Scarecrows in the City ~ Outdoor Wednesday

How cute is she all prim & proper in her pearls and rollers

The Chamber of Commerce for the City of Rincon a little town outside of Savannah held a scarecrow contest for the local businesses it was fun to see all the different ideas they came up with.

love these they have boobies ... actually that short one has big boobies .. lol

This one was great, did you notice the patient's head is twisted all the way around to his back.. Do you see the pain in his face .. lol and how pleased does this doctor seem to be at tormenting his patient

Churches got involved


I wonder if Bob is retiring from riding stick horses ?

This was my favorite see the little dog hanging onto his sleeve... There was even a kitty in his pocket .

and lastly Mr. gas station attendant waving to all his fans while enjoying a cup of joe.. I didn't get pictures of all of the entries and I have no idea who won but I sure did enjoyed seeing them .. I hope each of you have a wonderful Wednesday and will join us for
Outdoor Wednesday over at Miss Susan's blog ~ A Southern Daydreamer

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Look who's blog I'm plundering through this week ~ Robin's Nesting Place

I love reading blogs .. and looking at pictures of all things pretty in blogland ..I love blogs about gardens, homes, families, crafts & food. Blogs that teach me how to make new things look old and new ways to make old things look new. Blogs that make me laugh, blogs that make me cry, blogs that make me think outside my comfort zone and those that make me think~ HEY I can do THAT .

I follow a lot of blogs ... Some days I only scan through a few and some days well lets just say I don't get much done because I'm too busy playing in blogland .. Everyday I am amazed at all the talented women sharing their homes, hearts and love with strangers and how quickly those strangers become friends and how willing bloggers are to help one another with kind words, sharing answers to nagging questions, suggestions, prayers and support. The blogging world truly is a wonderful thing to be apart of ~ Because I follow a lot of blogs I have been missing a lot of great stuff so I have decide to pick a blog a week to plunder back through the Archives ..

This week I am going to go back to the very first blog I found in blogland ... back to Miss Robin's blog Robin's Nesting Place.. I felt an immediate connection to Robin. Her photographs of her backyard birds always amazes me. She has taken the time to help me out with blogger issues and has left many sweet comments on my blog .. Robin has had to many sad things laid on her plate here lately but she has held steadfast and if it's possible her pictures are even more beautiful than when I first started following her .. You have to go checkout this post about this little Goldfinch.. Titled ~ She Love Me, She Loves Me Not

and this is one of my all time favorite pictures I have ever seen in blogland...

I love the textures of the rough table, the classiness of the Chintz tea cup, the plainness of the blue mason jar with the elegance of the fabulous pink Peony's. I would love for everyone to join me over at Miss Robin's I promise you won't be disappointed. Her post this morning is filled with beautiful fall images ... Oh and Miss Robin you are looking good girl !!

Happy Monday everyone and Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

it's Flaunt Your Flowers Friday

Come see what is still blooming at my house...

Confederate Rose ~ Hibiscus Mutabilis I have the single and the double and love them both and have shared them every October you can read more about them by clicking here

I just want to sit and watch while they go from that awesome white to the deepest pink ..

and this is what is blooming in my neglected bed.. A whole lot of grass, weeds and some surprises. White & yellow Chamomile that I planted years ago and forgot about.. I guess I have been pulling it up as weeds and because I haven't weeded this bed since the spring ~ yes I am admitting to not weeding since the spring and the worst part is this bed is less than 2 ft from my back door... I look at it everyday coming and going ... Bad , bad gardener ! There is also some coleus, a dahlia don't remember planting it there and a cockscomb that hasn't bloomed in years either and some blue mist which you can see more of by clicking here which includes the original picture that is now my header ..

and here's what I will be doing this weekend planting pansies, viola's, dusty miller, and snapdragons.. it's Flaunt your flowers Friday over at Tootsie Time come join me, Miss Tootsie and other great bloggers for some Friday fun.

And a big hey ya'll to my newest followers it's so nice to meet ya!

