Happy 2012 ya'll

The Polar Bear Plunge on Tybee Island is where you will find us celebrating the New Year. We are not doing the plunge cause I just ain't that crazy yet.. but we sure do enjoy watching.

nope this isn't us..
I took this a couple of years ago. It was freezing that year.. This year all registrants get to participate in a Guinness World Records® Official Attempt to break the record for the “Largest Gathering of People Wearing Swim Caps,” previously set in Japan. The event proceeds benefit the restoration of the Tybee Post Theater.. It is going into the 70's... What a beautiful way to start the New Year in the sunshine on Tybee Island ...You can see some of 2011 zaniness here Happy 2011 ya'll

Have the happiest of new years... My hoppin john, collards and pork loin are cooked and ready for tomorrow and I have put my silver out to greet the new year's dew so here's hoping some of that new year's magic lands on this household and on each of you.. hugs from Savannah, Cherry

Letting go .. While hanging on..

As I sit quietly watching the candle flicker my mind wonders back through the many wonderful Christmases as a child. When it was just my parents, my older brother, myself and my little sister Cricket. To a time when we didn't have much but we didn't know it.. We had each other, we had love and we had daddy's homemade goodies. Cakes, pies, cinnamon rolls that would take forever to rise... Sometimes it would be midnight and we would be eating something yummy and warm that daddy just decided to whip up..

We have just passed the one year anniversary of my fathers death and my how I miss that man and his good cooking.. I miss those afternoons when he would show up at our house with anything from a coconut cream pie to a plate full of cream puffs, or a slab of ribs that melted in your mouth and the best Brunswick stew ever. Daddy had one special cake that the recipe had been passed down for generations through my mother's family. He worked at that cake till he had it perfect. The only time he baked this cake was at Christmas which made it all the more special. It was made with a million of the greasy little pecans which had to be fresh, just picked up from the ground Georgia pecan's, butter, lots of butter, flour, sugar and something that no one knows but him. He would say the little pecans was what made it so good. Even when we lived in other states if we couldn't get home to Georgia for Thanksgiving he would have momma's sister mail the pecans to us. My brother would take his piece to his room and hide it when we were kids .. I later found out he did the same thing as a grown man, hiding it from his kids ... Yes it was that good .. As our family grew daddy started making more and more cakes last year he surprised all of us by making each family their very own cake. He made 11 or 12 cakes last year and proudly handed them out to all of us.. Little did we know these would be the last cakes he would bake and Christmas dinner would be the last meal we would share together.

Daddy died that Christmas day... I came home from the hospital that night and wrapped my cake up and put it in the bottom of my freezer. Through out the past year I have thought about the cake and even though I was worried it would go bad if it was kept to long I could not bring myself to pull it out... till Christmas eve ~ as my hands unwrapped the foil my daddy had wrapped around this cake I could feel all the love and pride that he put into it. As I cut that first slice I had a flood of sweet memories wash over me. As I tasted daddy's cake knowing it would be the last time I would ever taste this wonderful gift, I knew my daddy was right here with me.

For the past two years I have tried to be everything to those that needed me. I was there for my parents, his children and wife when my brother passed. I was there for my husband when his father passed and of course I have been there for momma and my little sister Cricket since daddy passed.. I took care of everyone, but me. I forgot, I forgot to take care of me, I forgot to allow myself to breathe, to cry, to be loved by others, to grieve.

My beautiful nieces decided we should send balloons to heaven in honor of my brother and my father while we were all together for Christmas. As I watched my family, momma and my little sister Cricket gather together to send the balloons with words of love attached to heaven... My heart felt heavy it had been a hard day something inside me realized the finality of it all. Without me even realizing it my mind had set a timeline. Something about reaching that one year mark made it official.. Daddy isn't coming home... Daddy will never bake me another cake.

we all watched as the balloons started rising some joked and laughed others worried they would get tangled in the pines that daddy fussed about every fall when he had to rake.

watching, waiting

The balloons moved into a clearing and went straight up...

It was a beautiful sight to see those balloons lift into the clear blue sky... The tears came ... Slowly at first as I watched the balloons go up.

even as Miss Brayci ran happily watching the balloons

The tears kept coming ... The closer the balloons reached heaven the harder my tears fell.

