Sunlit Sunday 4 ~ Waiting on the Morning

These were take one Sunday morning in October 
on Tybee Island

The lone paddle boarder and myself were the only ones on the beach watching and waiting for the sun to make her appearance

it was so magical... The only sound was the occasional seagull cry or a small wave breaking

until the flock of gulls passed overhead then,
 it was as if the entire world had awaken

and as the sun started peeking out and the brown pelicans floated by, it became silent again ....

as I sat and watched the warm glow of the morning
 spread all around me all I could think was. 
This magical morning is all mine

 and his... to cherish forever
and though I have no idea who he is .... I smile knowing
 someone else felt the magic 
on that October morn.

I'm joining Miss Karen for Sunlit Sunday  
and looking forward to seeing
 all the sunshine that is being shared
come on and join us at ~  My Little Home and Garden  
 hugs ya'll... hope everyone has a magical day
and a blessed week, Cherry

Maddie's Room

Meet Maddie my beautiful great niece and her room.
 I ran across these pictures yesterday from years back and thought I would share them.
Maddie's mom asked me to come paint a farm with a barn in Maddie's room and she asked that Maddie's grandmother and great grandmother aka Miss Lois have a part in it. So one Friday morning we started and about 36 hours later we had created a barnyard full of critters..

Jessica, Maddie's mom is fabulous at drawing anything,
 if she can see it she can draw it..
She also makes wonderful children's outfits
which you can see here on Jessica's Craft Corner  ....
 I on the other hand can't draw a lick but give me a paintbrush and I'm doing it..

We started with the barn. I laid it out with painters tape then turned Miss Lois loose with a paint brush..
She lasted about five minutes before her and Maddie started playing so we kicked them out..
Jessica drew the horse.. isn't she pretty. I think we all painted on this section..

every barn needs mice... I love my little mice playing in the hayloft...

and every closet needs hen's above it

Miss Sunshine with her big happy smile. I used iridescent and glow in the dark paint on the clouds and sun, they didn't photography well but they were very pretty with a little glow to them at night..

ducks in a hurry and a glow in the dark dragonfly

Maddie's grandmother did Mr. Cow I added the birds, bugs and sunflowers and the fencing went all around the room.

and my little piggy is to the right of the cow under the window to the left of the tree

 I put the tree in the corner with Mr. Owl, momma bird and her nest with 3 little babies, added vines and bugs to the fencing..

I really thought after I got Mr. Owl painted that Maddie may not like him or be scared at night but she loved him and told him good night, every night at bedtime..

see daddy bird flying home

and my little bunny is listening to the baby birds chirping

all while kitty struts his stuff and Jessica's polka dotted doggie watches in hopes of catching that cat..

it was a lot of fun and looking back on the pictures I see a lot of things I should have done different but then I remember 36 hours with very little sleep and think well damn that turn out pretty darn good...
and I'm sad to say we did all of this work in 2005 and Maddie decided last year she wanted a big girl room so it was all painted over.. Oh well we have pictures and memories and more little girls that just might want aunt Cherry to come do something for them...

hugs and happy Monday everyone, Cherry
Oh I just saw that Miss Ginger of Savannah Granny
has pictures of our weekend adventures together so check us out .. We all looked so pretty ...

Sunlit Sunday ~ 3

Good Sunday morning everyone it is a sheet of solid rain outside my window right now.  Not complaining we need it to much to even think about complaining

these are a few more shots from our trip to Daufuskie of those brief moments of sunshine

I'm joining Miss Karen for Sunlit Sunday at her blog

Sunlit Sunday

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's Sunlit Sunday 
might be the only sunshine I get to see today...

On a personal note ~ I would like to say how much I enjoyed getting to meet fellow bloggers 
Miss Ginger Savannah Granny
Debbie of reFresh reStyle
and  Adriana of La Dulce Vida.
it was an awesome day, can't wait till our next adventure.. 
and yes there is pictures to come..
Have a wonderful day everyone... now come on let's go to

hugs ya'll, Cherry

Getting to Daufuskie Island - part 1 for Outdoor Wednesday

First I would like to say Thank you so much to my girlfriend Beth and her hubby Steve for not only this wonderful gift
but for your friendship that just keeps on giving.
We love you both more than we could ever say..

For my 50th birthday they gave me an island..
OK it was a day trip to Daufuskie island, South Carolina which of course I wasn't going on without Beth because she and I both love nothing more than grabbing our cameras and seeing what we can find, and what we found was beautiful coastlines rich in history... and an island that we didn't want to leave.

