Happy Birthday Cricket

dang you sure were a cute kid ... lol
I love the picture of us with mom and daddy on granny's front porch you were adorable and I look so 70's ... and the one of us on Easter morning in our dresses momma made for us, you look so prim and proper I bet you destroyed the dress or shoes before dark.. Can you tell I'm wearing pantyhose with those sandals .. I still have the pocketbook that she crochet to go with my dress.. and how about that one of you and Allen .. just how long are those jeans hey!! those are mine ..lol

Putting this together brought back such beautiful memories ... you were a brat !! Always tagging along, messing with my stuff, getting me into trouble, never cleaning your half of the room, always disappearing when it came time to clean the kitchen ... etc ...etc...etc...
and here you are now all grown up with grand babies and you're still a brat but your my brat and I love you bunches !!!

Happy birthday little sis sending lots of birthday wishes your way .
hugs from your big sis Cherry

Daylilies, Butterfly and a Copperhead ... things the rain brought us !

The rain has stopped the sun is shining and the daylily's are starting to show off. I wish I could tell ya'll the names of each of these but I can't over the years I did not keep track but what I can tell ya'll is most of them came from a local grower Joiners Daylily Gardens which is one of my favorite places and I really need to go visit before it's to late ..

The sun is on fire in the sky and in its warmth flowers open in the gardens and the butterfly flutters by .... Stanley Cook

and then this guy stopped by on Saturday afternoon to hang out with us on the deck .. I don't do snakes I have been high stepping with my eyes wide open ever since my hubby found him laying by the outside stereo guess he is a Rock and Roller cause Bob Seger was doing some Old Time Rock and Roll and he didn't seem to mind at all ... lol

hope everyone is having a fun Monday opps Tuesday !
hugs, Cherry

Rain, Rain go away Cherry really wants to go outside and play !

It has been raining here for what seems like FOREVER !!!
normal rainfall for Savannah in May is less than 3 inches. We are over 6 inches right now and it's still raining ... Our poor willow tree has almost given up. Look at how much it is leaning even after my dear hubby propped it back up with fence post. I sure don't want to lose it.

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Thank ya'll it is a Walking Iris if I had just Googled I would have found all the amazing pictures and info out there now to decide if I want to keep it potted or move to a bed ? Hey I can do both it's a big plant .. oppps I hear chainsaws .. Chainsaws in the rain mean only one thing.. tree fell and has to be moved now ... hang in there Mister Willow !!!

Hope everyone has big plans to have lots of fun this Memorial day weekend. My plans were to do some outdoor painting, visit the Botanical Gardens and the Daylily farm.. Don't think that's going to happen with all this rain. Oh heck I might have to clean house ! No wait there are craft projects calling my name .. lol

Have a safe one ya'll
hugs, Cherry

We ain't been this cold since 1875

There is something wrong, wrong, wrong... it's the middle of May in Georgia and it's cold. We are breaking record lows for our highs, plus it has rained so much that my petunia's are rotting and the daylily's are beat to pieces.
I'm glad ya'll enjoyed the lizard fight, I saw one of them yesterday floating by on a magnolia leaf headed for higher ground ... He had a broke tail but other then that he looked well .. lol

Ok need some help can someone tell me what the above plant is ? My Aunt gave it to me and she was calling it an orchid, I was thinking walking Iris but I really don't know ???

Mother's Day cacti just a little late

Got the sweet tator vines divided and replanted these are Sweet Caroline they did great last summer. I was surprised at how many and the size of these things.

and a colorful visitor before the rains

Hope everyone had a fun Monday stay warm..
hugs, Cherry

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First Magnolia bloom & more

Lookie what's blooming today

Little gem magnolia

Black Knight Butterfly Bush

Pink Delight Butterfly Bush

more Confederate Jasmine
It is a cool rainy day here what weird weather Sunday in the pool today sweatshirt & socks ... lol
Have a wonderful evening
hugs, Cherry

56 years ago

Happy Anniversary Momma & Daddy
We love you both with all our hearts

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Happy Cinco de Mayo ya'll

Good morning everyone I have been a busy girl and any extra time has been spent outside so this is a cover everything that's been going on for the last few days kinda post ! First the roses are starting to bloom. I have my first daylily blooms the hubby built a new home for my swing in the back yard and completed another section of the deck one more small section and it will be finished woohoo !!! I hit some yard sales Saturday and found some cute items including a lace table cloth that I tossed over the front porch swing some lace ~ ruffly pillow shams that I covered the rocker cushions with,I pressure washed the side walk and the driveway now they are so pretty and white ... my arms are so mad at me !!!

The hammock finally got hung and has become the place of choice for sunning lizards ... oh well maybe they will share if I get a moment to slow down and lay in it .. lol

The Confederate Jasmine is blooming everywhere it smells fabulous when you walk outside.

and I received my order from Prairieland Herbs I love everything !!
I'm not sure what my favorite item is because it's all great but I can tell you I'm having a lot of fun with a shaving soap called Gorgeous Gams .. My legs feel awesome !! My hubby keeps rubbing them and then early yesterday morning will riding down the road I made Miss Beth rub them and of course she thought I had lost my mind ... lol ... but is now a huge fan of my Gams ..
hummmm I wonder if I can get Miss Lois to rub my gams today : )

Have a fantastic day ya'll I'm off to spend the afternoon with my parents maybe I can get daddy to whip up something yummy for lunch...

Hugs, Cherry
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