Happy Birthday Momma

I love you with all my heart

and I'm loving driving in and out of our driveway right now cause it is

gorgeous ..

the Lady Banksia roses have been prettier this year than
 they have been in a long time and they smell fabulous.. 
I have been trying to spend as much time as possible
 outside enjoying them before they fade away.

The bridal wreath spirea's have also been beautiful
 actually every blooming thing around has been awesome this spring .

the white wisteria and snowball viburnums were loaded.. 
The weather here has been down right hot till this morning.. 
Call me a wimp it's 50 degrees I have the heater going and a pot of chilli on the stove ..

 her pictures are so beautiful. 
My Monday's always seem brighter after 
I visit with her and all the other beautiful blogger's..

I'm going to sneak this post into 
even though the rains have washed almost everyone of these blooms away.. 
It still looks pretty in the pictures ..

I received the sweetest email from my girlfriend April here's what she wrote ~

If you don't believe that Spring is here, 
then just pass your house and look at all the
 beautiful flowers and trees in bloom. .... IT IS AWESOME!
Thank you girlfriend love ya and Happy Birthday to youuu ....

hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Georgia's longest yardsale Peaches to Beaches weekend

Here's a few more ( OK a lot more ) pictures from mine and Beth's yard sale weekend including the fun ladies we met and some of the goodies we found..

don't you just love homemade jam's, jellies and relishes. Beth was oohing and aaaahing about Mayhaw jelly which I had never tasted. Mayhaw Jelly is a rare and unique southern treat so I'm told. Mayhaw berries are native to South Georgia swampy areas. Well guess what she found and shared and now I'm totally hooked .. Thank you girlfriend I have eaten more biscuits in 2 weeks than I have in 2 years ..it's yuuuuuuuummmmmmmy

We met Miss Fancy Cat Heirloom Tomatoes of Marshallville, Ga where I was able to pick up some great plants including a few that I had never heard of like an Italian tree which is said to have vines that can grow up to 15-feet with enormous meaty 1-2 pound, 4-5-inch, red tomatoes with superior sweet flavor.. Oh yeah my mouth is watering just thinking about a just picked still warm from the sun .. tomato sandwich... and a big thank you to the lovely lady in Perry that allowed me to have the last of a few variety's since we were from out of town.

After we left Perry we headed south where we got to met the lovely Miss May Tucker who asked us not to put her on Facebook ..lol She was so sweet we could have talked with her all afternoon she and a few others put together a shop just for the Peaches to Beaches weekend and it was stacked full of goodies..

You can see all of her treasure at the McRae flea market booth #13 .. Everywhere we went Blue Ball jars were selling for $8 - $10 She was selling hers for $2 dollars .. stop by and see her if you are in the area ..

aren't these babies cute .. Miss Daphne Lewis is the owner of Chalo Sulky She and her babies were out enjoying all the fun. Beth and I sure could have used these babies a few time before we finished shopping ..lol

and now lookie lookie at what I found . I paid $60.00 for her... She is so pretty I can't wait to get her spruced up and moved into the house.

her pretty perfect mirror

with perfect pretty holders for my perfect mirror ..

and how about this great birdhouse it was perfect on it's own but after we sat it on the post I remembered those wrought iron gingerbread pieces I found back in October and had hubby attach them now it's GORGEOUS !!!

got a great deal on the 2 stools a total of $5 dollars for both, the enamel pot $4.00 and how cute is the sign I picked up for the hubby.. Think I will hang it on the gate maybe it will help scare solicitors away..lol

some great baskets a pretty green bowl that matches a pitcher that I already had that belonged to the hubby's grandmother. Picture frames, more birdhouses, oyster shells and don't forget that $5.00 box of huge pine cones.. We had such a wonderful time. Beth found some great treasures also my poor Tahoe was packed there was so many yard sales Saturday that it took us 8 hours to go 70 miles I kid you not there was no way to see it all .. Peaches to Beaches ROCKS

and a few more pictures...lol..

I'm a little late for Outdoor Wednesday over at Miss Susan's A SOUTHERN DAYDREAMER but there is still plenty of time to go checkout all of the other wonderful blogs that joined in so come along...

Hugs ya'll from Beth and me

The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring.

