The end of our Savannah tour of homes and gardens for 2010

This home had just been renovated. The home owner was fun he was really enjoying showing off his home and legs to everyone. The upstairs was very elegant while the downstairs was like the homeowner colorful and fun.

love those long windows. The upstairs kitchen went on forever with lots of counter and cabinet space.

The downstairs walls were between a lime and an olive green. I loved the faux marble painted concrete floors and the little galley kitchen.

next up ...

The dining area was beautiful the chandelier with the painted bamboo chairs was great. The sitting area was painted kinda of a dark pewter color. I loved it with the blue and chocolate furniture.

The house has a colorful past with lots of tales about murder and evil spirits long before Jim Williams came to town.. This brick wall separates it from our next house. The wall has broken bottles mortared to the top of it. Some say they are there to keep the evil spirits away and some say to keep the evil spirit that lived there in... Me ... I say they are cool and the sunlight shining through them looks pretty .. don't want to piss off any spirits good or bad ..

Our next home had Savannah writer Susan B. Johnson inside signing her book Savannah's Little Crooked Houses: If These Walls Could Talk and I hear it has a story to tell.

We had a wonderful lunch in City Market and did a wine tasting at Meinhardt Winery Which was awesome the guy's running the place were so much fun we tasted 7 or 8 wines and each one was better than the one before .. good thing we had a long walk back to our car cause we were feeling happy

We also hit the Goodwill on Broughton street where I found a really pretty cut glass mini candle chandelier for 3 bucks and we later saw in a shop for $35 so that was my woohoo find of the day.
It was an awesome day and I'm ready to go again ..

Hope ya'll enjoyed the tour ..

Miss computer is heading to the doctor for a few days she has slowed down to a crawl and has no space left for me to play which is why I haven't been blogging or visiting as much .. So we will see ya'll soon and share all the other fun stuff that has been going on here, like 2 great plant sales and this years Garden Expo that took place this weekend..

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Georgia Southern Botanical Garden plants sale ~ Outdoor Wednesday

Remember this Hydrangea " Fuji Waterfall " that I saw last year at our botanical gardens. I have been asking all over town for it since last summer. Well I went to the annual spring plant sale at the Georgia Southern Botanical Gardens a few weekends ago and lo and behold there it was.

There was only one pot left and two ladies were trying to decide if it was worthy of taking home. I was trying so hard to be patient while inside my mind I had scooped it up and was half way back to Savannah with it.

After what seemed like a lifetime one of the ladies walked off but the other one hung on to the pot, twirling it around checking it out and then she looked at me and asked ... do you know anything about this one ~ OH CRAP ! I'm not good at telling lies, just ask Miss Lois she says my eyes go to dancing just like my daddy's ... I was just before spilling my guts and telling her it is gorgeous and that she should buy it when her friend called for her, she plopped the pot in my hands and walked off .. woohoo it's mine !!!!

I do hope she found something equally as beautiful or at least a treasure that she had been longing for because she passed up a gem in my eyes ...

I also picked up an Oakleaf Hydrangea

and look at how much he has grown they get up to 15 ft quickly

and this little guy is already making himself at home on it.

a couple of sedum's and some native plants that I have never seen before and thought I would like to try.

this is the purple eyed grass today ~ The flowers are tiny but abundant they start out a dark purple and lighten as they get older.

I had never been to The Georgia Southern Gardens it was chilly the day I was there and not a lot had started to bloom so I plan to go back soon. It looked like an amazing place with lots to see.

There was craft vendors set up and local farmers selling eggs and veggies

the plant selection was wonderful if only I had lots of money, time and a big ole truck I could have done some damage

I will definitely be back in the fall when they have their next plant sale ..

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Happy Wednesday ya'll
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An incredible modern loft in Savannah

I'm sorry for dragging out this tour of homes but the weather in Savannah has been out of this world beautiful and I have been no where near this box ... which is what the hubby calls this computer.....

Our next home is a very modern loft over the Melting Pot Restaurant on Broughton Street
This home was cool! Does anyone but me use the word cool any more ?

here's some of the what I thought made this home COOL !
The chrome celestial sphere chandelier

the dining room chairs, love, love, loved these

the windows and views

the openness of the living areas ( and yes that pictures is crooked )

I would want my couch or bed directly under this skylight so I could lay there looking up at stars all night ...

This room was an office area, it was darker than any of the other rooms. The wood work in it was really nice

Oyster Shell counter tops and back splash .. These were spectacular !! The cream color ones where in the kitchen and if you look back at the very first picture you can see the one done in black which was a little computer area off from the kitchen.

love these ~ cool, cool, cool ...

