Thanksgivings is over and frost is on the way

Well I guess it is officially time to start thinking about Christmas with Thanksgiving being over.
It is going to be in the 70's today with lots of sunshine.  
Old Mr. frost is slipping in this evening so I am headed out to put the finishing touches on beds 
and moving plants into the potting shed.
There's still a few things going strong.

Clerodendrum indicum
Common Names: tubeflower, Turk's turban, skyrocket
Thunbergia ~ Clock Vine

The Royal Empress Tree
tall cigar plant, candy corn plant

Cassia flowers and a little friend

 double peach hibiscus
What a bird, it served us
I hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Ours was filled with lots of food, fun and family.
 Enjoy the rest of your weekend..
Please be safe if you are shopping or traveling.
hugs, Cherry

A day on the island ~ Isle of Hope, Georgia 5

Good morning we are at the same home as yesterday on the opposite side of the yard more behind the home
which is where we found the mother in law cottage

this is the right side of the house ..
love, love the mirror and the red bench..

back downstairs porch

Back upstairs porch

inside upstairs landing... yes I took a picture inside,
I just could not help myself..
That chandelier was calling my name..
We are heading through those doors out onto the upstairs front yard balcony

Where we saw some of the most magnificent views ever.
Think I am camping out right here forever....
well wait that studio in the back yard is pretty special also....
The currant home owners who bought the home in 2004 planted 13 Oak trees in honor of the homes address.

yep we are still hangout on the balcony ....

downstairs front porch area

downstairs front porch and landing

and I don't know why but I did not get a picture of the front of the home so here is one that I took last Christmas during the Christmas tour of homes which you can see more of here
 The rest of the beautiful Isle of Hope Christmas

Hope ya'll enjoyed have a great Monday everyone
hugs, Cherry

Day on the island ~ Isle of Hope, Georgia 4

Are ya'll ready to see the next house on the tour... 
Let's head on out here to the backyard
where we will find all sorts of pretties..
Yes the above picture is the back of this beautiful home

Welcome to Savannah Plush
I don't know a lot about Savannah Plush other than this workshop is awesome.. and the homeowners are the creative owners .. All of the pillows and
bags you see are theirs..
I could feel the creative energies just bouncing all around.
This place was made for creative souls to come alive..
They are still working on their web site you can read about their products here Savannah Plush                         

to the right of the workshop was beautiful sitting areas
and a big brick fireplace

I did not get a great picture of the fireplace
but do you see the sconces on it ...
They are grapes and some kind of gorgeous ...

isn't this beautiful .. I fell madly in love with
 all of the outdoor lighting ..

see told ya'll and there was 2 of them..
my girlfriend Bobbie would love these..

there was 3 or 4 different seating areas and lots of tables

Ta Da ...  my favorite piece of the day 

This piece was magnificent the pictures don't begin to show how awesome it really is..

An 1800's chicken coop original to the property..
Wish I had thought to sneak us a peek inside.

and lastly lots of cute little birdhouses hanging in a tree.. Which made me a little sad, my willow I lost this year had lots of little birdhouse chimes hanging in it
that I have really missed hearing....
Hope ya'll enjoyed..
 This was just the right side of the back yard
more tomorrow..
hugs and happy Sunday ya'll, Cherry

A play day in the Country

This was the first sight I saw as I rounded the corner
to my niece's home Saturday morning..
Her husband planted cotton for the first time this year...
As far as I could see was a sea of fluffy white cotton..

from across the pond the cotton looked like snow.

The purpose of this play day in the country was to try to get some pictures of my mom with my brother's grand babies..

Abbigail and her best friend Marley playing in the peanut hay her daddy grew this past summer.

It was a windy, cloudy day with a few rays of sun
 every so often

Pepper kept a close eye on us

Super dog

The cotton was lite as air ... Miss Maddie playing,
 hope she made a wish...

Taylor man sneakin some of uncle Mit Mit's cotton

Miss Bailey trying her best to hang onto hers.. the wind kept blowing it away.

after lots and lots of giggles

many funny faces from Mr. Kaiden

gobs of pictures

and a massive hay fight that I have to share more of with ya'll cause it was that awesome ....

I think we may have gotten some pretty pictures of momma with a few of her great grands.. 

I know my brother was sitting on one of those clouds with my daddy laugh and smiling the entire time.. 
Times like these are when I miss them the most ... 
Sending hugs and kisses to heaven and thanking the Lord above for every moment I get to spend with these sweet babies that are growing up way to quick...

Hope October was as sweet for each of you
 as it has been for me ..
Hello November ... hugs to each of you, Cherry