Who is Cherry...

born in Savannah, Georgia
I hated my name most of my childhood now I think everything Cherry is cool... yes Cherry is my real name
I'm as southern as you can get.. I say ya'll, not y'all.. 
right or wrong I do it
I say yes sir, please, thank you and I bless a few hearts every so often
middle child to the best parents in the entire world 
Air Force brat
I cuss 
say my prayers
and I'm still trying to figure out how I got to be in my 50's
I'm a daddy's girl forever and I strive to be half the woman my momma is.. 

I'm a true believer that simple is perfect, new and improve does not make it better and if I could be a kid again I'd do it in a heartbeat.. 

I'm a singer, I weigh 125 pounds, I'm 5'7 and have long auburn ringlets... 
Oh hell wait ...That's my wish list.
see I cuss...

things I adore

the hubby, he still makes me giggle and blush... 
our rescue kitty's 
family, it's all about family
girlfriends, without them life would be boring
home, the best days are spent piddling at home
taking pictures
playing in the dirt
boiled peanuts, vodka in my lemonade, breakfast for supper, sitting on the beach in the winter time, riding our motorcycle, finding treasures from the past, office supplies... I know I'm a little off ... a new pen, paper clips they make me happy, art supplies, all art supplies make me giddy....
my grandmother's embroidered pieces 
big porches with rockers and swings
fried chicken, could eat it everyday
and anything with cheese on it

if I only had a few minutes to get my stuff and run, I would grab...

my Bible
photo albums
my favorite cast iron skillet
my daddy's flannel pj's 
and my brother's Clivia plant

on my ipod

Gary Allen, Bob Seiger, CCR,  Aaron Nevils, Cheap Trick, Patty Loveless, Steve Miller, Captain and Tennille, Gregg Almond, Suzy Bogguss, 
The Carpenters, Kid Rock, Georgia Satellites, The Eagles, Alabama, Conway, Elton, Rod, George, Tammy, Elvis, Molly Hatch, Sara Evans, Bee Gees, Marshall Tucker, Boston, K.T Oslin, Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Poco's ~ Crazy Love 
I sing loud, off key, make up lyrics and think I'm Stevie Nicks

about the blog

I wish I could say I have a vast wealth of knowledge about all things to share, but... the truth is it's just a place to share what I love.. 

What started out as a garden journal has turned into a keeper of time and memories. A way for me to share myself, my home, family, friends and Savannah with you.

I hope there is something here that you enjoyed, something that made you smile or laugh and that you will come visit often..

big hugs from me to you, Cherry