Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday

hugs, Cherry

Floor update

Well it's done ... am I in love with it HECK NO !! can I live with it ???
The color is called Tumbled Stone When I looked at the little sample on paper and on line I see a tad of brown but I can assure you there is no brown in this stain at all. It is as black as black can be and if I had not started wiping it up I do believe we would have had a black floor which I now think I might would have liked better. Oh well it's done and as always looking back at a project you can see things you wish you had done different ...
Like starting in the morning instead of in the afternoon it started pouring rain and we lost all of our natural light and I wish I had not sealed it till I had lived with it a little while because I would have a least went back and added some other colors.
I think I see a new wood floor in our future .. but for now I'm going to enjoy my new bed and cabinet that my hubby built which turned out beautiful and buy myself a pretty new rug !
We still need to put down the shoe molding before I can put all my furniture back and hang the drapes and other goodies so I will share more pictures when it's all done .
Oh and the Fathead kitty loves the floor and sends his love to everyone !

have a fantastic day ya'll
hugs, Cherry

Have a fun weekend ya'll

We are ready to stain but I can't get this fathead to move out .. lol
Wish me luck that I don't make too big of a mess !

From Collages
hugs, Cherry

What to do while it's hot outside

Well go inside and tear something up of course .. lol

The hubby and I have been working on our bedroom for the last few weekends. We painted the walls which were a green/gold faux job that I did a few years ago to a gorgeous blue/green that I am madly in love with it is so serene and calming. Homestead Green by Benjamin Moore AC-19 We have also built a wall unit on one wall that has turned out really nice and a matching bed frame. We ripped out the carpet which is turning out to be the toughest job of all. I had to remove all the tactless strips that holds the carpet down and patch all the nail holes because we have decided not to replace the carpet but to try a brand new product from H & C it is so new that out of 3 Sherman Williams stores only one had even heard about it. They are having to order it in for us so in the meantime we are sleeping on the floor.
I remember as a teenager begging mom to let me ditch my bed frame and paint the walls black lol .... Now I'm begging paint man to hurry up. Sleeping on the floor isn't great for a lady that has to get up during the night to potty .. lol .. Our hopes are by Sunday evening to have the floors finished and have the bed back together but in order for that to happen, I had better get back to scraping the paint and sheetrock mud off the floor and then get to sanding the patched areas.. Now where did I leave the Tylenol and i pod ??

Mr. Turtle showed up this weekend. I haven't seen him in awhile. He was munching on grape tomatoes when he would finish one I would throw him another he ate 4 before he moved on .. lol

Have a fun day ya'll
hugs, Cherry

Some Friday pretties

These are some pictures that Beth and I took on our day trip over to Bluffton, South Carolina last month. I love the Garden gate with the palm tree and the stump filled with Succulents. Beth's favorite is the picture she took of the gentleman fishing .

And then here is where Miss Beth called me from this morning .. AND OH YEAH I am SOOOOOOO jealous ....

The Essex Vermont's Culinary Resort and Spa
Essex (Burlington), VT

Have a fun and fabulous weekend ya'll
hugs, Cherry

Have a Grasshopper kinda day

From Collages

Not really sure what a grasshopper kinda day is but it looks like fun. You get to hang out in the garden all day and eat so it can't be that bad !
hugs, Cherry

Awaiting baby Grace

Happy Tuesday everyone not much happening in the garden so I have been having fun taking lots of family pictures. This is my beautiful niece Dani and her handsome fellow Brandon. It won't be long before baby Grace will be here and her aunt Cherry can't wait ..

Dani honey you are glowing! What a pleasure it is to see all the love you two have for each other and knowing that this little one is going to be spoiled rotten by her momma and treasured by her daddy.

Have a wonderful evening ya'll
hugs, Cherry

The Lesson of the Morning Glory !

