflower two years running and still no luck .. unless we have one heck of a long HOT summer I guess it just isn't going to happen here up north ? and a BIG wow on that moth !! You have both beautiful things going full tilt in the pictures .. amazing girl !!!

  9. Great shots of the moonflower! And the moth, wow! I took some photos of the moonflower that was in my neighbor's yard-- and they haven't seen the Luna or Sphinx moth but they keep looking.

  10. You're not going to complain when Sphinx Moth caterpillars begin to chew up your moonflower leaves, are you?

    Loved the photos. Great patience.

  11. I'm not really Anonymous -- my little finger hit some button and the comment left without me.

    Nell Jean

  12. I love fragrance in the garden this time of year!

    Your photos are amazing! Great shots.

    I did try Moon Flower, but the deer like it. :-( As the garden matures, there is a section of my fence that I can use where the deer aren't likely to get to the vine. Maybe next year. They've been eating the leaves off the hyacinth bean vines, but not the vines, so I have flowers and foliage above the reach of their noses!


  13. What lovely pictures. The moon flower is, indeed, a gorgeous bloom. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  14. Cherry,

    Congratulations on your Blotanical win!!!

  15. Cherry what a wonderful display of photographs. I love the looks of Moonflower and have tried and failed so many times at growing them.
    It is always such a surprise when we upload our pictures and discover something we never saw because we were focused on the picture taking ;-)

  16. Very special photo's you have posted. I love them Have a nice day

  17. Hello cherry,

    What beautiful pictures. I was first introduced to Moon Flowers when I lived in Texas. My friend had several plants and shared her seeds with me so I could grow my own. I even brought some with me when I moved back to Florida. They are just so lovely.

    Thank you for sharing your with us.

    ~ Tracy

  18. I'm going to bookmark this post so I can look at it again and again. Your photos are fantastic! I myself am a moon flower abuser. I freely admit it. It's far too cold for the plant here, but I keep trying anyway. When you sit out on your veranda breathing in that fabulous aroma,listening to the buzzing of the sphinx moths, you can think of me with my poor moon flowers turning brown in the cold, cold rain!

  19. Very cool indeed. Congrats on your blotanical award! I love coming to your blog and visiting with you---big hugs.

  20. Your moonflowers look lovely I wonder if they are related to Morning glory both flowers and leaves look like they could be the same family.

  21. Hello Miss Cherry! Terrific captures of the sphinx moth! What luck he just 'happened' to be there! It would be a difficult job trying to capture him on purpose!! Your moonflower is very pretty...I like the photos where it's just beginning to open. BTW, congrats on your Blot. award!

  22. Hi Cherry, thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know about my award. :-) Also, congrats to you for yours as well!

    I've been growing moonflower this year as well and it's such fun. Since we finally got cool weather a couple of days ago I've noticed that they stay open longer in the mornings now. I've been hoping to see a sphinx moth myself but not yet. Very cool that you got TWO shots of one!

  23. Love those sphinx moths... congrats on your Best Georgia Blog award. Well done.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  24. How stunning! I adore Moon flowers yet don't have any in my garden ... shame on me :( Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, Cherry and ... Congratulations on your Blotanical Best Georgia Blog award ... you're a fine peach!

  25. Hey Cherry,
    Congrats on your Blotanical win!
    I will be back to visit soon, I promise!

  26. Cherry congrats to you as well girl! You have such a nice blog.

  27. What a beautiful display of moon flowers and sphinx moth! Loved it. And I also wanted to congratulate you on your win at Blotanical!

  28. Congratulations on your win. I appreciate you stopping by PATSP.

  29. Can you believe I've never grown moonflowers? I planted seeds one year, they never came up, and I gave up! Yours are lovely! And that moth is so cool.

  30. What beautiful flowers. I am not familiar with them. That was really neat you capturing that moth. Nice post. Glad you dropped by for a visit with me.

  31. Oh Cherry
    I'm so glad you dropped by... I have never heard of. or grown a moonflower. I live in Eastern Canada, so I'm not sure if it's a southern thing' like they say or not. I will have to research it.
    The moth is very very cool.
    Great shots. oh patient one. lol
    Happy OW
    Love Claudie

  32. Beautiful opening of the moon flowers! Great pictures.

    Thank you for sharing your blog with me. I enjoyed visiting.

  33. Moonflower vine is so gorgeous, and that scent! Why am I not growing that this year?

  34. What a wonderful photo display! This flower is beautiful!What a real coup to capture that moth...incredible!
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  35. Congratulations on your award Cherry! Good job!Love your blog!

  36. Miss Donna the first two collages are the first stages of the opening which only took seconds. The third stage took about 15 minutes to fully open.
    Miss Cameron would you like me to send you a reminder email in the spring ..lol

    Miss Becky I promise to think of you and to send warm thoughts you way.

    glad ya'll like these and if you can you should grow them and make sure you put them some where close.
    hugs, Cherry

  37. Beautiful picture and quote (so true) to open your page; even more beautiful photos on your site. Thanks so much for sharing! I arrived at your site from Bing which featured the moon moth today. Glad your link was among those listed.
    4/5/2011 Morgan Hill, CA


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