Sunlit Sunday

Hi everyone hope you are having a wonderful weekend it has been pretty here but a little chilly. I'm sharing pictures that I took Thursday while I was locked in Hunter Army Base. I was the next car in line to get out and they locked all the gates... and they stayed locked for over an hour.. There was horns blowing and lots of impatience folks wondering around.

but not me I parked under the Oaks and started taking pictures

the sun came and went along with a light breeze

and I watched it all from the drivers seat ~ top left shot out the passengers window, top right shot out the windshield and the bottom is out the drivers window.. Thank the lord I had my camera with me or I might have been honking too I'm joining Miss Karen for Sunlit Sunday at her blog My Little Home and Garden come on and join us..

Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday.
hugs ya'll, Cherry

Sneak peek at what I have been up too

I am working on momma's tables every chance I get and loving how they are coming along

as much as I was loving them here... I'm loving them even more now.. let's just say they don't look like this now.. fingers crossed I can finish them for her this weekend.

I really need my own little paint palace instead of hubby's garage and carport ..
Happy Tuesday ya'll let's make it a great day ...
hugs, Cherry

The Honeybells are here... and honey they are yummy...

do you see my sweet little chickens salt and pepper shakers.. aren't they cute.. Thank you Miss April I love them..

The best part of January is when the Honeybell's hit town if you are in the Savannah area Polk's Plus in Pooler has some but you better hurry or they will be gone ... and make sure you have a towel handy to catch all that sweet juice that will be running down your chin..

From The Hale Groves web site ~
Experience the rare pleasure known to Florida fruit connoisseurs. For years the rumors flew: Somewhere in the remote backwaters, up the creeks that feed Florida's Indian River, there grew a fruit so rare- so sublimely sweet and delicious- that most growers and grove hands would deny its very existence. A fruit so scarce and wonderful to eat, the old timers would hoard the entire crop exclusively for their own families and friends.

I know this to be true I have been hoarding them for years. They are only available for a few weeks in January into the first of February so I buy, eat and hide all that I can.
and while I was putting my honeybells in a bowl I realized I never showed off my Christmas present from my hubby.. I have been wanting a cabinet for years in this corner of my kitchen but I could not decide if I wanted it to be a "Corner Cabinet" or not. So any who I see a cute kitchen on Pinterest set up like mine, decision made, hubby whips it up, I paint it up and in the house it goes.

and I love it... it doesn't look streaky in person. I did a white primer first to cover the wood then a coat of white opps paint I really thought I wanted it to be white but after I finished it I knew it had to be red.. I had ordered a sample pot of each Annie Sloan's Emperor's Silk and Primer red one seemed to dark the other to red so I mixed them together and got what I was looking for.
Oh pretty clock. This was my Christmas present to myself .. yes I'm one of those.... bought one for my mother in law and one for myself... and we both love it.. I need a little something between the clock and cabinet top ... sign, picture....

It's nice and big with lots of room to hold all the good stuff.. OK I'm through showing off think I will grab a honeybell and head over to LaurieAnna's Vintage Home even though I'm late for Farmhouse Friday.. if you haven't visited LaurieAnna's blog you must it is wonderful. If you have picked up the Spring addition of Romantic Country magazine then you have already been ohhh and ahhhhing over her.. so come on and join me
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Happy Saturday ya'll hope it's a great one for everyone... Thank you for stopping by.
hugs, Cherry

My new thrifty Love

isn't she lovely !!! Beth and I took off a couple of weeks ago to Hilton Head Island with a plan to hit every thrift store we could find. It took us almost 8 hours but we got to plunder through them all.. It was one of those days where we really didn't find much but what we did find was perfect.. She picked up a beautiful handmade wrought iron tiered plant stand that was fabulous and I found this adorable little chandelier for $15

she looked a little rough but once she got a bath and all the electrical parts out she was perfect.. I am using tea light candles where the wiring was.

I also found this large wire tray for $4.00 that I filled with shells and in the top of the tray is an old green quart jar that I filled with small shells and a candle

and together on the back porch they are beautiful with my Annie Sloan Antibes Green chairs and my own mix of a few of her paint colors, table.

and now that I have brought up that awesome Annie Sloan paint again... Here is a piece that I picked up awhile back that was an awful blond color. I stained and waxed the top and again a mix of Annie's colors for the base. Some new knobs and poof she's pretty...

and then there was these hideous I mean what fool woman painted those chairs pink with a coral colored wall behind them. ME!! yep I started messing with Annie's Scandinavian Pink which is a beautiful color but I wanted it just a tad bit lighter and that pink is what I ended up with..

I had been hearing about Coco and knew it was just what I needed to fix this mess.. I have not waxed any of the Coco pieces yet but I will. This is by far my favorite of all the colors I have tried. I think it would work in any setting..

We still have to get the floor finished on the porch but it's coming along.. Oh wait that rug above was one of my thrifty finds from before Christmas it is a soft natural wool 12' x 15' in perfect condition that I paid $50 for there was 2 of them at that sale and I am still kicking myself for not buying both..

and what the heck are these you ask ?? These are my mothers end tables and there is a matching coffee table woohoo I know ya'll all want these... They are over 50 years old and have had a gazillion different paint jobs by Miss Lois. I finally talked her into letting me bring them home and redoing them for her. I am having so much fun with these and can't wait to show them off ..