Have an awesome weekend everyone
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Sweet, Cute and really Ugly ~ Outdoor Wednesday

Ahhhhhh so sweet

Ahhh isn't he's cute hanging out on my Turks Turban


It doesn't get any uglier than an armadillo ... these guys can live for over 20 years ... That's a long time to be ugly ...

This summer was so hot we had 52 nights with low temperatures of 75 degrees or higher so needless to say I didn't spend much time outside weeding and boy oh boy are my flowerbeds a mess.. I felt plum sorry for the county guys that had to pick up my mess Monday morning and I hate to say it but there's more to come. It's Outdoor Wednesday so come join me over at A Southern Daydreamers along with Miss Susan and lots of other great bloggers to see what everyone is sharing today .. I see lots of pumpkins ..
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Pirate's on Parade ~ Tybee Island Style

This past weekend was Pirate's Fest. on Tybee and I had the pleasure of spending a few days there with my girlfriends watching, partaking/partying with all the pirate's .. There was tall pirate's, young pirate's, old pirate's, baby pirate's, dog pirate's some pirate's that looked nothing at all like a pirate and some that looked so real you had to wonder if maybe they didn't slip in during the night hoping to steal our beautiful little island..

It was a fabulous weekend we met so many wonderful people ..and a big shout out to the beautiful ladies we met Thursday night from Louisville, KY and Texas hope ya'll made it home safely... GUESS WHAT we got to meet Mary Kay Andrews too .. Woohoo .. I also had the pleasure to met Jane Coslick & the head mermaid herself Miss Diane Kaufman

That's Miss Mary Kay driving the little red car and Miss Diane in the Mermaid wagon and can I just say to Miss Diane thanks for being kind. I'm normally not at a lost for words but I sure went stupid when I tried to speak with you.. lol I love seeing all of the beautiful things you and Miss Jane put together... Now if I could have just ran into Layla & Kevin .... maybe I should have stalked the Mess Hall ..

This guy was awesome he flipped for hours down that parade route

there was lots of food, vendors selling pirate garb and lots of wonderful events for the children.

and funny looking red pirate boots Sorry but this guys boots just crack me up Happy Birthday to our beautiful Tybee she turns 123 Tomorrow !! It was such a wonderful weekend .. it was fun meeting Vicki and spending time with my Bff Jilly.. Running into my old friends Wendy & Jimmy kinda makes me wish the pirates would come more often .. Miss Ohio sending lots of Tybee sunshine your way along with lots of hugs .. love ya girlfriend and missed ya madly !!

hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Why do weekends have to end ?

Each moment of the year has it's own beauty ... a picture which was never before and shall never be seen again. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Nifty, Nifty Teasures

I have to show off my newest treasures.. I'm starting with my favorite treasure find in a long time. I found 6 wrought iron gingerbread corners for $24 bucks total . Woohoo My mind can't quit wondering about where I am going to use them.

a couple of chairs this cute pillow for a buck and that great basket that got quickly turned into a kitty bed

this $6.00 lamp. A little cleaning on the base. A few coats of spray paint. Painted the trim and the inside with a metallic pearl paint. and it's fabulous .. I like to take a dry rag and rub the shade down after a couple of coats because it becomes rough it helps to give it a smooth surface again.

I love how it turned out.. it is exactly what I had been looking for for our bedroom.

really nice rug

Hull bowls .99 cents each at the Goodwill

love, love these $6.00 at the Humane Societies thrift store

a table full of stuff including the cute yellow chenille bedspread in perfect condition

linens which I love .. the top piece is from the 70's it has some of the cutest sayings on it ..

and a little paint gave this really great but yellowed shade a brand new life.

I have been doing a lot of treasure hunting for the last few weeks and now that the weather has cooled yard sales are calling my name .. lol

Now that you have seen all my Nifty, Nifty Treasures come with me to check out all the wonderful treasures being found in blog land..

I am joining in Nifty Thrifty Tuesday over at Coastal Charm
and Second Time Around at A picture is worth a 1000 words
come join the fun ...

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Wishing every day could be just like today

Finally a chill in the air even the kitties feel it.

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry