A few blooming things

The hidden Lilies have been really pretty this year they must like the rain.

My mind has gone blank for the name of the Micky Mouse looking Cuphea I'll add it as soon as it comes to me.

The Hibiscus I have had for over 20 years. Some years it will only bloom peach, some the beautiful rose color and then some like this year both .

Miss Carla you bring the newest Nora Roberts I'll bring the tea and we'll met in the nook..

Sunshine beautiful Sunshine

Thank you for the sunshine

I'm sure each of you that stopped by did a little sunshine dance for us and it worked ... I can try to get some rain headed your way but there could be a little problem. I can't dance so it could backfire and bring more rain here ... lol

Hope everyone has some rain soon maybe we need to start a rain pipeline and we could send rain to everyone as needed.

So what does a girl do when the skies clear and the sun shines ?
She heads outside and starts weeding of course ... and fights with all the displaced ants
and when she's had enough she heads to the pool ..

Dear Fay please take your rains & go away !!

We have had the wettest summer I can ever remember the flowerbeds are to the point of no return they are full of grass and weeds some of the weeds are as tall as I am.

I have lost so many plants this summer, the poor little things are drowning..
I have water standing in places that have never held water, the smell of rotten earth hits you time you walk out the doors. I have dug up and potted some things in hopes of saving them.

As you can see from the pictures everything is a mess.

I sit here waiting on the sun in hopes that it will come soon enough to have a fall garden all of my pansy & cabbage seeds have washed away even my back up dear old mom's seeds have floated away ..

Oh well .. with all this rain we have a full lawn, in the 20 some odd years we have been here we have never had a full lawn in August. We not only have a full lawn we have a beautiful green lawn but since I could careless about a beautiful green lawn please send me sunshine hot August sunshine ...

A few blooms that have made it through the rains

my new little nook

We added lattice to the walk & a little deck area attaching the carport to the back porch.
I love the way it turned out now if I can just get something to run up it.

I have planted a few things a Pandora Vine some morning glories and a beautiful jasmine that I need to look up it's name it blooms all summer and smells wonderful but with all the rain we have been having the Pandora is struggling as is many things in the garden everything is either sitting still, rotting or being eaten by the biggest dang grasshoppers I have ever seen.

July 4th on the Savannah River

Playing catch up here ....

these pictures are from
the 4th of July we met up with some friends to watch the
fireworks from the
South Carolina side
of the Savannah River

not sure if it was the camera
or the operator ... ( me ) but

Savannah is much more beautiful than the pictures show.