Happy Saturday ya'll

being very lazy today.
 I don't know if it's the heat or if I'm just tired 
but I can't seem to get it together today..
So I think me and Miss Boots are going to curl up on the couch and take a nap.
I hope each of you are having a wonderful weekend
hugs, Cherry

Summertime, Summertime sweet, sweet Summertime...

it's here, it's here, sweet, sweet summertime...
What's not to love about summertime ~ Well maybe the bugs, humidity and lightning

Our yard has been filled with color for weeks now.
Duranta erecta 'Sapphire Showers'
This guy died and came back to life 2 feet from where he was planted
it is growing between 2 cross ties and is right in the way of closing the driveway gate
I guess I have got to try to move it but for now I'm just going to enjoy.
Althaea's, Gardenia's, Petunia's, Parrot Lilies, 

I'm in a yellow kinda mood this year. I have painted the bench, swing, planters,
some iron work and even my living room end tables this beautiful
 soft yellow called Wickerware by Behr
Love, love Chaste Trees I have rooted several
 and this year they are all blooming like crazy.

one of my new favorites Echinacea Sombrero Salsa Red
I love the white underside showing before the petals turn
The lemon balm in the pot on the table has been sheered back often for weeks now.
I have been steeping it in boiling water then letting it cool, straining and putting in a mister bottle.
I use it to freshen inside even spray a little on my kitchen rags
 as I'm throwing them in the dryer and the inside of the fridge..
Oh and look I painted the chairs yes yellow..lol

Ta Da my absolutely new favorite plant for summer 2013
is Gomphrena, Fireworks it is the best filler plant ever.
 It's nice and tall, light and airy and everyone will ask you about it. 
Even my local garden shop buddy stopped to see it and added them to her inventory
 so if you are local run on over to Savannah Secret Gardens  and get ya some.
Herbs are doing great we have basil and mints everywhere. The tomatoes are just starting to turn.
Picked my first 2 Cherokee purples this week and of course we had mator sandwiches with them.

another newbie for me this summer is
Verbena Lollipop it doesn't get as tall as other bonariensis 
thinking it is going to be a keeper.

My Fiji Waterfall double  lacecap hydrangea
 has grown so much and is full of blooms this year as is all of the lacecaps.
There's lots more to share but I will save them for another day..
I'm joining two great parties today so come on let's go see what everyone

 is sharing over at 

Fishtail Cottage  

Happy first day of summer I hope each of you have nothing but fun all summer long doing whatever you like.
I have set 2 goals for myself this summer one is to learn every button and gadget on my camera and how to take great shots using the manual  mode and to figure out Windows 8 
Wish me luck !
hugs ya'll, Cherry

Gloriosa Rothschildiana Lily

 also know as Climbing Lily, Southern Beauty Lily and Flame Lily. 
These plants can be found in old gardens through out the South.

Sunday while doing pictures for a friend I happened
 upon this one and quickly took some pictures to share

it is a vining  plant that will grow up to 5 feet high.
Notice that the tips of the leaves actually turn into little tentacles
 at the ends and twine onto anything that they can.

it's a beauty and I need to find one for myself.. 
 I say that every year..
and I can't believe it's June already!
 Hope each of you are having a great week I will be joining
 for her weekly garden party tomorrow
so come on back and join us..
 hugs, Cherry