BLOTANICAL buddies I wrote to Stuart

Ok all my BLOTANICAL buddies below is a note that I wrote to Stuart and his reply...
If you noticed the difference on PICKS and liked it please let Stuart know.
He is trying out the new set up on the NEW BLOGGERS PICKS LIST
I find the white background to be easier to read.. let us know what you think

thank ya'll, Cherry

Hi Cherry,
Thanks for using the Help Desk.
You wrote: love the new set up under "NEW BLOGGERS PICKS " it is much easier to read and the flags are great .. sure hope all of the PICKS LIST are going to look like this really soon. thanks again for a great place I have been having a blast . Cherry

Cheers Cherry. I tried this new look just to guage the reactions from members. Yours is the only comment so far so I shall wait and see how others respond to it before moving it across to all the other Picks. Glad you're having a blast.


  1. Cherry, yes you are right, it is easier to read the picks and I think it looks better too:)
    I had a nice stroll in your delightful garden with help of your slide show. I saw your pink abutilon it is very pretty. You have really a wonderful,cottage garden with lots of different plants which makes it so interesting. We have a similar gardening style and I recognised many of your plants.

  2. I agree with you Cherry, it is easier to read. I like the flags it really helps to see where everyone is in the world, especially as it affects the gardens and plants so much. I appreciate it when locations and a bit about the garden/gardener is easy to find at the top of the blog.

    I enjoy reading your blog, thank you.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  3. Cherry I see what you mean now about the pick list : )
    YES ! it is great and I will comment to Stuart that the format is much easier to read.
    I love the fact that you don't mind two other little furry souls who just eat and sleep AND keep snakes at bay ! LOL .. people who abandon animals are beyond my comprehension .. I just can't believe they use animals as disposable entertainment.
    You are a good soul Cherry .. these little ones will appreciate you forever for that ! : )

  4. Cherry - I don't find it easier to read and I've suggested something that hopefully will keep both of us happy. Here's what I've said over @ Blotanical:


    Perhaps I use the lists in a different way to others - I like to scan down it quickly to find articles I like the look of. I can cope with the red star but I find the addition of the flags on the new blogs list is putting things out of alignment just a bit too much. How about putting the flags after the Blog name and article title instead - if that's possible? That way you keep both me and Cherry happy?

  5. Hi there, I like the new set up apart from yesterday when there seemed to be adverts every few blog entries, which I found very distracting.

    The text and flags certainly stand out more.

    I have emailed Stuart as you requested


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