dirty fingers & toes

so it takes x rated lizards to get ya 'll to stop by :)

cuddling for sure ... lol

thanks to everyone for the nice comments on mom's, these pictures are of a very small section of her yard. She stays busy everyday in the yard and if she can't get outside she is picking apart last years flowers for seeds.

She not only has green thumbs she has green toes ..

speaking of thumbs & toes ..

I have been taking extra care all winter to try to grow out my fingernails.
Wearing gloves to wash dishes, extra cream on them at night and regular manicures.

They WERE looking great .. I have a special event tomorrow so I was thinking... time to polish with some bright spring color but when I looked at my hands I was shocked !!!

These are not the hands that I have been caring for...
these are gardener hands !!! that is dirt under my fingernails and they are broken, chipped & torn ....

I look outside knowing I have as many pairs of garden gloves as I have flip flops
( which those that know me, know that's a lot :)

So where are those gloves and why didn't I wear them ???

Because I love the feel of the dirt, I love to feel the tender plants
I even love to feel the weeds I'm pulling ..... and that's what really makes me a happy girl not bright spring polish.

So I will scrub and buff these finger & toes put on my pretty dress and be on my way.... and most likely I will be longing to get back home quickly so I can play in the dirt some more ...

have a happy weekend ya'll


  1. I love the feel of the soil and the plants. I never used to wear gloves until I married my husband 3 years ago.

    He harassed me into wearing them. It annoyed me at first, but now after finding some great gardening gloves by Atlas, I'm a convert. I often still 'forget' to wear them, but I usually do wear gloves now. It's a good thing considering I'm starting a gardening business, working for a gardener, and working at a nursery in addition to working in my own large garden.

    As much as I enjoy getting down and dirty in the garden, I enjoy DH's skin with my newly-soft, unscratched uncalloused, un-hangnailed hands even more! I think it's safe to say he does too when we get down and dirty together! ;o

  2. Isn't that what those acrylic fingernails are for? You see, THEN we only need to keep our hands clean! ;)

    I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog.


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