Week 1 ~ Summer in snapshots 2011

This summer Amber over at The Starfish Blog is having a party every Wednesday called Summer in snapshots 2011 .. When I read about it last week I knew immediately I wanted to join in. So here we go..
My first week of summer..

No one got in the pool.. hubby was sick, momma was sick and Cherry was worn out.. We love our little pool and are in it every evening it's our time together to chill out and leave our worries behind ...

The Split Second morning glories have finally started blooming. I have to say I am disappointed with them though the blooms are much smaller than I was expecting and don't really open up much.. do you see the heart shaped leaf and the heart in my swing ? I didn't till I uploaded the pictures..

Rain, Woohoo Rain We started getting some afternoon/ evening showers and the highs have been staying in the 90's instead of 100 plus.

Saturday morning we jumped on the scooter and took off to Glennville, Georgia which is where my daddy and the hubby's grandparents are buried. It's a little country town with lots of farm land and fishing ponds. They are known for growing them yummy sweet Vidalia onions we all love to eat. We stopped at Harry's Bar-B-Q for lunch then headed back to Savannah..
Riding the scooter is our new favorite thing to do, it makes you so much more aware of all the beauty around you. We are seeing things we had never noticed before and the smells ~ fresh cut fields, hay drying in the sun, honeysuckle, jasmine, cows, OK that wasn't so pleasant but it did make me notice the beautiful fields filled with horses, cows, and goats ... Now if I could just figure out how to take pictures while zipping down the road.. We did about 170 mile round trip and the
beehind was feeling every mile of it by the time we got home..lol

holy smack a roo I couldn't tell you the last time I slept this late

isn't she lovely .... made from love in my best Steve Wonder voice ! and oh so tasty

and of course we have to get in a little napping during the summertime..

Summer always goes by too quick it will be fun to have pictures to look back on even those simple we really did nothing kinda day's.. Come checkout the party better yet get out your camera start taking pictures and join us next week ..

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Monday giggle

This is what greeted us this morning as we walked out the back door.. These kitten's are trying their best to make me fall in love..

Happy Monday and hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life.

And everyone deserves a little sunshine.
Jeffrey Glassberg

I'm looking for some shade around here and a good book to just sit and do or think about nothing. I have had Miss Lois in the hospital for 4 long days and my hubby home sick for 3. It has been in the triple digits for what feels like forever. We have had no rain and with me being gone my poor gardens are parched.. it feels like a Savannah August instead of the first week of summer .... UGGG.... OK I'm done complaining ~ Miss Lois and the hubby are both going to be fine, the rains will come and October will be here soon..

HELLO Sunny side where are you ?
Oh there you are floating around out there on them parched flowers without a care in the world.. I'm coming to join ya!

Hugs from Savannah ya'll let's make it a sunny day, Cherry

A ride through the Savannah Wildlife Refuge, imposters and poor Mr. Turtle

For Outdoor Wednesday over at Miss Susan's
A Southern Daydreamers Blog

We have a beautiful Wildlife refuge on the out skirts of Savannah that I have not been to in years. The hubby and I were out riding around on the new scooter which needs a name and ended up at the refuge. It was closed due to some work being done so we just rode along Highway 17 stopping every so often to breath in all the beauty and take pictures ..

The refuge was established April 6, 1927, Savannah NWR consists of over 29,000 acres of freshwater marshes, tidal rivers and creeks and bottomland hardwoods. The refuge is located in the heart of the Lowcountry, a band of low land, bordered on the west by sandhill ridges and on the east of the Atlantic Ocean, extending from Georgetown, South Carolina to St. Mary's, Georgia

as I was taking pictures I saw the birds but couldn't really see them well enough to tell what type or what color the birds were.

when I download/uploaded ( I don't know the difference ) I was surprised to see I had pictures of

American Purple Gallinule ~ "swamp hen"
(Porphyrio martinica)

see the baby chick

their coloring is beautiful ..not that you can tell from my pictures...

This picture is from The Internet Bird Collection site
See awesome coloring...

The refuge is known for it's rich flora during the humid summer months, the region also supports a diverse wildlife population. The variety of birdlife within the Lowcountry is enhanced by its location on the Atlantic Flyway. During the winter months, thousands of ring-necked, teal, pintails, and as many as ten other species of ducks migrate into the area, joining resident wood ducks on the refuge. In the spring and fall, transient songbirds stop briefly on their journey to and from northern nesting grounds. I can't wait till the work is finished and the entire 4 mile trail is opened back up so we can go back... Now on to more pressing matters see this sweet face.

it is an imposter not a sweet little kitty. This is a wild child hissing, biting and scratching ... Look lady take your camera and get out of here I like hanging out in the rafters it's better than in the engine of your car which is where my siblings are..

more babies ahhhhhh crap.. Momma cat was dropped off by some care less jackass about 8 weeks ago, momma cat disappears, momma cat comes back without babies... For weeks we looked everywhere for kittens and just about the time I decide there is no kittens and make plans to take momma cat to the vet and have her fixed ~ 3 really cute ~ Dear Lord help me to not fall in love kittens show up.. I have been trying to handle them so we can find them homes but only one will even let me get close.

while finally cleaning out one of my small beds yesterday I found this poor turtle .. Bless his little heart it had dug a hole about 4" deep and I guess got wedged between the fence and the cross tie and couldn't get it's self out.
( for Jessica & Maddie small picture bottom left is his bones see his left leg bone Maddie ?? )
Oh GROSS aunt Cherry .. tee hee love ya see ya Sunday !

Come on follow me to the party it's to hot and dry to go out and play around here so lets go.

and thank you to Miss Susan for hosting it is always fun to see what everyone is sharing. Happy Wednesday ya'll and big hugs from Savannah, Cherry

Daylilies are blooming for Cottage Flora Thursday

it has been extremely hot around here and very dry
 it is a wonder that anything is willing to show off for us today.

looking back at pictures from this time last year I don't have near the blooms

and there is a few that haven't bloomed at all

hummmm but the ones that are.... Sure are pretty.

It's Cottage Flora Thursday over at Miss Tracie's
 Fishtail Cottage and then tomorrow come join us for  
Flaunt your Flowers Friday over at Miss Glenda's Tootsie Time

Have a fantastic weekend and thank ya so much for stopping by!
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Hey, Hey it's Flaunt your flowers Friday

over at Miss Tootise Time so come join the fun..
 here's a little bit of what is blooming in my yard this week.

hardy hibiscus

a few of my favorites right now Stokesia laevis 'Silver Moon' (Stokes Aster)
 Hot lips Salvia

Hosta's, fern's & hydrangea's

little old fashion rose

butterfly bush and black & blue salvia

Andean Silver Leaf sage ~ The leaves are a powdery gray /silver and each one of these stems have a single flower stem that will have multiple tiers of almost black flowers.  
This plant has been one of my favorites for years. 
I lost it a few years back and was tickled pink to find it again.
 Sea Island Savory Herbs had it at the Expo this year.

I also bought this sweet little Ivy violet from them and have it sitting
 right outside the back door so I get to enjoy it coming and going.

I know I'm running a day late but I'm linking up with
cause I love Miss Tracie's blog and seeing all the beautiful things
 that are shared on Thursday's ..

Come on along let's go see all the pretties at both blog parties..
Have a wonderful weekend everyone !

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry