The oaks and ferns at Yellow Bluff

A few weeks back after a day of shopping Bobbie and I went to tour the United Way Holiday House that was put on by Cottage and Coastal living magazines.

The morning started out really ugly with Tornado warnings and rain but the sky cleared just in time for us to tour a beautiful new coastal community in Macintosh County, GA

The holiday house was really pretty as was all of the cottages but to me the best view of the day was standing right under these big oaks looking out into the water.

beautiful views from the bank at Yellow Bluff

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Miss Priss waiting on Santa

Doesn't she look so sweet under there.
Not! This pretty little girl would take a hand off if you tried to move her..We had a wonderful Christmas it was filled with family, lots of food & summertime weather. We were in the 80's Christmas eve and Christmas day shorts and flip flops were our Christmas attire no decorated sweaters this year.. lol

Ok I have to show of my Christmas goodies the hubby gave me the Cuisinart food processor that I have been wanting and that tiny little ipod Shuffle which is kicking my butt trying to get the music on it.
My 9 year old niece had hers full within 8 hours of getting it. I'm going on 4 days and have one song on it ...
I know call the kid and let her do it or Miss Ohio maybe you and Duhe could fly down and handle this for me ..

I got the most wonderful presents that I will treasure forever from the best girlfriends a girl could ever ask for ..

A beautiful birdhouse & a sign
" the earth laughs in flowers"
which I plan to hang today. I have the perfect spot already picked out.

Thank you Ohio I love both. HB took his fan to work today ... lol

Gingerbread items to add to my collection from Jilly Bean and she didn't even know I had a collection .. hows that for girlfriend woowoo .. lol Did you bake your gingerbread?
I did it was yummy thank you Bff.

The book "Grow Organic" by Doug Oster & Jessica Walliser which is the companion to the bug book that Miss Lynn gave me for my birthday and Trader Joe goodies ..

If anyone from Trader Joes reads this Please oh Please come to Savannah we are waiting on you !!!!!

Sister Di the last picture is for you ... that is the tour itinerary which is signed by the lovely Miss Sheryl on the front and your man on the back .. and there is that so soft hoodie jacket..

Miss Beth also brought back some Natural Australian Honey, Organic chocolates by that is fabulous and a few other goodies for me and she tells of a ship that is bringing wine from some of the winery's that they visited which ya'll know I can't wait to try.. Love ya bunches girlfriend thank you so much ... glad to have you home.

Speaking of wine there was a bottle of Blueberry from Bobbie consumed over the weekend as was a sinful almond pound cake from princess PB that will have me on the the treadmill till next Christmas !!

The best gift of all was seeing my daddy up walking, hearing my mom, her baby brother visiting from Texas and her older sister who has been ill tell all those old stories that we have heard a million times before and each of us know by heart. Hearing them this time was different though.

I guess knowing this could be the last time we may get to hear these three tell these stories together, too hear uncle Elmer's laugh, which is the best laugh ever..
or too hear aunt Mary add her own spin to the stories ... which gets momma's blood boiling .. ( if you can't tell it right Mary then stop telling it ! ) SISTERS .. lol So she quickly corrects aunt Mary and then we all giggle while aunt Mary starts cussing and fussing because she believes she is right. They weren't just the same old stories this time. This time I wanted to remember every word, every detail. I want to be the keeper of the old stories so I can share them in years to come, maybe I will tell my versions like aunt Mary and have my little sister quickly correct me or maybe I will be the one laughing so hard it hurts while my older brother tells his versions which he does a pretty good job of already or maybe I will be like mom and tell them they are both full of it ... that I know the truth .. lol Looking around the room I realized I was a very blessed girl there was the love of my life hamming it up with all the guys and winking at me when he caught me watching, my four glowing pregnant nieces all talking at the same time with their hubby's close by just waiting to do as they were told .. one hubby was so attentive the others started teasing him, he just smiled, he's so in love that nothing they said mattered ..

Then there was the nephew that had not been to sleep since he woke up on Wednesday morning by Thursday at dinner time it was all he could do to feed himself .. lol

Little Miss Abbigail saw everything with wide open eyes. I know she was thinking next year I will be on that floor ripping open all those pretty packages .. Miss Madison gave me lots of hugs and kisses while she told me how Santa had come down her chimney and left his boot print in some sparkling magic dust on the fireplace. All I could do was look at her mom my oldest niece with this silly smile on my face and remember a Christmas eve when she was a little girl and she would not settle down and go to sleep. Her parents had been trying but she wanted to stay up so I talked her into laying down with me and we both fell fast asleep till morning. Then there was the Christmas eve that my hubby and her daddy stayed up all night putting together a swing set and a doll house that every wooden shingle on the roof had to be glued down ... lol

Shelby was riding her new scooter fast and hard with every fall she would bounce back up and start all over.. She come over to help me bake cookies before Christmas and we had this awesome flour and powder sugar fight we also went shopping one day and she asked to go see Santa which is something she hasn't done since she got old enough to say no. While we were in line she hugged me really tight and said I'm so scared ... I held on cause she's getting to that age where hugs are not cool anymore.. After a few reassuring words she jumped on his lap and started talking non stop .. lol Then she called her mom and said .. I have proof I had my picture taken with Santa so I win !!! Here I was feeling all mushy and the kid used me to win a bet with her mom ... lol blessed girl I am !! My past and my future was all right there together.
Wonderful sweet memories mixed in with anticipation for whats to come.

Ok little long winded today this post was suppose to be a thank you to the girlfriends but turned into a little bit more ... Thank you girlfriends I treasure and love each of you!
I look forward to sharing whatever 2009 brings our way ....
Big hugs, Cherry

pretty new pink angel

Thanks to my girlfriend Bobbie I got pinked this Christmas ... lol

She gave me this beautiful pink angel and a bagful of pink lights so come on
Christmas 2009 I'm ready for ya !

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Weekend's over !

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I had a plan of attack laid out for this weekend to be oh so productive .. HA !

The plan was to get up Thursday morning pull out the tree and start decorating, from there move upstairs and start painting Christmas gifts, clean house and mix cookie doughs to put in the freezer I had 4 days to get this done no problem .. ha ha ha ..
Wednesday night I dreamed about pink Christmas lights .. lol
So Thursday morning I decided I have to have pink lights to mix in with my clear lights so no need to pull that tree out just yet, so upstairs I go ...

Wow it's a mess up here there is no way I can feel creative in this mess so I start cleaning, now it's time to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner with the in laws. Get home from dinner, not feeling creative just feeling really full so I piled up on the couch with hubby and a blanket to watch some tv with big plans for friday going through in my head ....

Friday morning I walked outside at 7:30 just to water a few plants next thing I know hubby is home from work and it's time to find food ... This planning crap isn't working .. lol

Saturday morning we headed to town I can't believe hubby hung in there with me I hit every store that I thought would carry lights but no pink lights, found purple but no pink
ok... I give up ..
We go home pull out the tree and oh #%&* I forgot I trashed all the lights last year.
I found a few boxes of lights that I must have bought after Christmas last year so I get started 500 lights later I'm out of lights and still have more than half a tree to go ??

Sunday ~ the in laws went to town and picked up 400 more .. 900 lights..
plenty.. right ... opps .. I ran out again... LOL
In between playing with the tree I did work on decorating the rest of the house and painting base coats on the gifts. Now here it is Monday and I have finished NOTHING !!!
Never even thought about the cookie doughs again.
Still thinking about those pink lights though but guess it will have to wait till next year. I stopped at a few more stores this afternoon with no luck : (picked up 350 more clear lights hope it's enough

Have a lovely evening ya'll