I planted seeds in my little garden this year.
I have never planted seeds before, because I am not a very patient person, and waiting for the little green shoots to rise above the ground, was just too much for me. But this year, I thought I would give it a try. I thought it would be a good metaphor for me, to plant something and watch it grow, much as I have many times, planted thoughts, dreams and affirmations and watched many of them become a reality.

And so, in the Spring of this year, I planted my garden. I chose many types of flowers and among them, Morning Glories. Within a month, many of the other flowers were bursting through the earth, but not the Morning Glories.

Each morning, I would run outside to check on them, and nothing, nothing for several weeks more. I was about to give up on them. I was sure that they just did not 'take' so to speak. But finally, it happened! They had broken through the earth, and were starting to climb. And climb, and climb, and climb, they did....with their big, beautiful, heart shaped leaves.

And so, the saga continued, nothing for weeks and weeks and weeks but more and more beautiful leaves. And I thought to myself, "Well, leaves are nice, but that is all I will probably get at this point." And then, one fine and glorious morning, there it was, the most beautiful sky-blue morning glory I have ever seen!!! It seemed like a miracle to me. I had waited over 3 months for this one delicate, funnel-shaped flower to show up and now here it was, in all its splendor.

It reminded me of just how many times I had waited in life for something I had longed for, and how incredible it felt when it finally arrived, and also, how many times, that I had wanted to throw in the towel, and just give up.

But I wasn't prepared for what was to happen next, with these little flowers, and I was surprised and deeply saddened by it.

Roses and geraniums and daisies and most other flowers bloom and stay around for a while, but not Morning Glories. Morning Glories open themselves up to the world, in the morning, in all of their glory, hence the name, Morning Glory.

And if you look closely at them, you will see how extraordinary they are, both in color and texture, and that in their center, is a kind of golden light that shines from within.

But here is the hard part...
At the end of the day, they turn a most beautiful shade of lavender, and then close up, wither and die. They live for only one day, and then they are gone. I cannot tell you how much this saddened me, and what a profound effect this little flower had upon my life. I kept thinking how sad to be so beautiful and live for only one day. And then, I suddenly realized what a gift they were.

You see, it doesn't matter how long your life is. It only matters that you were here, in all your glory, that you opened up completely, and let your light shine, and that you brought joy to those who came into contact with you. That's what matters to the morning glory, and that's what really matters to all of us.

The morning glories make me appreciate every new day now, in a way I didn't before. Each evening, I go and visit with them, knowing those particular ones won't be here tomorrow, new ones will take their place. If we knew when we woke up in the morning, that we only had that one day to really live, life would be very different indeed for many of us.

Now, each morning, I give thanks that I have been given the gift of another day, in all its glory. We can learn from all of life, if we remain open to the beauty that is all around us. And nature can be one of our greatest teachers.

What a profound lesson from such a simple flower.

Thank you, my sweet little morning glories!
Veronica Hay
Veronica Hay is an inspirational writer and author of In A Dream, You Can Do Anything, An Extraordinary Collection Of Words. Her work inspires others to be more of who they really are. For more insights and inspiration you can visit her website at: www.insightsandinspirations.com or email her at veronicahay@telus.net

Thank you so much to my gal friend Lynn for sharing not only this wonderful message but for always being there !

just some Friday fun

The last couple of weeks I have gotten to spend time with all the babies and of course I have taken gobs of pictures and thought it would be fun to share.

The first is Mr. Man and his daddy Josh on fathers day. This little fellow is the spitting image of his grandpa, my brother.. I see little girls hearts breaking already .. lol

The fabulous Miss Pris who found her toes while in the tea cup and I am very sure she will be wearing a halo of flowers on her wedding day because she hated that tulle ..

The lovely Miss Madison and her butterfly tattoo. My favorite picture is the one with her in the overalls for me that's my Maddie.

