Finding Beauty Friday's ~ last days of July

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass
 on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or 
the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time. ~ John Lubbock

Hope each of you take some time to do nothing but enjoy the last days of July. 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone... Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

What to do when it's a 102 ?

Head to the interactive fountain downtown in Ellis square to watch Miss Lexie play ..

To watch Miss Lexie run ~ yep Miss Lexie went from almost walking to catch me if you can !

it was so much fun watching her and her aunt Shelby playing in the fountain. There was children from all over the world all enjoying nothing more than the sight and feel of the cool water dancing all around them .

Come on aunt Shelby the water feels good

see that was fun !

woohoo it got us again

Ellis Square is one of the original squares and was historically the site of the City Market. In 1954 the old City Market building was torn down and replaced by a parking garage in an attempt to encourage more downtown shopping. The parking garage was recently torn down and replaced by an underground parking structure . This provided the opportunity to restore a public square at ground level above the parking structure. The interactive fountain, a visitor center, restrooms and seating areas have been added to the park. Some of you may remember me posting about the City moving Live oaks to this park back in April 2009 well I can say those oaks provide some much needed shade for this gal Sunday afternoon and they make the park look as if it has been there forever.

and after a full day of fun the girls fell sound asleep right in the middle of my bed

Stay cool and have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Bugs & birds

My beautiful niece Jessica informed me that I had not shared any bugs or birds lately so this morning I took off in search of whatever I could find.

This guy showed up time I walked outside . We watched 4 of these last night working over a pine tree.

I'm I the only one that thinks these leaves look cool ?

oh Jessica here's some worms for ya ... do they remind you of the ones on your corn..yummy

here's a neat looking fellow. Is he a good or bad bug? Jessica and Miss Maddie how about identifying these birds and bugs for us ?

and then I remembered taking a picture of these guys a few weeks ago while I was out taking pictures of this beautiful young lady for her 14th Birthday .

We had so much fun wish I could show ya'll more but since I didn't think to ask permission I better not..

and how about this for a fun way to start my day .. I'm sitting here eating cold leftover meat lovers pizza ( yes for breakfast ) which I have only had one other time in my life and my doctor calls to tell me my cholesterol is up ! She said ... lay off the carbs & get moving ... I started to ask if she meant like right this second or could I finish off the rest of the pizza ..

Have a fabulous day everyone
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Endings, new beginnings, tiny beauty queens, a baby doll's birthday & a dog named Obi

Yeah I know a crazy title .. lol
It has been a good kinda crazy around here since my last post

This beautiful man my hubby decided to leave his job of almost 25 years to venture out on his own. It was a really tough decision for him to make. He loved his job and everyone he worked with but after tossing around his thoughts for a couple of years he decided to go for it. I could not be more proud of him ..Roll Baby Roll as they say every ending is really just a new beginning!

pillowcase dresses and hair bows made by their aunt Jessica of Jessica's Craft Corner
Today is Finding Beauty Friday over at Dipity Road so I thought I would share some of the beauties in my life our little beauty queens .. We have 4 babies doing local pageants .. I haven't been to a pageant in about 30 years my how things have changed ..

Miss Abbigail ~ Wouldn't you love to wake up in the morning with a fresh face of make up on. Your toes & fingers painted and you didn't have to do a thing but sleep That is when my niece Ashley does all of this to Miss Abbigail .. Abbi loves showing you how pretty she looks. She is a girly girl for sure .. She just turned 2

Miss Bailey ~ This little one had places to go and things to do. She was strutting her stuff in her adorable Tutu & hair bow that her aunt Jessica made her .

Miss Brayci ~ Miss personality she has some of the cuties facial expressions .

Miss Alexis ~ almost 1 and just about ready to let go of the couch and take off. At any minute she is going to be walking all over the place.

All of the babies did great it was fun watching them doing their thing but I have to say the pageant scene isn't for me.. I had serious thoughts about poking a few mom's in the eye .

