Rain, rot and giggles

I went out this morning looking for signs of life in my little gardens but all I found was lots of rotting, mildew covered plants and the rain keeps falling..

This poor little wagon I drug it back and forth to shelter all summer but the rains finally won .
I have now moved it to my shed in hopes of saving something.

The Mandavillas are about the only things that seems to be enjoying all the rain ..
see that gray sky that is the way it has looked for way to many days in Savannah this summer...

and for the giggles how about Mr. Turtle I think he is so cute ! He has a metal tail but I guess I missed it.. He is in one of the gardens at the Botanical gardens here in town. He is made out of an old wash tub, sheet metal and that is some type of a bolt for his eyes . Time I saw him I thought about Miss Cindee over at Cindee's Garden She does some of the neatest garden art I have ever seen ... Go look for yourselves .. I promise her blog will make you smile and giggle or at least it made me smile and giggle on this gray morning ..

Happy Friday ya'll, hugs Cherry

How about a Beach party for Outdoor Wednesday ~ Tybee Island, GA

It's Outdoor Wednesday hosted by the lovely Miss Susan at A Southern Daydreamer
and there's a Beach party going on over at Miss Gina's The Shabby Chic Cottage which I was thrilled to find since I was showing off our beautiful Tybee Island today

History of Tybee Island, Georgia

History of Tybee IslandThe name "Tybee," like the history of the Island itself, has many interpretations. Most historians believe "Tybee" is derived from the Native American Euchee word for "salt" – one of many local, natural resources that played important roles in the Island's history.

Spanish explorers were searching for riches in the New World, and in 1520, Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon laid claim to Tybee as part of Spain's "La Florida" –- an area that extended from the Bahamas to Nova Scotia.

In 1605, the French were drawn to Tybee in search of Sassafras roots, considered to be a miracle cure at that time. The Spanish would fight the French in a naval battle just off shore to Tybee to regain control over the area.

For many decades pirates visited the Island in search of a safe haven and hiding place for treasure. Tybee and other remote islands were also a source of fresh water and game.

for the rest of the story click here The history of Tybee

Come and join us for all the fun ..... at Miss Gina's beach party and be sure to go over to Miss Susan's for Outdoor Wednesday there is so much to see and do woo hoo got to get going . Have fun ~ hugs ya'll, Cherry

Just hanging out !

and waiting to see what Monday brings ..

Hope it is a fun day for everyone !
hugs, Cherry

August from the inside looking out

The Mornings are hot and humid

the afternoons bring storms ..

and the storms bring the power guys ... looking forward to Fall

Happy Friday ya'll have a fun weekend !
hugs, Cherry

Outdoor Wednesday ~ Bluffton, South Carolina

Outdoor Wednesday is hosted by the beautiful Miss Susan of A Southern Daydreamer
I have never participated but have been enjoying visiting all the blogs for sometime now. Savannah is really wet from all the rain we have received this summer so not really anything to share from here so let me show ya a little bit of Bluffton, South Carolina and the beautiful May River today.

Let's begin at The Church of the Cross
Episcopal service on “The Bluff” of the May River first took place in the early 1830s. The young town of Bluffton was a summer resort for the area and inland planters and a stop on the ferry route between Savannah and Beaufort. From the banks of the church grounds you can take in all of the sights, sounds and smells of The May river.
Or how about a walk around Old Town Bluffton under the shade of live oaks and cypresses covered in Resurrection fern, Spanish moss and Ivy.
The fern is an air plant, which means it attaches itself to other plants. It gets its nutrients from the air and rain water that collects on the outer surface of the bark and with all the rain we have been receiving this summer it has been gorgeous . When it is not receiving rain it turns brown and curls up looking very dead which is how it got it name Resurrection fern once the rains start it opens up and starts showing off.

There is lots of little paths and streets so if you visit make sure you take the time to wonder down each one like the one that leads to that cozy little bench which is also over looking the May river which is where I would love to be this morning.

hope ya'll enjoyed the visit and will stop in often ...
now hurry on over to Miss Susan's and checkout Outdoor Wednesday

hugs, Cherry

Drop cloths, bamboo and spray paint kinda weekend

I Finally found time this weekend to finish up some of the bedroom projects. The first one is my absolute favorite Drop cloth drapes ... I first read about these at Gracious Southern Living Miss Judy's blog . I then did a Google search and was amazed at some of the fabulous things being done with drop cloths, even found a great tutorial at The Coastal Nest Blog .
I bought some from Lowes and Walmart. I prefer the Walmart ones they are hemmed on all 4 sides and after a couple of washing they become nice and soft. Our windows are 6Ft long so I used the 6 X 9 cloths I wasn't sure if I wanted to puddle them on the floor or to cut and hem but as soon as I hung them I knew I wanted to pull them up and fluff them.

