Yesterday was just beautiful while I was cleaning house ....

I know I should have walked out and not looked back like a good little gardener ...
but it has been such a busy couple of weeks things had to be done and just as I headed out the door the wind picked up then came the rain.

So no playing for me but I did get another rocker finished and I have one more coat on the swing and I will be finished with my painting projects .

Well maybe not .. lol

I think I will paint the big pots on the front porch black also to blend in.

The weather is changing here I may have to wear socks with my flip flops
possibility of frost one night .. crossing my fingers it won't ...

Bobbie I didn't even plant this stuff I just laid it in this bucket when I got home and it has rooted in and is spreading .. Hows yours doing ? Do you remember what it is ? Guess I should figure out where I want it and get it planted .. though it does look kinda pretty in the bucket ..

Ok time to get moving no rain but no sunshine either looks like a good morning to tackle the long neglected bed in the back yard I think some trees have moved in ...

Happy day ya'll

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  1. It sounds like you are going to have a productive day. Have fun.


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