On a different note if you are like me and leave you computer on when you are not home PLEASE be careful.. Last week I walked into our home to what smelled like burnt bacon and a loud pop. When I reached the living room my computer monitor was boiling smoke and hot as fire. I don't even want to think about what would have happened if I had not walked in when I did.. So Please, Please be careful ..... I have spent the last week trying out new monitors 17" to small ~ 23" to big ~ 20" just right ... Everything looks so different. It is taking some time to get used to but I'm loving it. Everyone's blogs, words & pictures are so much more crisp and prettier now... and with that being said I'm off to play at House of Grace for Twice Owned Tuesday and Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday come on and join me there is always something fabulous to see..


hugs from Savannah, Cherry

A tiny bit of color in the garden

it's Flaunt your flowers Friday over at Tootsie Time

I don't have much to flaunt but I didn't want to miss the first garden party of the new year.. I took these new years day. We have since gone into the 20's for a few nights so everything looks yucky now..

Lady Bankus Roses in January might mean none in March and April

my cute new mud boggers from Western Chief they have a rooster weather vane design on them. I wore these out shopping the week after Christmas it was a rainy nasty day and the hubby had been teasing me about them so I wore them to embarrass him. We were in Chick-fil-A and the cutest little girl who had a pair of pink ones sat down on the floor and started taking her boots off. I smiled at her and told her how much I liked her boots, her mother was steady telling her to put her shoes back on ... She handed me her boots then started rubbing I was cracking up, her mom told her to put hers back on that I was not going to trade her. Then her mom told me that she and her cousins trade shoes every time they are Her whole body could have fit in one of mine.

Tea olives, verbena's, lantana's, salvia's, perpetual marigold that finally started blooming and one little Cassia bloom. yeah I know not much.. but the boots are worth flaunting, right! OK come on and follow me to Tootsie Time and lets see if we can find some real flowers being flaunted.

Happy, Happy Friday hope ya'll
have a wonderful weekend .. hugs, Cherry

New Years Day on Tybee Island

I promised pictures of all the fun so here's a few.. OK here's a bunch. I wanted to share the entire 200 or so...

The morning started out quite and beautiful... one lonely little tutu

a few kids tossing footballs, a few kites

a man in mix matched clothes and a lampshade on his head

and this sweet family. The little girls were telling daddy how to pose while mom giggled and took pictures, and of course daddy had to show off for all of his girls..

Mr Woopie cushion and his friend

more tutu's arrived as well as Mr. Cheesehead, polar bear family & purple hair man . A lady with 45's ( records for those to young to know what I'm talking about ) attached to her and Guinness World Record buttons.. I don't know if she was an official from Guinness or just playing up the world record attempt.

about 11:45 people started being counted, now I have to say at 11:00 I truly did not think there was enough people to break the original record of like 546 people but all of a sudden there was people everywhere..

including yellow man, Alice and wonderland characters, another polar bear and a group we never did figure out what they were with white tails and head bands ?

The pier was packed, the crosswalk was packed and the part of the beach that was roped off to hold those that were participating in the record attempted was packed..

isn't she adorable

Swim caps everywhere... turns out we not only broke the old record we crushed it.. Over 2000 caps were handed out.. For 10 minutes over 2000 people wearing swimming caps laughed, clapped and cheered and they now get to say they helped break a Guinness World Record as the most people gathered together wearing swimming caps

and as the trumpet blew 12 o'clock people with and without caps ran, jumped or tip toed into the Atlantic... love the couple hugging she looks so happy..

as some covered up and headed home

others continued to play in the surf.. The lady on the left in the blue is very pleased with herself. You go you brave, brave lady..

there was dancing

and lots and lots of happy people everywhere

and then there was those of us that choose to just stand back and enjoy watching.. Over 4000 people showed up for the plunge it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.. if you would like to see a little video of the event you can check it out here on Mermaid Cottages blog it really shows just how many people there was.. It was a fun day we rode the bike down and enjoyed all the sunshine...

I'm heading over to see what Miss Susan and the gang are sharing today for the Outdoor Wednesday party at A Southern Daydreamer come go with me and join in on all the fun. hugs and happy Wednesday ya'll, Cherry

Ahhh finally a little peace and quite

The babies sure enjoyed the Christmas tree, they broke many limbs but it stayed upright which really surprised us, everyday we just knew it was coming down .. time I got it cleaned up and moved their tree house back into the window they both climbed up and went to to get the rest of this place cleaned up so I can get back to painting. Before Christmas I got in Annie Sloans new Coco paint and it is yummy it looks like old driftwood to me.. so if I refer to it as driftwood please excuse me but that is what I named it time I opened the can.. I started painting the back porch furniture before the holiday's and have been chomping at the bit to get back to it.. I also got a sample jar of Emperor's Silk and Primer Red to see which one I would like to paint my Christmas gift from the hubby which I will be sharing soon..

Hope everyone had a great New Years we had a ball at Tybee yesterday we broke the record by a long shot. The weather was perfect it was in the 70's I'll share some pictures of all the fun Wednesday.. Oh today's high 50's then into the 20's burrrrrrrrrr.. a 40 degree drop in less than 24 hours ..
Oh well it is January isn't

Happy Monday and hugs from, me & the kitty's