My Nifty Thrifty Treasures

Hey everyone it's been awhile.. This summer seemed to go on forever with the extreme heat, lots of serious lightning, thunder that shook the entire universe, dump truck loads of rain at a time and the biggest meanest mosquitoes ever.. I have my fingers crossed and in hopes that was a tiny hint of fall I have felt for the last few mornings... Which would mean it must be time to start hunting for some great treasures.

Off for an early, early morning trip with my girlfriend April to a Fancy flea market that the Baptist Church of Pembroke, Ga was having where I scooped up a couple cute pocketbooks and a few odds & ends.. Then we moved on to Statesboro, Ga to see what we could find..

First up was The Warehouse let's just say if you are anywhere near it you have to go check it out.. and if you need upholstery fabric go there first. I picked up 4 yards for $ 15 total !

I picked up a few little dresser scarves from this awesome place called the Plunderosa which had a little bit of everything.. Statesboro, Georgia is filled with lots of great thrift stores and antique shops April and I didn't get to go to even half of them before we had to head back to Savannah so we are going to have to make that trip again real soon !! Are you ready girlfriend ?

We hit the Hobby Lobby where I bought this cute little table that I had already checked out somewhere else and really loved. So time I saw it on sale for $19 I had to have it. I don't understand why we don't have a Hobby Lobby here in Savannah except maybe my hubby is paying them to stay away !! I could live in that store and it was April's first time .. she was like a kid in a giant candy store it was so much fun watching her. Her excitement was contagious I was wanting everything in there .. lol

Now here's my favorite, favorite all time thrifty find ... My new couch I have to say I would have never walked into a furniture store and bought this couch ... First it's blue, second it denim blue, third it's a slipcover ~ all things I never even thought about for a couch in our home but boy are we loving it .. It is comfy, cozy, big enough for two humans and 3 fur kitty's and everything just zips off and washes up like a dream. I found it here in town at a local missions thrift store that hasn't been open very long. I have been stopping by often but not finding anything but a few weeks ago I walked in and the place was full of living room sets. Each one looked brand new.. Come to find out they were. They had all been donated right off the showroom floor from a local furniture store.. The one I bought is a Cindy Crawford Brynn model .. It came with 2 denim throw pillows that work perfect with the Toile pillows I had picked up back in the spring at a yard sale and then could not figure out what I was going to do with them .. guess they were waiting on their couch .. I paid $160.00 for the couch and after a few days with it I would have gladly paid full price ..

next up a cool little wood chair that I got for $ 25.00 from the same place as the couch.. Not really sure what I'm going to do with it yet maybe just cover the cushions or maybe paint and cover ...

$4.00 mini ironing board

and this beautiful needlepoint cherry pillow that I picked up at an Estate sale in downtown Savannah Friday morning which looks so pretttttttttty on my new couch.. a great tall basket for my laundry room and cute little foot stool for under my computer desk and a few other things that I'm sure I will find and share later ... funny how I buy things bring them home and then they disappear ...........

now for this thrifty treasure I need some help .. see the piece sitting on top of my hall tree .. I picked it up awhile back and now that the walls are painted I'm ready to hang it I just can't decide if I want to paint it or leave it like it is ? I am going to hang it just a tad bit higher than where it is so that it looks like part of the hall tree .. so what do ya'll think ??

leave it with that brassy look like is in the coat hooks which in person looks really great together or should I lighten it up just a little maybe with a little pearl metallic ?

also see that slanted wall above my glass picture shelves it has always had a wreath hanging there that I changed out throughout the seasons I don't know if I want to put it back any suggestions ? Nothing in this room has a permanent spot just yet except the couch, the hall tree, those shelves and a corner cabinet that I'm working on so I'm open to any suggestions..

Hope everyone is doing super duper on this beautiful Tuesday I know I'm late but I am going to link up to Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday and Second Time Around over at A Picture is Worth a 1,000 words so come join me and lets checkout all the great treasures everyone is sharing.

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Rainy days and Mondays

We have been having lots of rain and the heat and humidity are still hanging around so this girl has been staying inside. I had to move all of my cookbooks when we redid the kitchen floors and I have just gotten around to putting them away and I'm thinking I may have a few to many..
Can you really ever have to many ?

I have local cookbooks like Miss Wilke's boarding house, The Lady & son's, The Pirates House then there is the ones that are from local churches,organizations, the one my daddy contributed to. The one my mom's doll club put together that my girlfriend Beth and I did all the pictures for. The one that I saved from a Southern Living cooking school that I went to with girlfriends about 25 years ago that was a blast and I still cook from .

And this one from Better Homes and Gardens that if I ever run across again I will grab because I love every recipe in it and it is falling apart.

Do any of you use toilet paper to mark pages of cookbooks ?( Please someone tell me I am not the only one ?)
I even have one from the Jr. League of Eugene Oregon.. Which I have never even used!
This Summer My girlfriend Teri move to Eugene which happens to be her hometown..
hey Teri would you like this one ? Again can you have to many the answer is yes !

I thought I had them all back in place only to find another stack ugh .... after some careful weeding I have a give away stack for my girls and then here comes my sweet girlfriend April with a new one all about chocolate ..I think I will be trying some of these for the holidays !

The hot humid mornings keep bring frogs to our windows which leave cool patterns.
Yeah I'm losing it, it's the heat !

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Happy First Birthday Miss Lexi

A few of my favorite pictures from our day of birthday fun

isn't that the cutest " O " you have ever seen .. lol

she rearranged these letters so many times her mom couldn't keep up

she waved for all of her fans which was many every tour bus that passed by was in awe of our Miss Lexi. One lady's husband kept trying to get her leave but she told him to chill out that Lexi was the prettiest thing she had seen while visiting Savannah

these were taken in front of the Olde Pink House Restaurant

She played in the interactive fountain like it was nothing, not scared at all.

soaking wet and loving it while we melted in the 102 temp's

gotta have cake cause Miss Lexi loves cake

while we were in the park playing with the cake we met Barbara Pate a photographer from Starkville, MS that was visiting Savannah, she asked if she could take some pictures of Miss Lexi for her web site and we excitingly said yes.. Thank you so much for sharing your artwork & creativity with us Miss Barbara. Ya'll can see all of Barbara's work at her web site Merci.

after a quick nap we talked Miss Lexi into a few more cute shots but then

this sweet little beauty said NO MORE I QUIT !!

I think this was her official birthday dance .. lol

We love you so much sweet baby girl.
I look forward to taking a few more gazillion pictures of you in my lifetime!
have a wonderful Monday everyone !
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry