Camellia's for Mosaic Monday

here's a few from my yard this morning

and the rest of these are from The Southeastern Camellia Society, Inc.

This is just a few of the gorgeous species you will see on their Facebook page if you would like to see more you can click here The Southeastern Camellia Society, Inc. ...
The weather over the Thanksgiving holiday was perfect. Thursday was in the 80's so hubby and I took off to spend the day at Tybee .. nothing like sunshine & sand to make our hearts happy..

Friday I finally finished planting all of my cabbage, dusty miller and pansies. Then we got some much needed rain Friday night which brought a chilly & frosty Saturday morning.

and today is cloudy with more rain moving in which means it's going to be a great day to pull out all the Christmas decorations and try really hard to at least get the lights on the tree which is my least favorite part ... Maybe with a little help from some warm spiked cider, evergreen scented candles and Kenny G ..... I will succeed .. lol
Come join me & all the other wonderful bloggers for Mosaic Monday over at The Little Red House lots of beautiful things being shared today... click here to see them all

Happy Mosaic Monday and big hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll

a split second later

Outta here !

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Looking Marvelous on this Beautiful Friday

Recently I walked into a local bakery's it was one of those day's that I just couldn't get my stuff together so I decided I needed some serious sugar and grease with a little cinnamon on top.. While there I walked into the ladies room and started giggling ... it was so dang cute !

and being the girl I am out came the camera .. I stayed entirely too long in this cute little room, when I opened the door there was a line of cross-legged ladies waiting to go in. I just smiled and told them to enjoy.. Hope once they were inside they understood ..
A little sugar, cinnamon and being told you look marvelous makes for a really good day and yes I really wanted to try on that coconut top ...

Have a beautiful Friday everyone, a fun weekend and remember you are MARVELOUS!..

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Going Home

It has taken me over a week to write this post. I have tried to write it from many different angles only to toss them all away because they just didn't feel right. I didn't want to come across as sad & sorrowful because this giant of a man my father in law would not want it that a way. My father in law was a Firefighter for 33 years if you have ever had the pleasure of being around firemen you know they are very compassionate, they love living life to the fullest, they have very big ego's, they stick together no matter what and they put no thought to jumping in when ordinary people would turn and run and I haven't met one yet that doesn't have a sense of humor. My father in law was all this and so much more even though he was retired he was still a firefighter at heart. He was taken from us unexpectedly and left us with so many questions... Why ..

As I sit and listen to all the wonderful stories being shared by those that loved him the why doesn't seem to matter anymore. I know he loved us with all his heart, he loved his friends, he loved life. He would want us to rejoice in our memories, to be thankful for each day that God blesses us with and he would want us to continue on this path that life is leading us down for he knew each day was a gift just waiting on us to go enjoy..

The Hymn Going Home was played by a bagpiper during his Memorial Service the lyrics are beautiful and comforting ...

Going home, going home,
I'm just going home.
Quiet-like, slip away-
I'll be going home.
It's not far, just close by;
Jesus is the Door;
Work all done, laid aside,
Fear and grief no more.
Friends are there, waiting now.
He is waiting, too.
See His smile! See His hand!
He will lead me through.

Morning Star lights the way;
Restless dream all done;
Shadows gone, break of day,
Life has just begun.
Every tear wiped away,
Pain and sickness gone;
Wide awake there with Him!
Peace goes on and on!
Going home, going home,
I'll be going home.
See the Light! See the Sun!
I'm just going home.

Words are by William Arms Fisher and Ken Bible.

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry