How about a ride in the country for ~ Outdoor Wednesday

These are some of the sights on the way up to my niece Ashley's home. She and her husband built a home a couple of years ago on land that her hubby Mitchell was raised on. It is so peaceful and beautiful each time I visit I want to stay forever. Wonder if little Miss Abbigail would share her room with Aunt Cherry..

bare pecan trees to me are gorgeous. I love the rows of trees with all their limbs pointing skyward.

who doesn't love a red barn

a family cemetery in the middle of a field with hay bales ready for winter

All the cotton has been picked now. I took these picture the Saturday after Thanksgiving

I wondered while I was driving along what the people that ride past these sites everyday think of them? Do they pay them any attention at all ?

do they see the simplicity, the beauty that is all around them ?

Each time I see a chimney standing alone I wonder about the families, the homes, the lives, the love that once surrounded it.

I hope each of you are having a wonderful Wednesday and will join us for
Outdoor Wednesday over at Miss Susan's blog ~ A Southern Daydreamer

hugs ya'll, Cherry

Christmas 2009 from the beginning

It all began with some seriously jacked up Bourbon Balls .. The recipe called for 2 cups of Bourbon and I some how added 4 .... oh my ... We had a bunch of balls around here this year .. lol

then the gifts had to be made

and finished .. I just loved these .. now to paint myself and Brandie one ..
I promise yours is coming very soon Miss Brandie ..
I got this idea from another blogger.. Miss Lynn of the wonderful Painting Thyme Needfuls blog .. I have been enjoying her blog for awhile now and fell in love with the window she paint but I didn't have any extra windows laying around so the hubby made me some frames and cut the boards and we were on our way..

and then the decorating, which I did very little of this year here's my little noodle angel tree. My hubby, mother in law and I spent a weekend about 20 years ago making these.. I giggle every time I bring them out ..

and the tree in the living room which has had a kitty under it from the moment the lights came on ..

family time

there were parties with live entertainment .. by the Effingham boys.. I'm sure ya'll will be going to their concerts and buying their Cd's soon ..

Food .. lots of food including a wonderful Low Country boil prepared by the hubby with some pretty fresh Georgia shrimp. A little wine in my new flip flop wine glass which is too cute .. thank you Miss Ohio.

yummy stuff .. wish I had some right now .. maybe we could do it all over again for New years ..

lots of pictures were taken and shared including this cutie of Alexis taken by her mom and daddy they shoved her in a laundry basket I guess with Brayci not around it worked this time .. lol

and then a little more shopping .... hummm 6 hours this morning .... with the hubby and all I bought was a pack of socks and sheets for our bed .

and now we are all tuckered out and need our rest

so nighty night and sweet dreams
May the rest of your holiday weekend be wonderful and safe
hugs ya'll, Cherry

Outdoor Wednesday ~ Oatland Island, Georgia

Oatland Island Wildlife Center

It's Outdoor Wednesday over at A Southern Daydreamer so I went digging through my pictures looking for something outdoorsy and found these that Beth and I took last month when we got to spend an entire day doing nothing but enjoy all the beauty that Savannah's coast has to offer.

Like the wonderful Oatland Island Wildlife Center. It had been years since I had been out there and I was pleasantly surprised at all the changes and construction going on..

Education is the keystone of the mission of Oatland Island Wildlife Center. Each year, more than 20,000 students take part in award-winning programs. From marsh ecology boat programs, star labs, to guided tours, there is exciting programs designed for students needs and interests.

More than forty innovative, hands-on opportunities are available all written to satisfy current Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). School Programs are age/grade specific and often feature live animal presentations, guided walks and other inquiry based activities.

We saw more than we got pictures of there is farm animals, birds of prey, bison, white tail deer and many different types of animals the little red foxes looked like you could cuddle with them and how about the baby alligators ... lol

Their handler calls them up just like you would a family pet, they just danced around showing off for everyone ..

We picked up lunch on the way of Blackened shrimp on a spinach salad that was very yummy and had ourselves a little picnic .. hey Miss Beth I think it's time for another play day ...

Happy Wednesday to everyone .. now go check out all the other wonderful bloggers showing off at A Southern Daydreamer bet there is even some beautiful Christmas stuff ...

hugs ya'll, Cherry

Sugar in the cotton field

What happens when you put two babies in a basket in the middle of a cotton field? Grown women come close to tee teeing in their panties ..

Well aren't we pretty in our Christmas outfits ..

hey Alexis let me help you. You have a little something hanging on your lip

yummy ~ it's Alexis SUGARS ...

Alexis that was really good can I have some more ?

I'm telling you Lex you have the best sugar around

just a little more ...

ya'll just don't know what you're missing .. this is some good stuff.. it's really sweet ... best sugar I've ever had ..

Look here Brayci cut it out ...
Stop so we can get our picture taken !!

I'll poke you in your nose if you don't give me some more sugars right now !

oppps wait .... what is happening ???

and then we went tumbling out and all aunt Cherry got was a shot of the cotton because she along with our momma's, and nanna were laughing too hard to help us .. thanks a lot ya'll ~ Alexis and Brayci

We were laughing so hard ... and I can't stop smiling looking at the pictures .. Alexis and Brayci are cousins, their mothers are sisters and I bet these two are going to be best friends forever ... just like their mothers are on most days .. lol

Happy weekend hope each of you are nice and warm, it's still chilly and raining here .. perfect for mixing up cookie doughs .. maybe even baking up a few to sample ...

Hey maybe I can get Alexis and Brayci to come help make these cookie's even sweeter .. lol

hugs ya'll, Cherry

Do you save your Christmas cards ~ Every year

aren't these just the sweatiest Christmas cards ? I found all of them online and thought how wonderful it is that someone not only saved them over the years but that someone else thought they were special enough to share them with the entire world ..

I save our cards and every year I pull them out and go through them. It brings me such joy to remember all the special people that have come and gone through out our 25 years together.

I still have our very first card it was from my husbands grandparents she wrote ~ Merry Christmas to the new Mr and Mrs. So simple but so perfect She passed away right before Christmas the following year so of course that makes it even more special..

and then we have the picture ones of all our friends children/ pets that you can't help but to giggle at. A lot changes in 25 years ..

and then there is the ones from just last year. The ones that really shouldn't mean too much just yet, but they become ones that you will treasure forever because some horrible disease took your friend or love one away from you.

I have no doubts that one day someone will be going through all my belongings and thinking this women must have been a real pack rat .. geez she kept everything .. lol

and that will be OK with me cause for now I am going to sit right here and reread each and everyone of them. I am going to laugh out loud, I'm going to cry, I'm going to remember all the beautiful times we got to share . I'm going to wait on the postman and open each card knowing that it is so much more than just a card .. it is a gift that can be treasured forever..

Sending warm blessing to each of you. To my dear friend Alvin I send lots of love as I know the pain seems unbearable but I promise your sweet memories will help you through.

To my big brother hugs and kisses you are forever in my heart..

hugs ya'll, Cherry