plums and ???? what the heck is this ???

I have lots of plums but I also have two nasty looking webs of worms ~
I think! So what do I do now ?

Today was a great day..

I finally finished planting the veggie garden all the seedlings and seeds are in ..
This is the latest I have ever planted my first round of squash & cucumbers.

I also did lots of weeding and moved a few things, washed up the lawn furniture. cleaned out my shed and helped hubby cut some boards for the porch..

Time we finished up the rain started and it came hard.
Some of those seeds may have just floated on next door .. guess we'll see in a few days :)

I have a new garden Buddie a little gray cat that showed up last week.
I tried to shoo him on but he knew he had found a sucker
so I fed him and he has promised to keep the snakes away this year..

He stayed within arms reach of me the entire day so lots of rubbing & loving going on ... nothing like the love of a stray.. it just makes my heart all warm & fuzzy :)


  1. omg, those look nasty! I hope you figure out how to get rid of them soon! Post a pic of your new kitty too. :-)

  2. Eeeewwwww! Those things on your trees are not pretty. That is one thing we don't have here where I garden in Southern California. We have lots of other yucky things, but not bag worms. Good luck!

  3. Someone will be along to help you with those worms. I usually spray neem oil in the early spring to smother them before they come out---but now I'm not so sure what to do. Someone will be along to help you. It could be the oil is still the answer.

    Sounds like you got a friend in the kitty. I need to catch up on your blog so I'm going to look around a bit. You have been busy!

  4. My goodness you did alot - cleaning furniture and cleaning out a shed.

  5. I just sprayed the web with a non-toxic solution of plain liquid soap and water. A soap like Dr. Bonners or something similar would be preferred but plain old dish detergent should work just fine. It doesn't take much, maybe a tablespoon or two in a gallon of water. The soap/detergent acts as a wetting agent. It may take several applications to kill them all. They actually drown so make sure you drench them well. The neem oil Anna suggested should work too.

    Looks like a good harvest of plums. Yum.

  6. That is so sweet you are paying the stray in food to help keep the snakes away Cherry !
    The "bug tents' .. oh my god they are gross ! Imagine if you walked into one by mistake .. I would totally freak ! .. wait a minute .. I totally freak on a daily basis over some kind of bug ! What a gardener eh ? LOL

  7. Kathryn/plantwhateverbringsyoujoy.comApril 30, 2008 at 8:41 PM

    Hi, Cherry, Did you find out what those were exactly. I think they are tent worms or something like that. You see them all over Western NC. I'll ask my friend Marsha. She will remember. I think they are a caterpillar and become a nasty moth.

  8. Hey, just a note on soap vs. detergents. You might want to read the bug spray post on my side bar at my site.;) Dr. Bonners and Ivory are Soaps and will kill bugs. But most dish washing liquids are detergents and will only clean the bugs;) The two are completely different.


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