I have made tassels that I'm going to try to sneak on them it seems the kitty's find them to be loads of fun to slap around.. The rods are bamboo that the hubby cut from the back yard. I let it dry out for about a month then I strain them ~ I say them because I am going to use them in the living room also. I bought the rings, clips and the hanger thingies from lowe's. The rings come 7 to a box but I wanted the drapes to have more pleats so I bought extra's and after lots of ups & downs on the ladder I settled on 9 rings per panel .

I can't tell ya'll how impressed I am with the way these turned out our home is 21 years old my mother made all the drapes when we first built and for 21 years those drapes hung with just the occasional vacuuming how liberating to know I can unclip throw in the wash and rehang in a matter of hours ... Now to decide if I want to do a little something to the ends of the bamboo maybe a shell ? or not ?

The floor is finished except for a little molding they turned out perfect! I think we are heading down the hall next then on to the living room.

I also freshen up this wicker chair with a little white spray paint then covered the cushions with more drop cloth. I have been wondering about spray painting fabric so I gave it a try. I laid fern fronds on the cushions then lightly sprayed with a paint called Sesame Shimmer it is a beautiful color even though it really doesn't show well in the pictures. I think I might like to try again with some star fish instead of the ferns.
The fronds turned out really pretty and would look great in a wreath. This paint color would be great for Christmas decorating one way it looks silver then the other it looks gold.
It is so much fun when things start coming together .

Another rainy weekend and it looks like more is on the way .. I am so over the rain !!!
Hope Monday is good to ya I'm off to play with my hot glue gun ..
hugs, Cherry

Alexis Grace is here

Miss Alexis Grace came bouncing into the world Saturday afternoon with a head full of hair and the most sweetest little feet I have ever had the pleasure of smooching on. I missed her grand entrance but I got to spend yesterday afternoon just loving all over her. She has her daddy's squinty little eyes and ears, my toes ..lol and the rest is all her momma which you can see here.. Awaiting baby Grace Dani & Brandon ya'll done good she is beautiful we love ya'll so very much.

I am still worn out from spending the weekend with the over 70 gang I can't believe how much energy they have .. and I can't wait to share all of it with ya'll but for now I have to get to work so go visit Miss Donna at Mamma Mia Days she just posted a wonderful story about friendship and flowers .

Have a wonderful afternoon ya'll
hugs, Cherry

A few Blossoms & ugly floors be gone !

White butterfly ginger

There is nothing like the fragrance of ginger. Some compare it to gardenias but for me it is a softer fragrance, it is one of those flowers that I could never get enough of.

Evergreen WisteriaEvergreen Wisteria is an evergreen twining vine native to S. China and Taiwan. This vine has leathery dark green compound leaves the flowers are pea-like and a beautiful deep magenta red color. This flowering vine can get 3-6' tall and works great for a trellis.
Mine is at least 15' up these trees

White Mandevilla
This is the first year that my mandevilla's have done well they are climbing everywhere.
We are so wet it has rained everyday for weeks and not just rain but heavy rains with that up close really loud lightning, power outages just about the time I try to get on here and play and lots of limbs down. Everything is saturated.. We have had almost 10" in the last 12 days .The weeds are butt high and the flowers are rotting so I am calling the summer of 2009 a washout !

Messy House !!

Ugly floor be gone !! We couldn't live with the ugly floors any longer .. So we are now installing some really pretty Faux Heritage Pine wood flooring and the house is once again a big mess..

Everywhere I look there is stuff .. furniture on top of furniture piles of paint chips in almost every room. Unfinished craft projects lamp, tassels, bamboo curtain rods, bedding and I just notice there is still Christmas potpourri in my kitchen makes me wonder if I will every finish ..

Oh well ... Maybe next week .. lol
have a beautiful day ya'll
hugs, Cherry