The TWINS are up next... Mr. Taylor and Miss Bailey I packed them up in that suitcase to bring them home with me but changed my mind when they both started crying at the same time ... WOW ... bless you my sweet child you have your hands full .. I love Taylor's big blue eyes and the picture of Bailey with the mirror behind her so sweet just want to eat them up..
From Collages

Next we have Miss Abbigail's first birthday party I can't believe she is one already ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA KAY I hear there is a new Harley in your garage have lots of fun.

and lastly our 4th of July which was wonderful lots of great food, family and fun. Maybe even to much fun for the cowboy and sunglasses guy.. Whimps !! That's my parents with my niece Dani who will be giving us a little girl in just a few weeks. Looks like great grandma was trying to get us some inside secrets.. and I love the picture of our Sassy Miss Shelby who never sits still laying on the ground with Miss Pris looking beautiful ..

oh and that's the hubby and I rolling on the ground and no I'm not going to share why we were on the ground except to say we started out standing ..lol

Have a wonderful weekend ya'll
hugs, Cherry

Ring around the sun

While laying on a float this afternoon watching the planes and clouds float by I got to see this really cool ring around the sun not knowing what it was I emailed pictures to our local weather Master and here is his reply....

Patrick Prokop,
These are great ... Ring around the sun

This is caused by high thin cirrus clouds which are composed entirely of ice crystals. The light passing through the crystals "Bend" in all directions by an angle of 42 degrees creating the ring. Even if the sun was a rectangle, the event would be circular.


now how cool is that !
hugs ya'll, Cherry

it's Summertime in Savannah

The daylilies are just about through blooming. They have been so pretty I hate to see them go.

but now the Brown eye Susie's can start their show.

and after some much needed rain yesterday they have begun to do just that.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer day !
hugs, Cherry

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What does the 4th of July mean to you ?

For me it means ~ Family ~ fun, hot, hot, hot, water guns, Silver Queen dripping in butter, horse shoes, daddy's BBQ ribs, bubba's Boston butts, cold watermelon, 5 gallon buckets filled with just picked tomatoes, water balloons, daddy churning ice cream with fresh picked peaches, lots of laughter, blueberries, dancing, singing, kids everywhere and siting quietly at the end of the day watching the night sky come to life with all my family around me.

This year will be our first without my brother he was Mr. 4th of July he loved everything about it. He would stay up all night on the 3rd cooking Boston butts on smokers for us. He always had the biggest water gun and made sure everyone got soaking wet... We are going to miss him madly this weekend ..

I would like to take a moment on this 4th of July holiday to thank all of the military families and to introduce ya'll to my girlfriend Beth's family ..

Beth's brother in law Bill was killed June 19, 2007 during his 3rd tour of duty in Iraq he leaves behind his wife Coneitha, three children, 10-year-old Anastasia, 6-year-old Cameron and 3-year-old Spencer.

Barry Moore, 23, who served in his unit said... Zapfe looked tough but was a soft guy on the inside "He molded me into the soldier I am today," ... "He took care of us, he put us under the wings. He had big shoulders.

"He's really a hero."

From Beth

A Walk of Valor for fallen soldiers

Bricks line the Walk of Valor in Richmond Hill, Georgia to honor the memory of fallen soldiers.

now meet Beth's niece Shasta's husband Steve Bossen he too served in the Fight for Freedom. While visiting Savannah last summer Steve was asked by John Mellencamp to be in a video that he was filming in downtown Savannah. Check it out My Sweet Love

Now meet her grand sons Brandon and Stephen Garrett

Stephen has left now to serve please keep him and all the others in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you so much Bridgett and Charlie for raising such wonderful young men. Brandon is going to be our rock star and take his mom and meme on tour. Beth and Bridgett thank you so much for all the pictures and for sharing your families with us. I love you both so much sending BBQ kisses to you both. I hope that each of you have a fun and safe weekend enjoy every second with your love ones for we truly don't know what tomorrow will bring.

BBQ kisses to everyone !
hugs, Cherry

feeling a little Red, White and Blue

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Have a fun day !
hugs, Cherry