 We boarded our boat at the Savannah Bend marina in Thunderbolt, Georgia early Friday morning
 with Captain Rusty at the helm.
It was cold, cloudy & foggy but it felt like heaven me.

There is nothing like being on the water to take your mind away from life..Our ride took about 30 minute.  We left Thunderbolt by way of the Wilmington River into the  
Intracoastal waterways ~ You can click here for a great interactive map . 
just click the + button to enlarge

as we moved farther out you could see waterfront homes and the industries that border the Savannah River

passing inlets, marshes, creeks and islands with names like Turtle island, Bird island and Elba island

this container ship leaving the port of Savannah looked like it was sitting on top of this little island

but once we rounded the island you could see it wasn't and it was headed right for us ... That is Elba island to the right, it is home to a liquefied natural gas receiving terminal 

this is my very cold girlfriend .. hey Beth you in there...

as we scooted on down the Atlantic the sun tried hard to come out and we were encouraging it to do so it was mighty hard to take pictures while wearing gloves and shaking.

rays peeking through the clouds while we moved through the Calibogue Sound and into the Cooper River

 as we neared Daufuskie the sun started shining on the marshes and reed grasses

that is Elba island to the right of this island in the distant. That is a lot of water between here and home..

and here we are....Daufuskie Island is to your right ..
Daufuskie Island is a true island there is no bridges...
 You can only get here by boat
 or by riding along with Beth and I ...
Time to dock and see what kind of trouble we can get into..
Come on back next week for Outdoor Wednesday
and to tour the island with us..


don't forget to go see what everyone else is sharing over at Miss Susan's A Southern Daydreamer
hugs and Happy Wednesday ya'll, Cherry

Just call me Miss Excited !!!

Jamie Kennedy ~ The Social Media Director of O2 Media, Inc.
The Producers of The Balancing Act and Designing Spaces

Has invited some of us local Bloggers to be their VIP guest to the Southern Women's Show this coming weekend.. and I am happy to say I will be one of those touring all the behind the scene action along with our very own Savannah Granny Miss Ginger. My blogging idol... Miss Debbie of reFresh reStyle from Statesboro, Georgia and some other new to me local bloggers.. Miss Kim of Today is my some-day, Summer from Banana hammocks & tutus  and the lovely Miss Adriana of La Dulce Vida. Also a few other bloggers that I love have been invited and I hope they will be joining us.. It promises to be a full day of fun.. I can't wait to meet the other ladies..

You can Click on  the coupon to get a dollar off admission and come enjoy the show with us.. Also I don't Twitter but Miss Debbie does and I bet she will be giving updates from our lunch together and all through out the show.. here is her Twitter address... reFresh re Style

and a big round of applause and giant thank you's to Miss Ginger and Miss Jamie for putting this together I can't wait to meet everyone and checkout all the goodies at the show..

hugs ya'll, Cherry

Everybody is turning 3

If you have been around my blog for a little while then you know that our family had 4 babies within day's of each other.. My sister had her first granddaughter Brayci and my brother had his 3rd, 4th, and 5th grands.. and they are all turning 3

Brayci is on the left in the cabbage leaves and her cousin Lexi is on the right. Miss Brayci and Lexi went to Babyland General, the land of all things Cabbage Patch..The Atlanta aquarium and Ruby falls for her birthday weekend..

and the rest of the cousins went to aunt Ashley's for the twins party far left is Miss Bailey far right is Mr Taylor the birthday twins...

two of everything

we played

and enjoyed every minute we had with those we love

we sported our new snow hats ~ that's what Taylor called the them

we opened presents ... my favorite present they got was a garden in a box.. They were given garden tools, strawberry plants and even dirt .. Taylor said ~ look daddy we got dirt!

birthday boy first and he gave it a good smack

others tried

but Taylor showed us all how it was done

A cousin's slummer party ...
Taylor, Bailey, Abbi and Kaiden ~ these are my brothers grands he also has an older granddaughter Miss Maddie but she's not into baby slummer parties anymore.. .. Oh what I would give for my big brother to be here to see his beautiful grands growing .. One more Birthday to go Mr. Kaiden turns 3 next week...

Lexi and Brayci are my sister's grand's and we just found out that Miss Lexi is going to be a big sister in October which she called and screamed into my ear.... I gonna be a big sister ....
Miss Lexi is one wild looking thang when she is sleeping
Everyone had a great weekend...
hugs ya'll, Cherry

Update ~ I still don't like the new blogger... I keep hitting the publish button instead of the preview button..