and a groovy time was had by all

Thank you for the birthday wishes it was a fabulous birthday

with lots of cake

some really funny looking people

all of which I adore ...

there was hippie babies

big smiles

lots of hair, a little rain & go-go boots

beautiful flower-child's and some scary looking guys that weren't sure what era they were in.

lots of laughter, music, bell bottoms, tears, yummy low country boil

and dancing .. What more could a girl ask for ..
My family & friends out did themselves it was the grooviest birthday ever..
Thank you so much to my family and a big hug to Miss Bridgett for taking pictures of all the fun.. love ya'll

Now on to a little bit of Garden yard sale info ~

Savannah Botanical Garden Fall Plant ~ Yard Sale....
Saturday, October 1 @ 8am until 4 at the gardens.
White beauty berry, Stoke's aster, earthworm compost, their own honey, day lilies, walking iris and much more!

it's going to be a beautiful weekend come on out and support the gardens.
hugs from Savannah ya'll and happy weekend, Cherry

Hello 50 it's your new friend Cherry

I have been anticipating our up coming friendship... Since we share some of the same girlfriends I know a little about what this relationship is going to be like. My only hope is you will embrace me with kindness and grace. Show me some compassion and allow me to have a sense of humor even on the days that I find random hairs in that random ... I didn't know hair could grow there place.. If you play nice I promise to be your new best friend... Cherry

So today is my 50th Birthday, my 50th, my ...... 50th and for the last few weeks my emotions have been all over the place. While I'm ready to embrace this next chapter in my little book called life I have been feeling very nostalgic ..... The definition of the word Nostalgia is a perfect description of me right now~ A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past...

missing my beautiful big brother and my daddy today

but loving all the wonderful friends and family that have taken time to make me feel very special.. Without family & friends we have nothing..

and the best hubby a girl could ask for..
So today is my 50th Birthday, my 50th, my ...... 50th ... I think it is going to take a little bit of time to get used to saying I'm 50 .... Happy Birthday to me..

hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Pinterest ~ yeah I know you have already heard of it !

but have you really checked it out ?

What is Pinterest ~
To me it's the best new thing since... well since my Annie Sloan Chalk paint arrived.. it is a great site if you love looking at pictures, finding new recipes, want to be inspired, learn something new.. or if you just want to lose a few hours of time but in a really fun way... To learn how to use the site I suggest you read this great post by The Blog Stylist because it can be a little overwhelming at first. What I love about it is you don't have to be a blogger to use the site and it isn't about promoting one's self. It is truly just a place to save and share all the fabulous stuff you find on the internet. An image bookmarking site without having to store it on your computer. I have almost emptied a folder full of saved pictures off my computer because I can now save all those Going to do one day ideas to my Pinterest boards which means more free space on my computer.. Here's a few things that I have found and loved.

Dragonflies made from old bedpost & ceiling fan blades .. I'm so going to do this.. A pretty Autumn arrangement and an awesome quiche recipe using potatoes instead of pie crust...Which I have already made and loved. I'm not a big fan of crust so this was perfect.

I used lots of veggies in mine. I know the pictures look like it's mostly potatoes and well maybe it had a few too many but it sure was good.. We topped it with chopped tomatoes a little sour cream and salsa and called it supper .. Want to see what all the fuss is about ~ you can click here to see My Pinterest Boards or here to see what others are sharing... Have a wonderful Monday and big hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

Oh and don't be fussing at me if you become ENJOY!

Have faith, knowing tomorrow will hold the blessings of God

~ Robert Schuller, Jr.

Wishing each of you a wonderful weekend
hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

it's Flaunt your Flowers Friday

Not to much to flaunt around here after such a hot dry summer
 but there's a few things to show off. The sage is just starting to bloom

it has been the summer of the morning glories for me lots of really pretty blooms

Agastache ~ salmon & pink ~ 'Acapulco' and white cockscomb which are full of seeds

Fuji waterfall hydrangea which I almost missed blooming because of the heat ..
We are feeling a tiny, tiny little nip in the air in the mornings and I am loving it.
My plans for the weekend is work in the yard till I can't move..
I have done nothing for so long that it looks like we moved out and left
 the old place to take care of it's self.. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thank you so much for stopping by
 I'm off to hit a few thrift stores haven't done that in a long time either..
hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry

September, sweet sweet September

We have been waiting on you.....

August was miserable! This little guy and I have kissed it good bye ...

Sweet Autumn Clematis

September always brings a wonderful renewed feeling to my soul.. My sweet autumn Clematis has just started blooming. Daddy gave me this last year it was one of his favorites. When it bloomed he would show it off to everyone that stopped by.. I didn't realize till just now that almost every plant my father gave me was white ~ Cherokee Rose, Confederate Jasmine, Cape Jasmine ( Gardenia ) and my Confederate Rose which starts out white then turns a deep pink...

Morning Glories are still going strong

Cockscombs are still beautiful, this one is more of a salmon color. I only had one that came up so I am hoping to save some seeds and yes that is an upside down empty picture frame behind the jar .. and one of our new kittens Tigger.

I haven't a clue what this is. It is a vine that has taken over an entire flowerbed. I truly don't know if it is a weed or if it is something I planted ... any ideas ?

Hello September I'm so so glad you are here I'm looking forward to all the fun we are going to have together...

It's Cottage Flora Thursday over at Miss Tracie's.... Fishtail Cottage and tomorrow is Flaunt your flowers Friday over at the lovely Miss Glenda's of Tootsie Time Come on lets join the fun... I can't wait to see what everyone is sharing this week..

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry