sweet dreams ya'll

While weeding in the front yard this evening the air became perfumed with the sweetest smell, it took a few minutes before I could pin point what it was but when it came to me ..

I had to stop weeding and hurry to the back and straight to my banana shrubs ..

I have had them for years the first time I smelled them I was a kid in my grandmothers garden I broke off limbs and put them in a mason jar right by my bed .. and every spring when we went to visit I would always run to the back yard first to see if they were blooming ..

Then many years later while walking one evening the beautiful scent hit me and I was a kid all over again ... I followed the scent right into a very nice lady's yard and she was kind enough to cut me some pieces that I rooted and they are now the most beautiful shrubs ever just loaded down with blooms and buds ...

So guess what's on my nightstand tonight ..

this kid is headed to bed..
sweet dreams ya'll


  1. Cherry I know exactly what you mean, I love the Michelia too!

  2. Sweet! I'm not familiar with this plant, but it's so interesting how smells can play such a role in the making of wonderful memories.The association can be so strong that it takes you right back to that time. Sweet dreams!

  3. Cherry .. I wish we could have a smell option here so I could smell them too ! .. what is it like .. sweet ? .. spicey ? I'm so curious now !
    PS .. it is amazing how our sense of smell can place us exactly when we smelled ? that special scent !

  4. Cherry, I've never heard of a Banana shrub. I do know what you mean about smelling something from childhood.
    When I was a little girl we lived in New York City in the middle of a concrete jungle. The woman next door had a tiny patch of Lily of the Valley and that smell just makes me swoon with joy.

  5. It's so funny, I just saw this plant for the first time this week, and since then I've seen two people blogging about it! It smells a lot like banana candy to me. The gardener I was visiting gave us all some blooms to put in our pockets to take with us... I thought that was a very sweet gesture.

  6. banana candy is a great description
    it can be almost sickly sweet when brought into a small area.

    It only blooms for a little while so I'm sniffing on it as much as I can.


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