Irises bring Sunday Sunshine

Good morning everyone
 thank you to each of you that stop by

I hope that you always find something here
that makes you smile

that inspires you to go and create something special

to do things that you love.
Something that brings YOU happiness..
it is the small things that bring me happiness
 like sharing the pretties I enjoy with each of you.
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone
hugs and love , Cherry

38th Annual NOGS Tour 2013 part 2

Garden number one part two

The perfect spot for hanging out .. love the mirror

do you see the lady to the right yeah this was one lush garden

all the wrought iron work was beautiful

The side garden was filled with citrus trees
 kumquats were laying all over the ground

So many wonderful sitting areas through out the garden

would love to see whats on the other side of that door

this garden was one of my favorites
 I really loved the layout with all the unexpected twist and turns
and it was all done by the home owner.

and the best part about this garden is this year
we got to see it from the inside

 I took this picture last year from the outside looking in
 and wishing it was on the tour..
hope ya'll enjoyed
Have a wonderful weekend hugs, Cherry

38th Annual NOGS Tour 2013

Garden number one part one

We are going inside one of the lushes gardens I have ever seen

aqua pool water and pink Mandevilla's yummy...

this garden has a lot going on but not in a busy way

everywhere you looked there was something beautiful

with little nooks and crannies tucked full of beautiful pieces
 along with all this fabulous greenery

a beautiful spa completely hidden away

this candelabra was awesome
 very close to my favorite piece of the entire tour

brick paths lead to lots of hidden area's around the gardens

Come back tomorrow for the rest of this beautiful garden
 I promise it so worth coming back for
hugs and happy Friday, Cherry

Some Sunday Sunshine

and they are so pretty

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone
hugs, Cherry

Native Azalea Collection

Saturday I rode up to Statesboro to the Georgia Southern University...  
annual spring plant sale. 
After grabbing up some great  plants, trees and shrubs 
I took off to explore the woodland trails and gardens. 

As I got deeper into the woods there was a glow
 that kept pulling me in. 

Once I got close enough I realized it was a stand of  native azalea
 in bloom and what a beautiful sight it was to see.. 

the colors were amazing

 a fiery glow

then a softer glow

the pink and white were just as beautiful
 as the bight yellows and orange

I have been to the plant sale several times but never had the opportunity to just wonder around, boy have I been missing out. 
If you are anywhere near the gardens talk a walk through the trails there are beautiful surprises waiting just for you.
hugs ya'll, Cherry

I am adding this post to Miss Tootsie Time Friday Flaunt because they are just to pretty to not show off.
Come see what everyone else is flaunting today.
A big thank you to Miss Glenda for hosting this great party every week.