I am thankful for each of you..

Wishing each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving
 from our family to yours..
We celebrated last weekend and it was the best time. 
The babies are big enough now
that we wanted to make it fun, make some memories..

the hubby built this Whatchamacallit and I painted it..
The thoughts were we would get all the kids together, take pictures
 and then every year take more and see how much they have changed/ grown

We never did get all the kids together
but the adults sure had fun playing with it..

even baby Harrison got in on the fun.. He is due next week
and we are all so excited..

there was some apple bobbing and yes that is
 a tiny little butt crack going on up there on the right..

some crafting and cousin time
a find the prize hidden in the whipped cream game..
which some miss understood and just kept
 licking the cream until it was gone..
( which is what I would have done )
How about that foot in the
 air action guess it makes you go a little faster..lol

a HEY ride.. No not a HAY ride
 We had no hay so we just waved and yelled HEY
 to every John Deere tractor or truck that passed us along our way.
We had a ball... kids, adults and even the dogs

Even me, momma and my little sister Cricket got in on the sillyness
I think we succeeded in making lots of fun new memories..
I hope that your time spent with family and friends
 is filled with love, happiness and laughter,
 lots and lots of laughter..
Thank you for stopping by. 
I feel so blessed to be able to share my little world
 with such wonderful friends.. Each of you..
hugs, Cherry 

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...

More like shocked..  I was strolling through Savannah Now .com's
Annual Holiday Event Guide and I came across this picture and my first thought was.. 
I love that house, I love Isle of Hope, I enjoyed that tour so much... 
and then I thought that looks like my picture and guess what it is...

Now how fun is that!
I am feeling mighty honored 
and I knew I had to share it with all of you 
because ya'll enjoy all the Home and Garden tours as much as I do..
If you have no plans yet for the evening of December the 7th
 come join us in Isle of Hope for this fabulous tour..

 Isle of Hope Christmas Tour of Homes 
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Christmas Tour of Homes features five beautiful 
cottages and homes on historic Isle of Hope. 
There will be a reception and live holiday music throughout the event. 
All proceeds benefit Second Harvest Food Bank and the West Broad Street YMCA.

  if you would like to see pictures from the 2011 tour you can find them here

Or if you would like to see all of my Isle of Hope stories you can start here 

hugs and happy weekend ya'll, Cherry

Copper Canyon Daisy

told us all to plant Copper canyon daisy. 

Pam described it as 
"warm sunshine on a chilly autumn day."
Which is the perfect description.
 as I turned into the drive on this very gray gloomy day
I thought Oh that is what Miss Pam meant..

 it is glowing...
My pictures do not do it justices... 
Copper Canyon Daisy (Tagetes lemmonii)  
is a must have in my fall garden from here on out..
You can read all about it here on  Miss Pam's blog.

hugs ya'll, Cherry

Hello November...

Good morning all
November is here and it has brought some
 perfect weather... Chilly and sunny.
 I am getting so excited for the holiday's
This year I want to decorate everything.
Cook all kinds of goodies and really blow it out.
I'm not sure if it is because we have a new baby boy
 due in December or because we will be celebrating
 Christmas at my niece's "new" 100 year old home in the country
 or if my heart has finally healed enough to let me feel again..
( if you are new to the blog)
 I lost my brother, father in law and my father all within 19 months.
and that my friend will knock the wind out of your sail for sure..
They say Time heals all... Maybe maybe not,
but it has definitely helped...

Today I am sharing some pieces I did for baby Harrison's nursery
his mommy is doing it in a nautical theme and it has turned out so cute.

you can't really tell it in the picture but the rope is done in a crackled finish.

and this piece is one of my
 favorite lullaby's ever by
The Dixie Chicks
 I did a little rewording and shortened it
 but you can hear it in it's entirety here..

hugs ya'll have a wonderful day, Cherry

Busy as a bee

yes I am ... Just as busy as I can be..
painting, planting, and planning
and loving every second of it!
hugs and Happy, happy Wednesday ya'll

Wishing each of you a day filled with Love

A little something I did by lamplight last night
 while playing around with some watercolors.
I am thinking about taking an on line course that is being offered by
Watercolor artist Courtney Khail 

 on Watercolor Greetings {Learn to paint your own holiday cards}
but I have never done an On line course, have you? 

Jeanne Oliver has so many great courses and artist teaching
 I want to take them all.