Guest bathroom ~ Modern meets yesterday ... love the vanity area with all the family pictures .. hey that's my gal friend Bobbie in the mirror

The commode area was like a princess throne .. lol

ta da .. The master ... this room was simply gorgeous to me .. simple with beautiful furniture and the bathroom had marble everywhere..

the bed skirt was burlap !! WAY COOL ..

a few of the other bedrooms and another great light fixture.

There was a lot more to this loft but we where told to stop taking pictures. Some of the guides in the houses allowed us to take pictures and some didn't. In this home the guide in the front of the house was cool but the one in the back of the house wasn't cool .. lol

There was sunlight streaming in from everywhere. You could feel the energy of this great city while staring out at all the hustle & bustle of one of the busiest streets in downtown Savannah.

There is one wait maybe two more house to share.. and I promise to rap up this tour this week .. Thanks for stopping by sure hope ya'll enjoyed this cool loft as much as I did ..

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A few things we enjoyed seeing while on our tour

This was one of the coolest sites. It is an alley that has been transformed into a beautiful gathering spot for all the neighbors. Here is part of an article from our local paper about it and the people that created it ..

Jericho Phire has had tourists take his picture while he was sitting in his pajamas having a morning cigarette. He doesn't consider himself particularly photogenic. But he and his neighbor, Pinky Fox, have created their own little piece of heaven on concrete: Jardin de Fox Phire.
Tucked off Hull Street and extending around the corner on Abercorn, the two started small. Actually Fox, who owns her condo, had tried planting flowers in the tree lawn, "but nothing grew." So at Christmas when her son came to visit she started bricking it in. Phire, who rents his apartment with his partner came out for a cigarette. Fox put in a brick crooked. He couldn't stand it and started helping. Square plot by plot, they added planters and flowers.
Fox was thinking about spray-painting two big electrical boxes green and using magic markers to create the look of plantation shutters. Phire shuddered and took control of the painting. "I wanted these faux shutters to have more of a theater backdrop feel, yet retain the shabby-chic charm of an older Savannah building," Phire said. "That idea spawned others."
The experienced muralist painted a slice of wall to look like stucco peeling away from brick. He stained the concrete walk to look like a path of bricks. "People grind their toes into it," Phire said, to see what it is. Shutters swing across the walkway "like an art installation, something that has drama," Phire said. Fox provided most of the capital. Phire produced much of the artistic work. "Since he rents he's pretty special to be willing to do this," Fox said. "It's a peaceful place to have in the city." They planted plumbago, mandevilla, petunias, Gerber daisies and "mint for mojitos," Fox said. They added an antique gate, a porch swing and chairs. "We used to sit on the front stoop," Fox said. "Now we encourage everyone in the 18 units to use this area."
Phire said, "It has become the mecca of the apartment complex - an oasis of sorts, where people come to relax, grill and soak up a few rays of sun. "Artist and architect Alexandro Santana, who had his own tree lawn artistry featured in the book " Small Gardens of Savannah and Thereabouts," calls the Jardin de Fox Phire "absolutely breathtaking. " Fox said. "We've already gotten our money's worth out of it."
She said she loves to design and decorate and has spent lots of money and effort on rooms that no one ever goes into. Friends and tourists tell them the area looks like a little slice of Paris. "People love to sit out here and talk about their trips to Europe," Fox said. "We inspire travel, even if it's only in our minds.

I also loved the couch above just sitting all by it's self in an empty lot .

It's sad to say I drive through our historic district often and miss so much of it's beauty. I guess that's why I enjoy doing the tour of homes & gardens to remind me of how special my home town really is.

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Finding Beauty while Flaunting my stuff Friday ~

It's Friday.. sounds magical doesn't it .. it's Friday, Friday, Friday woo hoo it's Friday ....

Today I am joining Miss Claudia @ Dipity Road for Finding Beauty Friday's and Miss Tootsie @ Tootsie Time for Flaunt your flowers Friday

I was surprised to find my Cherokee Rose blooming last night. I had just looked at it a few days ago and it only had a few buds that looked like they may open by the weekend. I guess those high 80's and 90's we had this week helped her along. I love this rose mostly because my daddy rooted and gave it to me but also because it is beautiful and Georgia's state flower. It looks pretty with my white wisteria on the fence.

Yellow Lady Bank Rose

The top picture of the wisteria is on my neighbors side of the fence. I think her side is prettier this year.

White, yellow lady banks and spiraea coming down the driveway on both sides of the fence

Bridal Wreath Spiraea

White Lady Banks

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Have a wonderful and happy Friday!
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