But as I uploaded these pictures and saw the expressions on the faces of my beautiful family, my mother, my little sister and all our babies I felt a tug on my heart, I felt a warmth around me, I felt love. I realized that even though daddy and my big brother are no longer here with us they left us with the most beautiful gift of all ... a loving family, a legacy to pass onto these little ones and so many wonderful memories... So while I have to let go, I know I still have so much to hang onto.. and hanging on I will ..

The cake is almost gone, my heart is lighter and opening up a little more with each passing day.. They say time heals all wounds, but I say only if you allow it... I'm ready to allow myself to cry, laugh and love again ... I'm ready to be me again and what better timing than a brand new year!

Happy New Year my friends may the new year bring us all more love and happiness than we know what to do with.... hugs from Savannah hugs from me, Cherry

The rest of the beautiful Isle of Hope Christmas and the home of Noel and Ruthie Wright

The Wright home ~ Thought to be the second home built on the Isle of Hope. The Wright family have lived in the home for 67 years which was built in 1848. Beth and I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Wright one Sunday morning. She was full of wonderful information about the history of Isle of hope, so when we saw that her home was on the tour we got very excited.. Mrs. Wright grew up in the home next door. She and Mr. Wright have been sweethearts all of their lives.

while we were standing in the kitchen 5 deer where in the back yard waiting on supper..lol

beautiful antiques that have been passed down from both of their families

the fireplace screen was painted by a local artist of the Wright home in the spring when all of the azalea's are in bloom

this hallway was filled with wonderful pictures .... One wall was Mr. Wright's family, one was Mrs. Wright's family and then one of their family including their beautiful wedding pictures.. This was my favorite part of the house I love looking at old photo's.

and how about the red tub! Awesome right ..... loved the walls and all the space

The beautiful and lovely Mrs. Ruthie Wright, Me ( damn I have got to get back to exercising ) and my beautiful partner in crime Beth.. If you would like to see more of the Wright home checkout the Burt Reynolds movie Gator it was filmed at the Wright home.. also a PBS film "Bernice bobs her hair" Thank you so much for stopping by.. I hope you have enjoyed the tour and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas that is filled with love, joy, peace, lots of family, friends and goodies..

hugs from Savannah, Cherry

"An Isle of Hope Christmas" The Chanty's in the Oak may be gone but look what took their place...

Remember this picture from Halloween... you can see all of the pictures here

When Beth and I walked up to this home we started squealing. The chanty's are gone but oh how pretty is this..

the lights and gorgeous / huge ornaments in the oak were beautiful

this is one of my favorite homes on bluff drive

the front porch is nice and wide a good book on a rainy day this is where you would find me..

The entire yard is landscaped so pretty. Love this side courtyard

look at the colors of this Japanese maple it was beautiful wish I had taken a full length shot of it.

the back porch ~ aren't those big ornament balls cute..
This home wasn't on the tour but if it ever is you may never get me out of it .. as pretty as they decorate for the holiday's I'm betting the interior of this home is awesome.

walking back to the marina to get our car we just had to go back by to see all those lights in the dark.

this is the view if you were coming in by boat.. WOW right ...

Hope ya'll are enjoying, don't forget to stop back by cause there is still more of "An Isle of Hope Christmas" to share.. Thank you so much for stopping by.. hugs from Savannah, Cherry

"An Isle of Hope Christmas" A Stroll down Bluff Drive and a funky little cottage

Happy Tuesday ya'll here is a few pictures of some of the homes along Bluff Drive

simple and lovely



love the color of this house

I want a sailboat in my bird bath

isn't this awesome

part of what makes Isle of Hope so special the magnificent trees

and the beautiful homes

and water right out your front door ~

Next up is a funky little cottage that was built in 1948 and is now the home of Marcus and Sarah Kenney. The home was redesigned by the Kenney’s in 2007.

Marcus is an internationally acclaimed artist. His works have been recognized at some of the leading museums and galleries throughout the world. You have to checkout his web site to see all the different types of mediums he works in. It is fascinating ~ Marcus Kenney .

Their bathroom was so cute.. Love the vintage vibe of the entire house.

shutters + candle holders = super cool idea

The back yard had a couple of laser lights pointing up into the trees, it looked like a bazillion fire flies. I could have laid flat on my backside watching the lights twinkle all night .. This funky cottage was so much fun.. Can you believe it is 5 days till Christmas and yes I have finally done a little decorating..

OK ya'll come on back cause there is still a little bit more of "An Isle of Hope Christmas" to share.. Thank you so much for stopping by.. hugs from Savannah, Cherry