38th Annual NOGS Tour 2013 Garden # 2

Come on in ya'll...
 Welcome to our next garden. 
Now we all know every garden/ gardener has it's on style
 and that's what makes it so special and unique.
Now I have to say when I saw this fabulous door
 I knew this garden was going to be different.

lots of stone and concert so truthful I wasn't loving
 or liking this garden when I walked in. 
It took going back through my pictures
for it to kinda grow on me.

it has all the elements of a southern courtyard garden
 which is my favorite gardening style

seating areas


brick, iron, ivy, creeping fig and confederate jasmine

softness with pops of color


and cute yellow shoes, see them in the back ground.. 
OK so this garden really isn't a garden that
 I enjoyed, but I respect that others do
 and that's what makes gardening such a beautiful thing
 there is ' no Rights and no Wrongs'
just whatever you love...
hugs ya'll hope you have a wonderful day, Cherry

I am joining Miss Tracie of Fishtail Cottage for her garden party
come on lets go see all the pretties being shared today.


  1. Good Afternoon Cherry, There were elements of this garden which I loved. The jasmine and ivy climbing up the wall and the metal balcony are lovely, but for me, I love a lush garden, with lots of roses, but as you say, gardening is a personal thing and there are lots of people who will love this design.
    It is always good to see garden styles different to your own.
    Best Wishes

  2. Cherry, Thanks for sharing the gardens. I didn't go on the tour so I am enjoying your pictures. I agree with you, I love the romantic, courtyard type gardens. That said, there was a mountain of work that went into this garden.
    Hugs, Ginger

  3. Cherry, Wow! What a beautiful garden! Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays.
    New Follower.


  4. Wow, how nice! I love how they planted right in the ground with the stone courtyard area. The jasmine is beautiful and I bet the smell would be fabulous coming through the windows!


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