all the pretties are gone !

It has been record setting cold this week so all the pretties are gone.

Normally we don't see this type of cold till January my only hope is it did as much damage to the mosquitoes. They have been really bad this year.

The picture of the Turks Turban with the blueberry center is old. We won't be seeing those beautiful centers this year.
Oh well time to start dreaming about next spring .. lol
I wish each of you a wonderful weekend I'm off for another fun filled day with girlfriends .

Christmas in the South
a craft show that comes to town every year is here this weekend and today is our day to go see & taste all the goodies.
Happy Friday ya'll

fun friday downtown

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Friday was the St. John's Holly Day's Bazaar they have a big White Elephant Sale with books, toys, and a jewelry room upstairs then downstairs is a huge room full of what some would call junk and others would call treasures my favorite finds was a white ceramic watering pitcher, a book called Cookies food writers favorites 1991 , then another book from Country living called Seasons that is filled with beautiful pictures of gardens.

There was also a couple of other books, sea shells & baskets
( which I drag home every time I hit a junk store or yard sale ) an old rolling pin, some lace panels.
( I also have a weakness for old kitchen gadgets, lace & linens )
After going through the junk room many times and two trips to the car because Miss April found many treasure that gal can pick up a piece of lint and see a craft project .. lol
We moved on to the courtyard to see what else we could find.

The church ladies make chutneys, jellies & jams which are all wonderful my favorite is an Orange cranberry chutney that I buy every year I have seen ladies get a little feisty over this stuff when it gets down to the last jars. I don't know how many jars where made this year but I can tell you it was not enough because it was all gone by the time I got around there which was less than an hour after they opened !! boohoo ..

I did get two jars of the scuppernong which is made from local grapes that is really tasty but I am going to miss that chutney with my turkey for Thanksgiving ...

The garden section was filled with many beautiful plants, local gardening books, tools, pretty pots and our favorite gloves Atlas ... they even potted up Paper Whites in clay pots a few weeks ago so they had some nice growth on them.

The church and it's grounds are so beautiful my girlfriend April & I love going every year they serve lunch which is always yummy while organist's play you just want to sit in the courtyard and take it all in for as long as you can.

Meet Miss Abbigail

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This is my newest love bug my great niece Miss Abbigail ..

We haven't had any babies in our family for awhile but that is about to change big time !

I have one niece that is due in February with a girl, then another niece having twins, boy & girl and then my nephew and his wife are having a boy in March and I can't wait to get my hands on all of them .. lol

Busy weekend here did get to play in the yard some Sunday afternoon. I noticed yesterday that I have a salmon color poppy blooming. I have never had poppies before looking forward to seeing what other colors I might have ..

Miss Sylvia on the Cassia I wish I knew a trick but all I did was take a couple of cuttings of new growth and just stuck them in the dirt. Only one of them made it so guess it was just luck .. lol

Miss Di no real fragrance.

The sun is shining it's about 72 and I'm heading outside to play have a beautiful day ya'll
hugs, Cherry

My Cassia is blooming

I stated this Cassia tree last fall from a cutting and it has just started blooming for the first time.

looks like I will have to move it though because they can get pretty big, it can be grown into a shrub or a flowering tree it blooms Fall ~ Winter.

I love how bright it is you can't help but smile when you look at it ...

Happy friday ya'll

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Turk's Turban this weekend

the color only gets better, those lime green centers will be a blueberry color before long ..

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Turk's Turban in September

Turk's Turban, Sky Rocket (Clerodendrum indicum)

One of the plants got to around 15 ft tall. Pretty but the best is yet to come.

and how was your weekend ?

Ours was wonderful !

Banana nut muffins, a new tea from Beth, blood oranges (wait that's not a blood orange ) oh look Bethany that gal fooled us it looks and taste like a mini pink grapefruit .. good thing I like pink grapefruits.
Pretty new gloves and this great new bug book from my gal friend Lynn. This book is wonderful !
GOOD BUG BAD BUG by Jessica Walliser
my copy is even signed. Talk about feeling special. It has lots of great info, if you're looking for a Christmas gift for a gardening friend add this book to your list and the gloves, we all love the gloves.

Saturday morning started at 5:30 with me wanting some banana nut muffins so I started whipping them up only to realize I was missing a few ingredients. I couldn't find the baking soda & had no buttermilk, knowing there is baking soda in this house I start an all out search and find it in the bathroom.. hummmm do I use it.. well yes... I needed my muffins.
I used Soy milk for the buttermilk and it was after they started baking that I remembered the walnuts so I ended up with flat banana muffins that tasted like a cupcake...
Great! cupcakes & and mini pink grapefruit for breakfast not what I had in mind.. lol The new tea though is wonderful it is from The Mate' factor Thank you girlfriend .. Miss Beth has a brand new grand girl this morning she is Addison Marie she weighs less than 5 pounds. She decide she wanted to come into this world a little early so keeping her in our prayers, can't wait to meet the little princess..

I finally got everything planted from my trip to Rahn's with Miss Lois but then Beth and I went up again and came home with another load of goodies .. Now if the rain will just hold off so I can get out there and play this morning .. Oh and how about those pretty mailboxes this is the second time in about 6 weeks that our boxes have been smashed ... guess you can say we got tricked !! and then that horrible Georgia ~ Florida game .. damn Gators !!!
Isn't this Ajuga gorgeous it is BLACK SCALLOP I have avoided ajuga's for many years because they can take over a bed pretty quick but this one I had to have I planted them in a front bed and look forward to seeing it grown and spread in hopes this time next year the bed is covered.
And yes even though the Dawg's got whipped, the muffins where flat, the mailboxes were smashed and the new gloves now look like they are years old it was a wonderful weekend!!
Hope yours was too...

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