For the girlfriends in my life.

I have found with true friendships to enjoy the moment and comfort of just knowing for the brief time that you get to share together you can be yourself and just have fun ..

That's the kind of friendship I have with a few very special ladies ..
So this mornings post is in honor of
The forever 40 Something Gals,
Bobbie,Beth,April and all the future girlfriends to come ..
love ya'll

Thanks for stopping by Miss Beckie & Miss Jane Marie

Jane Marie that one is called ...

SMART DESIGN (Joiner, E. 2001) Tet-Sev-M-S24"-B5"

The color is coral-sands with a broad dark eye. A light wire edge of burgundy is on the ruffled petals. It has 5-way branching with 30 buds.


Happy Birthday Beth

Here's a few more..

Beth took these pictures it was her first day with her new camera ..

and yes I'm wishing I had a new

camera too ...

This is Beth and I at Joiners

We were some kinda HOT !!!

but then we are some HOT chick's

Love ya gal !!!

and a few more

Clearly A Thrill

here's Jan Joiners baby for 2007

daylilies, daylilies, daylilies & more daylilies

I finally made it to Joiners daylily farm and it was hotter than blazes but as beautiful as ever..

here is a few of my favorites ..

It was a wonderful day I went with my girlfriend Beth it was her birthday and her first time seeing the gardens.

She was in ahhhhhhh !!! it truly is one of those places where time stops and no bad thoughts can enter your mind you can mellow out and just enjoy the beauty all around you .

Hubby's at it again ..

hubby's new Tiki Hut that he had to have which has turned out to be really nice because it puts a shade on the pool in the afternoon and since the temp's are already hitting middle 90's we will be hang out a lot at the tiki hut.

Daylilies & Mr Peacock

This guy lives down the road from us this is the first time that he was out & about and I happen to have my camera with me. When he was walking away it was like a lady in a beautiful ball gown ,
his tail swished back and forth . Maybe one day I will get to see that beautiful tail wide open ...

How about this ?

this is one of the plants that my mom has uprooted and taken with us every time we moved ..

( Air force brat here )
she calls it Chocolate solider.

Parrots Lily