Miss Bailey & her mommy both took a little nap while we waited .. lol

Miss Cassie turned 1 this week .. No kidding .. baby dolls have birthday's as I was informed by my niece Shelby so we had to make a cake, a party hat, a sign so everyone could find the party house and make a print using mint green paint of her tiny feet for her mother to have forever We had so much fun that day and Miss Shelby bakes an awesome chocolate cake ..

and finally we get to Obi ~ Obi is a 4 month old AUSTRIAN SHEPPARD that I am falling in love with and I am a kitty cat kinda girl .. A few weeks ago I was visiting with Obi he was so excited to see me. We had been tossing sticks and pine cones when he ran up to me stood up on his hind legs and was giving me all kinds of doggie kisses... When all of a sudden I felt something warm and wet running all over my feet ... The adorable Obi was peeing on me! I jumped out of my flip flops only to have said adorable doggie grab one of them and haul butt. ( Carla Anne I know you are laughing at me right now ) after a few minutes of begging he finally returned my shoe and I hobbled away to get cleaned up. Of course all was forgiving the moment I looked in to his big brown eyes .. that were laughing at me .. I know he was laughing .. hell I was screaming laughing ! This week I got to visit with Obi again his mom left me this super cute gift bag made by her and Obi with a really great bottle of wine from a local vineyard Shannon Vineyards along with a really cute note telling me thank you for letting him out and playing with him....
Here is what the
Note from his mom said ~ Obi is getting better about peeing on peoples shoes & legs ~ I haven't been hit for a few days ... Thank you M.
I giggle every time I look at the bag .. lol

Finding beauty around us really isn't hard just open your heart so your eyes can see ... Have a beautiful weekend everyone go checkout all the other wonderful bloggers sharing what they found to be beautiful this week .. Thank you Miss Claudia ..

If you have little girls in your life go checkout my niece Jessica's site she is making some really cute stuff .. Humm am I to old to wear a Tutu ????

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Times up on the 10 in 10 challenge

here is my original list

1 ~ Finish staining sidewalk ~ Done and it turned out fabulous
2 ~ Finish desk and move into house ~ Done and I'm loving it
3 ~ Make a set of really cute tie backs for bedroom curtains ~ almost finished
4 ~ Finish April's birthday present ~ finished but I can't share because I haven't given it to her yet
5 ~ Celebrate Beth's birthday with her. didn't happen busy week for both of us.
6 ~ Finish that tray ~ Oh my my !!
7 ~ Take my vitamins and exercise everyday for at the very least 30 minutes ~ Done and feeling great !
8 ~Take down old drapery brackets, patch holes in living room walls talk hubby into painting ~ Done
9 ~ Paint birdhouses ~ one done 10 ~ Finish editing all of the family pictures that have been taken recently.. ~ Done


Tiebacks almost finished

no beach bungalows changed my mind . lol

Hubby got the living room painted .. The color is so pretty it is a pinky sand color.. Benjamin Moore Old Country .. and yes I am on the hunt for a great chair to use at the desk.

and last on my list was THE TRAY. Trying to get this tray finished turned out to be my biggest challenge of all .. The plan was to paint the tray then modge pod this really pretty liner paper that I have been saving for years to the bottom of the tray no biggie right. Paint turned out perfect I cut my paper had it just right then I thought .. Hey why don't you lightly burn the edges of the paper to give it just a little something extra.. So I hit the edge lightly with a flame and poooof it's gone. I didn't think about it being a scented piece of paper it was like throwing a match on a gasoline trail ...
Well that was fun ... dang it I loved that paper ! OK so move on... I decide to do a crackle finish. I applied Elmer's glue then added my top coat of paint moved the tray to an out of the way spot only to come back toooo ...

yes that is paw prints and yes there is a kitty in this house that has pretty blue silver paws which is why there is a doily covering the bottom of the tray !

I didn't finish all of my task but I had fun trying. This coming week I plan on finishing things up and starting a couple new projects.

Thank you so much Miss Gina for the challenge it was fun ! So how did the rest of you do ?

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry