Come on over, treats for everyone !

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Oh yeah it a trick ... all that chocolate and you can't get your hands on it !!!


First frost

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Shut the gate, don't let the cold in

Oh no someone left the gate open and the cold air has slipped right into Savannah we have a wind chill and may have our first frost tonight : (
On one hand it's sad on the other I can't help but to look forward to all the beauty that a frosty morning can bring or to the wonderful rich foods that you don't even think about till the weather turns cooler. Last week the Forever 40 Somethings had an email frenzy with recipes for soups, stews, chili's and chowders, it's always fun to hear what others enjoy and to try out their recipes, and having said that I will be trying Miss Joey's
chicken pecan quiche that I found on her blog this morning it looks so yummy!
Miss Joey's blog is The Village Voice at
she did several very beautiful post last week on the wine country in Michigan that you have to checkout .. having been blessed with a bottle of Michigan wine for my birthday a couple of years ago from my BFF Jilly Bean it made reading Miss Joey's post and seeing her beautiful pictures that much sweeter.

you really have to go look at Miss Joey's blog you will love it.
And nope these pictures are not grapes but they sure were pretty moon flowers. The vine on the back fence has not stopped blooming since it started back in June. I love the purple color of their pods.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by last week and left such great comments. I love hearing from everyone, but I have to say I'm sorry cause I suck at replying back mostly because all I want to do is get back to reading your blogs and leaving comments on them but know I treasure each and every comment and love seeing who has stopped in for a visit.. and now it's time for a cup of cinnamon tea while I stroll through your gardens on this chilly evening.

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salad greens tonight from the garden

look how pretty my first crop of lettuce is I can't wait to toss these with a few other goodies and enjoy. I have sowed some more Mesclum seeds I'm going to try to keep a small crop going all winter we'll see this is a first for me.
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have a beautiful evening

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to pretty to rip out just yet !

you can't even see the tub that the sweet tator vine is in.
Don't think I can take these apart just yet ... so Bobbie rent that uhaul it's looking like a road trip after that first frost ? See my pretty sign ..
simple words but they describe me to a T ..
thank you Bobbie I love it and you.

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could you throw these away ?

Miss Lois and I went shopping Friday I knew it was a little early for us but didn't think it would be a big deal but it turns out it is. I always fill the hanging baskets on the front porch with pansy's and a lot of my other containers also in the fall.
Because of shopping earlier this year we haven't had a frost yet
so all of my containers are still full.
The other evening I asked the hubby take down the baskets
from the front porch and when I walked out yesterday morning
I found this wheelbarrow full of Coleus.
Don't they look pretty ?
How can I throw them out to make room for pansy's ....
I started looking for other places to put the new load of flowers thinking I would just go back and get more in a few weeks for the baskets & containers but even the beds looked full and pretty.
So I started tucking the pansy's in between the summer flowers in hopes that after that first frost the pansy's will be ready to take over to brighten up my life on those cold winter days.
Oh and I know what some of you are thinking cold winter days in Savannah ... HA !
It gets cold to me and that's all that matters ..... LOL

and yes I did toss the wheelbarrow load of coleus : (
isn't the black ones fabulous they are on my list for next year if my cuttings don't make it through the winter.

A day with Miss Lois

As I have said before shopping with Miss Lois is always an adventure and one of my favorite things to do.
Love ya momma!

We both get a little crazy when we go up to Rahn's greenhouses we try to bring home everything .. lol

I packed the car with trays sitting sideways then I started stacking trays on top of each other. I stuck plants in every little space I could find.

While I was trying to be ever so careful & place each plant so they
would arrive home intact, Miss Lois sat in the front seat telling me how to do it & hurrying me along because the new Dairy Queen was going to be packed if we didn't get there early .. lol... She ate an entire banana split on the ride home then let daddy & I unload her flowers which was 3/4 of what we bought while she went & took her nap.. lol

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Morning light through the pines

I took these shots in our back yard the orange glow was this morning the other is yesterday morning both are equally beautiful to me.

Happy Friday ya'll
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a full shed

How does your garden shed look after a growing season ?

Mine looks like it could explode .. lol

Even the shelving inside have fallen through from the weight of junk piled on them.

Looks like this weekend
I will be cleaning it out and heading to the dump..

or maybe not ... cause this morning
Miss Lois and I are heading to the country to shop for fall plants ...

Woo hoo it's time for pansy, snap dragons and hopefully some new perennials.

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Confederate Roses are blooming

This is one of my favorite fall scrubs I love watching the flowers change during the day.

Mine opens white and changes to a deep dark pink by the second day after opening.

Confederate Roses
(Hibiscus mutabilis):
These large shrubs are grown as very tall perennials, they are native of China.
They thrive in the South anywhere that they have time to open their late flowers before the first fall frost.
They get between eight and 15 feet .
Confederate Rose
is an old favorite passalong plant
some call it Cotton Rose.

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Tybee time

The girls hit town on Wednesday
and we giggled till they left on Sunday.

There is nothing like
spending time with girlfriends
to make me a happy girl.

With the sunshine on our faces,
the sand between our toes, cool drinks in our hands ...

Oh my hurry back girlfriends

Thank you both for the fun & beautiful memories

Where you girls From : )

flip flop heaven ...

I have always thought of myself as the
flip flop queen so of course
I fell in love with the fencing
and the rosemary.

Still falling in love 24 years later...

Night and day you are the one,
Only you beneath the moon and under the sun.

Cole Porter

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Cotton in the fields

Seeing cotton in the fields just starting to break open always sends me into my fall mode.

Friday my girlfriend Beth took me to lunch & on my first trip to Hobby Lobby ..

What a store ! I'm so in love ..

Thank you girlfriend for a
wonderful day

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Banana Spider from Beth

Here is some great shots of a Banana Spider from my girlfriend Beth ..

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