38th Annual NOGS Tour 2013 Garden # 3

Welcome to our next garden

This garden was one of my favorites
it has it all...
every nook and cranny was perfect

as we walked into the garden it was like I couldn't get enough of it.
I kept lingering around the front trying to see it all

waiting on people to move on so I could have it all to myself..lol

that never happened because everyone was in as much awe as I was..
This table and bird cage were awesome.

I could only imagine how wonderful it would be
to look out those windows
and see all this beauty everyday.

see the pass through.. we are heading there tomorrow

there was 2 beautiful mantled water features

lots of little touches. Every where you looked
there was something pleasing to see.
This part of the gardens was shady,
cozy and on the side of the house.

don't you just love this bird cage filled with succulents

and once you pass under the house you enter into...
Well I will save that for tomorrow so come on back.

I am joining Miss Tracie of
 Fishtail Cottage for her  weekly garden party
Come join us... 
lets go see all the pretties being shared today.
hugs, Cherry


  1. You are surrounded by such beauty..I envy you..

    1. Thank you I agree Savannah is a very special place.. hugs, Cherry

  2. Wow! I'm ready to move in. Any idea who the designer is? I love all the attention to detail. For example, how about that awesome row of mondo grass between the patio blocks and that brick edgers? That little bit of life and texture adds so much to this courtyard. So many details to study in your photos. Thanks so much for sharing your tour.

    1. Felicia I went back through all the info I had and checked the Web but found nothing about any of the gardens sorry. Since you are moving in that means I get to visit more often right... hugs, Cherry

  3. So gorgeous, but I have to say that the bird cage has really given me some ideas for an old one that I was going to throw away. Hmmmm...time for some designing!! xx

    1. can't wait to see what you put together and I'm on the hunt for a pretty cage.
      hugs, Cherry

  4. Oh my I loved the tour! That bird cage grabbed me right away. I saw one today at a garden center and didn't price it out. This makes me want it! What a great place to visit! The old iron table and chair set look perfect there. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Miss Liz and letting me know you enjoyed the tour makes me want to keep sharing.. hugs, Cherry


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