Thursday, April 24, 2008

X Rated Lizards

Happy Thursday ya'll


  1. Cherry, stop by my blog. I ahev a surprise for you.

    Lovely lizard, by the way :)

  2. Don't you love that smug, self satisfied look in the last photo. ;)

  3. Holy smokes girl ! you have lizard life on your deck ? .. in your garden ? I would love to see that ... from a distance mind you ... wearing gloves and boots .. not even going to near .. but near enough to see ? LOL

  4. omg, that's too much!!! I've never lived anywhere with lizards so just that is amazing.

  5. Hi cherry, I won't comment on the lizards:) they are very attractive!
    Beaut Hippeastrums in your Moms garden; I am sure she has green thumbs. Happy gardening.

  6. Aw, spooning lizards! Maybe they're not so cold-blooded after all!

  7. Bwa ha ha ha! Give them some privacy Cherry!

  8. Are those real? If so, i have never seen lizards like that. The lizards in the west are the color of stones/earth. That is awsome!


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