Some Sunday Sunshine

Have a warm sun shiny day everyone
 and thank you so much for stopping by..
 I know I haven't been visiting but promise
 I will be seeing each of you soon.
hugs, Cherry

Savannah's Hidden Gardens Tour 2012 ~ 1 The front

and side entrance..
This is the same garden that I shared Wednesday they had us enter through the back into the courtyard 

and they then directed us through the book store
 and out the side entrance

 this is the front of the home

pretty details every where

the iron gate is the entrance in to the book store

this is a tiny alley way into the store

you can stand with your hands touching from wall to wall

and the inside of the store is filled to the rafters with wonderful old books, prints and maps
checkout that old cabinet

Happy Friday everyone 
and yes there is still more to share
hope ya'll enjoyed ...
Have a FABULOUS weekend ... hugs, Cherry

Savannah's Hidden Gardens Tour 2012 ~ 1

are ya'll ready to sneak a peek inside some of 
Savannah's Hidden Gardens

I love this first picture it is my girlfriend Bobbie and a lovely lady that we meet while doing the tour. 
There was four ladies in her group.
They had come all the way from Texas to do the tour.

The entry into this garden was awesome the narrow passage lead into a completely enclosed very lush garden.. It was exactly what a Savannah courtyard garden should be.

The Confederate Jasmine was awesome .. sorry awesome is my word right  All over town it was in full bloom and the fragrance well if you have smelled it you know it was wonderful if you haven't I sure wish you could.. It is my favorite thing about springtime.

see the rusty turtle there on the right he was cool

Violets, antlers, sedums, rust = pretty

beautiful benches

Brick walls and stucco sure make for pretty garden backgrounds and all the greenery

The Oak leaf hydrangea's where perfect

the home/ antique book store that this garden
 belong to was 4 stories.
As I was looking up I saw two metal stars and
dag gone it.. I meant to ask about them and forgot,
 so when I find out I will share.. They look to have been there forever..

While inside this garden the rest of the world disappeared you couldn't help but to just be, to just relax and enjoy.. 

I'm thinking this was my favorite

but wait there is so many more to share..
 Can't wait to see which one ya'll like the best..
hope ya'll enjoyed ...
Have a FABULOUS day everyone... hugs, Cherry

It's Pineapple guava

UPDATE ~ with the help of Miss Nell Jean of Secrets of a Seedscatter 
they have been ID as Pineapple guava

They sit on the side of a very busy street in downtown Savannah .. 
and I am going to go back and see if I can find some seeds and if it fruits..
Thank you so much Miss Nell Jean.
Have a wonderful afternoon ya'll hugs, Cherry

Amethyst Falls American Wisteria

Happy Monday everyone isn't this pretty it was also at the Coastal Gardens last weekend, think I need to find one. 
It has just a little hint of fragrance and
 it isn't as rambunctious as other wisterias.
It's a little chilly here this morning putting on my long britches and socks and heading out to play.. 
Have a wonderful day hugs, Cherry

Sunday Sunshine

Just living is not enough... 
one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
  ~Hans Christian Andersen

I took these last weekend at the
and they were some kinda pretty..
It has been a busy weekend
 Friday my girlfriend Bobbie and I did the  
and then the hubby and I spent most of Saturday
 afternoon at a car show.. 
Be on the lookout for tour pictures
 cause ya'll know I took a
Hope everyone has a  Shiny Sunday
hugs, Cherry

it's Flaunt your flowers Friday ~ 4

Today's Flaunt is from downtown Savannah
 it is a Purple Trumpet Vine
I was in complete awe when I saw how high it had ran
 up the side of the building.

isn't it fabulous and yes those shutters are a shade of purple

love, love, love it.. I really need to find me one of these.

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Now come on and follow me to Miss Glenda's  
Tootsie Time to see some more fabulous flaunt's

 I'm doing the
 Hidden Gardens of Savannah tour
this weekend got my fingers crossed for no rain
 and lots of pretties to share with all of ya'll ..
 Have a wonderful weekend everyone .. hugs, Cherry

It's all about beautiful Irises for ~ Outdoor Wednesday

Saturday I went out to the Coastal Bamboo Farms
 and Gardens for their master gardeners plant sale.
Which I found some great stuff at but,
the best part of my day was walking through the iris garden
 and seeing all the irises that are in bloom.

come walk with me

just yum yummy

Ooh la la and it has the perfect name.. Decadence



love, love, love

really pretty

these were awesome

hope you enjoy the walk now come join me at
Miss Susan's A Southern Daydreamer's blog for
Outdoor Wednesday

hugs everyone, Cherry