Hugs and Love to each of you.. 
Have a fun day, Cherry

Wishing you a wonderful weekend

hugs, Cherry

Jane Coslick Cottage Tour ~ Cottage 11

The 2nd Annual 
has been announced
so I thought it would be a good time to start sharing
the rest of last years cottages

Lime green, bright blues and orange

with lots of white made for a fun cottage

It's Saturday, December 7, 2013
Tybee Island, GA
Mark your calendars now for the fabulous
Jane Coslick Holiday Cottage Tour. 
Enjoy ten of Jane’s adorable cottages
All Proceeds benefit
Tickets are $30 which include refreshments at North Beach Bar & Grill
Come join us, it is such a great cause..
hugs, Cherry

Buying Caladiums now for next years bulbs

Strap Leaf Florida Sweetheart
 Yesterday mom and I rode up to Rahn's Greenhouses 
to pick up some snap dragons, pansy's and other fall/ winter favorites

When I walked into the big house I was in awe..
It was filled with so many beautiful
 and different varieties I knew I was not leaving without them.

 I love Caladiums and every year
 I say I am going to do some and every year I don't

Guess what I will be planting in the spring

 I bought some of each that I will get to enjoy
 for a few more months
and, I am ahead of the game for next year.

  and at an end of season discounted price...
If you are local and haven't been to
you are missing out... 
hugs ya'll, Cherry

 now go see what is discounted at your local nurseries.. 
You never know what treasures you may find

Tybee girls forever...

Mornings on Tybee island are magical

afternoons on Tybee island are spectacular

evenings on Tybee island are the perfect way to end a day
 or at least wind down a bit until the music starts.

and getting to spending them all
with my beautiful girlfriends
from Ohio is a treasure
 I hold close to my heart always and forever.

If you need a little cure for what is ailing ya
 I suggest grabbing your girlfriends head to the beach
lay in the sunshine, drink to much, dance and sing like fools
then get up the next day and do it all again...

Missing you girls already...
 love ya Jilly, Debie and our Duhe girl...
Counting down the days until
sweet October brings us together again.
hugs, Cherry

chalkboard painted bags and other fun stuff

Miss Olivia Leigh turns One today
what a fast year 2013 has been
I had so much fun making things to use for her birthday pictures

first I built a giant " One "
from 2 pieces of 36 x 48 foam cord board
and a whole lot of hot glue

once I had it built I covered
 it in newsprint paper
and then I used Mod Podge to cover it
 with the pink tissue paper

I then started cutting strips of fabric that my
 niece Jessica and I tied to ribbon to make this really cute piece..
Thank you so, so much for stopping by that day Miss Jessica..

next up I painted jumbo paper lunch bags
 with just regular flat black paint
trimmed the bottom with some craft sissors
punched two holes in the bottom/ top of the bag tied a raffia bow
and then I added a strip of Chevron fabric so we could tie them to the fabric thingie...

Miss Olivia's momma used the bags to share
 the date and time of the party..
 Which is today woo hoo I love partying with one year olds..
Happy Birthday Miss Olivia
We love you so much and can't wait to get
 lots and lots of hugs and kisses from you today..
hugs ya'll, Cherry

Happy Weekend from my new little friend and I

Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend
 it looks like it is going to be a pretty one..
hugs, Cherry

Easy Butterfinger, Chocolate chip, Pecan, Dulce de leche cookie bars

Wowwee what a name for a bar cookie...
In need of a sweet treat to take to our family reunion
 this past weekend, I walked around and around
 and around the grocery store without a clue what to make.
I came home with 4 packages of refrigerated 
chocolate chip and pecan cookie dough
2 cans of caramel Dulce de Leche
and a pack of mini butterfingers.
I pushed the dough around into a greased
 foil lined pan. Poured the 2 cans of caramel on top
then covered that with crushed butterfingers...
I also added some chocolate chips 
which I will not do the next time they were not needed.
I baked until a toothpick came out clean which
 was just a little over the cookie package directions.
 They came out all ooey gooey yum, yum, yummo
I will be making these again for sure.
Give them a try easy and yummy
what's not to love...

Oh yeah sorry there is no after picture..
I forgot to take one when they came out of the oven
hugs ya'll, Cherry

How to mess with a momma

Happy Friday ya'll
there is a touch of fall in the air and I'm loving it..  
I haven't been doing much gardening 
but I have been staying busy and having lots of fun..
like putting together this cute beaded chandelier

I used Christmas beads a gazillion hot glue sticks,
some punch cups,
and an old brass chandelier
that has been around forever. 
I think it turned out cute.

Then I took my babies to my girlfriend April's fabulous yard
 hung it in her fabulous Oak tree and started taking a million pictures..

Miss Olivia with her big sister Alexis
and here is where the messing with momma comes in...
Aunt Cherry went to Picmonkey and started playing

with all the different settings

and now momma
has to decide which pictures she likes the best.

Oh how aunt Cherry loves
 messing with mommies
and her sweet, sweet babies

Miss Olivia turns one next week.
 We did some really cute birthday pictures
 but I can't share just yet
if you haven't checked out Picmonkey
 you should it's lots of fun.

hugs and Happy Friday ya'll
Thank you for allowing me to show off a bit