What a beautiful Birthday ..

There was cake...

and wine in my special birthday glass

There was a surprise delivery of  flowers from my beautiful niece Cristle and her family that made me cry happy tears...

There was lots of yummy food cooked by my wonderful husband and shared with our family

and there was Cherries

my girlfriend Bobbie bought me this awesome necklace made by Miss Beth of Bullseye Beads

and my beautiful niece Jessica ordered the matching earrings, from what I understand they were both ordering at the same time not knowing till Miss Beth told them .. Do I have awesome friends and family or what... and a big Thank you to another girlfriend and fellow blogger Miss Di of  Musings  for sharing Bullseye Beads ESTY shop  and to Miss Beth for making me the most perfect cherries ever..
Ya'll go checkout her shop she makes glass acorns that are fabulous .. Thank you so much to everyone for all of the wonderful birthday wishes, cards, phone calls, texts, and surprises.. it was one of my best birthday's ever
all because of ya'll...
and the cake well I baked it for myself it was a dark chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and a chocolate glaze and it was pretty damn good..  Oh one more thing did I or did I not go for a swim in the ole birth day suit ???
heck yeah !
hugs and Happy Sunday everyone, Cherry

It's my Birthday...

Woo hoo today is my birthday and it is also the last day of summer which is always bittersweet.. It's still warm around here so warm that we are still swimming. It has been many, many years since I remember swimming on my birthday but today I am. The question is....
will I do it in my Birthday suit .... wink ~ wink 
So do ya'll remember way back during the spring the NOGS garden tour that I never finished sharing with ya'll... Well I am going to finally finish sharing hope ya'll enjoy it..

Massie school is the oldest school in Georgia. The day of the tour students from all over and of all ages were in the gardens doing various types of art

some were drawing/ painting this beautiful young lady while others were using flowers or the entire gardens as their subject.

inside the school local florist/ wedding coordinators had set up tablescapes using fresh flowers and various styles of china and dishes.

next up was a newer courtyard garden where this lovely lady watches over all the pretties

there were two fountain gardens

the back wall had a line of magnolias and azaleas. That's my girlfriend Bobbie in the middle of the garden there is a fountain on her left and her right ... This was a big garden for downtown Savannah.

this porch is pure Savannah.. I love how the ceiling is pitched and of course the blue..

next was a wonderful reception tea at the Green Meldrim House at St, John's Church you can read about the home's history and see pictures here Green Meldrim House this home was built in the1850's and it is fabulous if you ever have the chance to see it do, you will enjoy it..

They have several courtyard gardens each one is
 different and beautiful .

This gardens was a nice surprise besides all of the normal southern flowers and shrubs 
to the right of the gate was a wonderful raised veggie garden

and it was filled with summer squash, eggplants, and tomatoes

and I bet she had some great meals all summer long from this little garden bed...
Well that's all for today more tomorrow unless I eat to much Birthday cake then I may be off doing laps instead of playing on the computer...
Thank you Bobbie not only for being my sidekick on the tour but for sharing some of your pictures with us and for allowing me to use your camera when mine died..love ya !

hugs ya'll and happy Friday

If only everyday could be just like today

it feels like Fall...

It has been one fantastic day !!
I have cleaned, painted, yacked on the phone and played on the computer all day with the windows wide open a breeze blowing through and the sun is shining... I would never complain if I could have about 365 day's just like today..lol

Supper's in the crockpot ~
1 link of Hillshire Farms smoked sausage, 1 can of original Rotel tomatoes, 1 can of drained whole corn and 2 cans of drained black beans. Serving over brown rice with maybe a little sour cream on top and some jalapeno cornbread.. Who's coming for supper ?
hugs ya'll, Cherry

It's September time for pumpkins and some cooler weather

Good morning and happy September everyone somehow September just slipped right on in here without me ever noticing .. Life has been busy but with fun stuff ..
The sun has been shining and this morning there is a touch of coolness in the air which all makes this girl happy... 
I have been working on all sorts of cute things and no I have not finished the big farmers market sign for my kitchen .. I decide to do a little something else to it, but I promise as soon as I finish it ya'll will be the first to see it...

This little sign is something I did for my niece Dani. She sent me a picture from Pinterest asking would I make it for her and since she is super duper pregnant  I said of course ...

This is the one she sent which is adorable
from Personal Pizazz by Lindsey blog
I'm not sure how I got so far from the original one but that's what happens...
 I never know when to stop... ( insert big smile here )

I think mommy and Alexis liked it but we will have to wait to see what Miss Olivia thinks she isn't due for 3 more weeks... personally my favorite part is the ribbon that I used on the side of the canvas I think it made the piece pop ...
I promise I will be back soon. We are about to wrap things up at my mom's the guys are coming to lay the carpet this morning so maybe I will have more time to play by the end of the week...
hugs ya'll Cherry