~ Bern Williams

May your day be filled with lots of sunshine..
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Savannah Shines for St. Patrick's

shared by Beth ~ She and her hubby spent the day downtown taking in all the sights and sounds of a perfect St. Patrick's day Savannah style..
Thank you for sharing it with all of us girlfriend.

Savannah could not have paid for prettier weather this past week. It has been perfect for all the St. Patrick's festivities, hanging out at Tybee or playing in the yard which is what I have been doing and where I am headed... So many things are in full bloom and popping up it feels like spring time .. WAIT.... it is springtime woohoo it's the first day of spring and what a beautiful spring morning it is .. Sure hope spring has sprung where you are and you can get out and enjoy yourselves.

Hugs ya'll, from Savannah, Beth and me

We did it ! Over 275 miles of yard sale bliss

and we can't wait till Peaches to Beaches weekend 2012 to do it all over again.

This was at the end of our trip .. Can you tell we are tired .. Oh yeah it shows ..

We Drove. We Stopped. We Shopped.. and We had a blast..Friday morning started out with a Fried Chicken liver biscuit from a Service station in Sterling, Georgia along with a Mocha Latte. Now if that don't get you in the mood for a road trip nothing will. There was miles of yard sales, some had good junk and some just had junk, junk .. With nothing but time on our hands Beth & I got to go through it all in search of those special treasures ..

The road was great, the traffic was not bad at all and we met so many wonderful people.

One of our favorite finds was a wonderful couple in Jesup that made birdhouses. We both bought from them and even talked about going back by on the way home but didn't make it.

and yes I parked right smack dab in front of this sign and I think Beth even had to maybe mention that it was there before I realized what it said..lol and after a whole lot of giggling we ran into...

THESE !!! now that pastel yellow one that was a normal size bra that bright neon yellow thing could hold a couple of toddlers ..

on to the "hee bee gee bees " house which isn't the name of this place it is just how I felt time we got to it .. When I walked inside the little hairs on my body stood up and I couldn't get out of there fast enough ..lol

looking back at the pictures I would love to know how much that mirror was.
See creepy doll on the table..

My first official purchase was a big box of giant pine cones that Beth and I split. We're off to a great start chicken livers & pine cones.. but wait we still have Saturday to share ..

Thank you Beth for all the fun and for taking so many great pictures for me to share .. most of these pictures Beth took while I drove or shopped ..

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

if you're looking for me & Bethany

We are off like bees in the spring out searching for the sweetest deals

somewhere between Savannah and Perry, Georgia .. It's " Peaches to Beaches weekend " The longest yard sale in Georgia. The weather is going to be perfect. The car is packed with bungee/ straps, tape measure, blankets, maps, list, water, chocolate, wine and we are off to have a fun filled whooping good time .. Hope to have lots of pictures to share next week..

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Georgia Bloggers A Southern Daydreamer is looking for you...

Miss Susan at A SOUTHERN DAYDREAMER has been keeping a list of Georgia bloggers for a few years and today she shared an updated list. It has been fun watching this list grow. She has also made the Georgia Friends Award button that you can add to your blog to help make it easier to find all of these great Georgia blogs and share some Georgia love ..

Here's a peek at the new updated list .. head on over to Miss Susan's to add your Georgia blog and to tell her Thank you for keeping all us peaches in one basket ..

Isn't that an impressive list !! Hurry go add your Georgia blog so we can come visit ya. Miss Susan also Host Outdoor Wednesday each week which anyone can join in on .. It's always fun to see what is being shared from all over the world. Come join us ..

This time next week Beth and I will be rolling along Highway 341 looking for treasures .. We are both so excited that we are getting to do the longest yard sale in Georgia.. Peaches to Beaches here we come actually it will be Beaches to Peaches and then back to the beaches for us we will be starting at Jekyll & St. Simon's Island taking Highway 341 all the way to Perry, Georgia then back the same way so we don't miss a thing.. A little over 500 miles of junk and junk food.Whipeee WHAT MORE CAN A GIRL ASK FOR !
Have a happy weekend everyone.

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Well hello March

Not sure how it happened but March has slipped right on in here.

Hope your Thursday is filled with happiness
hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry