Outdoor Wednesday ~ Moon flowers and the Sphinx Moth

I can't remember ever not having moon flowers for me they are a must. 
Late September is when they shine around here the perfume is intoxicating 
or maybe it was the wine I was drinking while watching these open over the weekend .. 
I love watching them go from a tight bud to look at me I'm a star .. 
While I was watching I heard a buzz and felt a flutter as something brushed the top of my head ... 
again could have been the wine but it wasn't ... lol
When I uploaded /download ~ I have never figured out the difference my pictures 
I was so surprised to see I had caught a Sphinx Moth not once but twice. 
I really thought when it happened it was a hummingbird. 
I never saw him so when I found him in the pictures I was thrilled. 
Oh and by the way that little guy travels at speeds up to 30mph ..

Hope everyone has a fun Outdoor Wednesday
 now hurry go visit our lovely host Miss Susan at A Southern daydreamer 
and all of the other wonderful blogs that are participating.

hugs ya'll, Cherry

Coming Home

I got to go with my parents to Homecoming in the beautiful little farm town where they were raised this summer and the entire experience made me realize I didn't know much about my parents childhood. And yes I made my fair share of jokes about going to this one red light town, about it having only one motel with only one room left but I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason and that one room turned out to be the best part of the trip..

I got to spend the entire weekend with my parents. If I had my own room I would have missed so much ... like seeing my daddy's face when we unlocked the door to our room and saw only one bed.
He kept saying this can't be our room ... lol ... We quickly found a roll away bed.
But even better than that was lying in the dark and listening to my parents tell stories that I had never heard before about their childhood. Hearing them talk I could clearly see a little blond hair blue eyed girl and a dark hair big browned eyed boy. My daddy is a soft spoken mild mannered man. I have never heard him say a single bad thing about nothing. He would give you his last penny and feed you before he let you leave..

My momma Miss Lois is full of it right up to her blue eyes she has something going on all the time as I listened to her tell stories of all the mischievous things she did I could so see it .. lol During the night she was giggling in her sleep and I'm sure she was a little girl again up to no good. Listening to daddy's soft snores and having him bring us breakfast in bed the next morning are moments I will treasure forever..

My parents were both raised at The Georgia's Childrens Home in Baxley, Georgia I have visited this place many many times in my childhood. Played with kids at the ponds, ran all over the fields and sat in church on Sunday mornings but I never thought about it as anything other than the place that my parents lived as children. Where they met, fell in love and married..
Until this summer I don't think I ever even thought about their lives as children.

My momma, daddy's sister Dot and two other girls sang all over the state of Georgia the entire time they were at the home. This year three of them got to sing together again for the first time in over 50 years it was so much fun watching them they sat on the front pew and giggled through the entire service.

While visiting the home this summer hearing the tales, meeting all of the others that were there as children and getting to see pictures of my parents, some that they had never even seen. I realized this was so much more. These people where my parents family . My daddy and his little sister Dot were raised at the home and momma had her sisters Floye, Rosa Lee and her little brother Elmer with her and then there was at times through the years up to 400 more children. You would think with this many kids they wouldn't remember much about the others but sitting there listening they could remember every little detail about each child maybe a funny story or a sad memory . I wish I knew how to write well enough to put into words every story they told.
My daddy left the home when he joined the Air Force a few years later he and momma got married at the little church that they were raised in. I never got to see the original church but a local artist built a replica of it using materials from the church.

My parents pointed out where they used to sit and daddy told me how one Sunday morning he and two other boys got up early and went fishing before church they lost track of time so all three of them jumped on a big white horse and took off. Well the horse was flying and they couldn't stop him. When the horse finally stopped he had his big white head in one of the church windows and everyone was screaming .. lol ... bet they thought the lord had arrived .. lol even momma had never heard that story ..

I would like to share some of the pictures from that weekend here is one of my momma with her tongue sticking out... she still does that to this day !

Momma with her sister's and brother

Momma with some of the others

Momma and daddy's wedding day, daddy with unknown hottie, momma and aunt Dot with others.

Saturday's practice and Sunday morning

Sunday at dinner

The grounds and the archive room which was in a mess. I would love to get my hands on all those pictures before they are ruined forever.

Aunt Dot, me, daddy and Miss Lois

I would like to say I am a very blessed girl and the older I get the more I realize that. I would like to encourage everyone that reads this to make time for the people you love. Forget about what is going on around you just stop and be in the moment for the moments are gone way to soon ~ hugs ya'll, Cherry

2009 Blotanical Awards

Woo hoo My blog has been nominated along with 4 others for best Georgia garden blog over at Blotanical. I have to say as excited as I am to be nominated I don't feel that I deserve it. My gardens this year were a bust.. With all the rain we had I didn't really even get to plant, tend or maintain my gardens as a matter of fact I went out this morning after seeing the nominations and all I see is a mess !

Blue Mistflower ~ Conoclinium coelestinum

The Blue Mist has taken over and yes that is very tall grass running through it..

Firespike ~ Odontonema strictum
I had to baby this Firespike through the rain just to get a few blooms

Turks Turban and here is one of my Turks Turban laying on the ground when it is suppose to be 15 ft in the air .. which you can see last years here ~

So now you can see why I don't feel worthy but I do feel honored to be even thought about. I would like to say thank you to everyone that nominated me and to each and everyone of you that follow along as a play at being a garden blogger with a whole lot of other stuff like babies being thrown in ... lol

I would also like to say Congratulations to the others and ask ya'll to go by and say hi .

Best Georgia Blog
In My Garden
In My Garden

Happy Friday everyone ~ hugs, Cherry

Miss Lois speaks

Miss Lois says to me I want a picture of your daddy and I with all the great grands ! I say yes madame where would you like to do this and down she drops. Then she tells daddy to have a seat .. now give us them babies she says ...

and here they come ..

Miss Brayci is starting to get upset and Miss Abbigail wants her momma to stay with her..

Miss Brayci and Miss Abbigail are really singing now ..

here comes grandma stealing her baby .

Abbigail is looking for some help from her big cousin Madison
Miss Bailey and Mr Taylor are in awe as Mr. Kaiden does his best to get baby Lexie's bow. Miss Lois is looking a little stressed, daddy's hanging in there .. let's give this another try ... give us back Brayci grandma !

Brayci is back still not happy, Miss Abbigail is out of there... her mother is over it and big cousin Madison is of course thinking life was so much easier when she was the only great grand.. Miss Bailey, Mr. Kaiden and Mr. Taylor still hanging in there... Miss Lois gives up and daddy loved it all !

and yes we will have to try this again because we didn't get what Miss Lois wanted but she thinks we can wait a little while before trying again .. lol ..

and I won't even begin to tell you how many pictures were taken to get this one .. My Family minus a couple .. What a wonderful weekend thank ya'll so much for the Birthday wishes I love all of you bunches ..

I do hope that each of you had a fun weekend and Happy Birthday too me !
hugs ya'll, Cherry

Peanuts, Peanuts, everywhere Peanuts

Have you ever seen peanuts straight from the ground ?

Of course everyone that knows me knows I love my boiled peanuts and it just so happens Miss Abbigail's daddy grows peanuts and soy beans so I considered myself a lucky girl when he sent a truck load for us to pick off, which is what we did Sunday evening with momma and daddy. We ended up with about 10 gallons. We washed them, boiled and now, sitting back and enjoying them .. Miss Joy I promise if you ever tasted one you wouldn't be able to control yourself ..lol

Thank you Mitchell they are so yummy
have a great evening ya'll

I'm going to add this to Miss Susan's Outdoor Wednesday so lets head on over and checkout all of the other wonderful blogs .

hugs, Cherry

laying around enjoying the Sunshine

The sun is still shining here and man it sure feels good...

Broadhead Skink
Description: 6 - 13 in (15 - 33 cm). Broadhead skinks are the largest skink in the southeast, and with the exception of the glass lizards, are the largest lizards in our region. These large lizards have short legs and a streamlined body. The body is generally gray, brown, or black, in background color with five white or yellowish stripes (two on each side and one down the center of the back). However, adults often fade to uniform gray or brown, and mature males develop enlarged orange heads with powerful jaws. Like other skinks, the young have a bright blue tails and prominent stripes. Although adult male broadhead skinks are unmistakable, females and immature lizards are very similar in appearance to five-lined and southeastern five-lined skinks. Thus, small skinks are best identified by close examination of the scales: broadhead skinks have an enlarged row of scales under the tail and five labial (along the upper lip between the nose and eye) scales.
You can read more here
University of Georgia
Have a fun weekend ya'll
hugs, Cherry

Outdoor Wednesday ~ The Essex Vermont's Culinary Resort

The Essex Vermont's Culinary Resort and Spa
Essex (Burlington), VT

Happy Wednesday ya'll today I am sharing some of my girlfriend Beth's pictures from her summer trip to Vermont she sent these to me this morning and made me jealous all over again.
Doesn't this look like a fun place to visit ? Thank you so much girlfriend for sharing these with us the only thing that could make this any better is if I had been there with ya !

It's Outdoor Wednesday over at Miss Susan ya'll head on over and visit with everyone there is lots of beautiful things to see.
hugs, Cherry

The sun has shined here for 3 days and it feels so good

Yesterday I took five 8ft Loropetalum down to knee high
then this morning I got up thinking I would mop the kitchen and laundry room but instead I tore all the tile up and out except the pieces under appliances I guess I am in a destructive mood this week.
Wonder what tomorrow will bring ?

bye bye ugly floor ~ hello pool ..
Removing all that old tile has my arms and hands screaming . I even have blisters boohoo ...lol
Hubby hasn't a clue ... I can't wait till he drives up and see's all those buckets ...lol

ya'll have a great evening
I'm heading to the pool with a big glass of wine and a bowl full of boiled peanuts ..

My work for this day is done !!!
hugs, Cherry

Google Followers updated

Here's what I did

1) Stop Following your Site (Manage on Dashboard)
2) Go to Edit My Profile on your dashboard to the right of your picture
3) Check the box next to "Share My Profile"

4) Go Back to your blog and click on your little picture in the GOOGLE FOLLOWERS BOX and what you should see when you click on your picture is your profile info then the link back to your blog then the sites you have joined..

About me

I'm just a girl that loves life and all the sweet little things that make each day special.

Sites I've joined

hope this makes it a little clearer
Sweet dreams ya'll, Cherry

I wanted to let everyone know that you need to check out your Google followers for two things the first is in detail over at It's So Very Cheri after reading her post I went to check out mine and yes my little blue flower was there and all the sites I have joined but the link to my blog was not.

I followed her instructions and mine is now fixed so I started going through some of my followers and found a couple within the first few. Miss Daisy yours is one of them so please check it out so people will be able to find you straight from the followers button .

The next thing is over the weekend I got three new followers one had a picture of a very pretty young women that linked back to an on line poker site, the second on was a shirtless hunky guy and yes he was nice to look at but he also linked back to an on line poker site and third was a sweet looking momma with child that also went back to the poker site.
I blocked each of these which you can do from your Dashboard under Followers ...

Hope this help now off to get a hair cut ya'll have a fun day
hugs, Cherry

Aunt Cherry's been playing

With me, mommy, my Aunt Christy and my cousins

cousin Brayci

and the twins

Mr Taylor

Miss Bailey

and when she wasn't taking pictures she was stealing all our sugars ..
and now she has broken out the paint brushes and is trying her hand at making pillows kinda like the one below from pottery barn.

here's a little sneak peak at what she has done so far

ok don't tell her I showed ya'll I'm sure she wanted to make a big deal out of it when they are finished..

hugs and kisses