These sweet treats are really little Tricksters

The twins Miss Bailey & Mr Taylor

Mr. Taylor always smiling

Mr. Kaiden the great pumpkin, Miss Abbigail , Miss Madison
and the twins up top

Now the tricksters ~ times up aunt Cherry we are out of here

Miss Abbigail is the first to leave every time we try this

Who started this crying thing ? Oh no not again ...

man you girls sure like to wail ...

Miss Madison praying baby Alexis doesn't grow up to be a wailer

Mr. Kaiden ~ don't you know one day he is going to pay us back for putting him in this outfit ...

Miss Brayci is teething and not very happy about it..

and baby Alexis letting us play all we want .. lol

Maybe sometime between now and Halloween 2020
we will get a picture with everybody happy...

Happy Halloween everyone ~
be safe and have lots fun!

hugs ya'll, Cherry

Everywhere I went this weekend I saw pink !

Bougainvillea 'Double Imperial Delight'

We have a beautiful new Camellia garden going in at the Bamboo farm they are just now adding plants so not everything was labeled . I bet next year this garden will be a sight to see..

Long tail Skipper enjoying a little Lantana

Pink Canna

Pink Azalea

pink Bromeliad

Northern Lights Camellia ~ Camellia sasanqua

Bougainvillea 'Imperial Delight'

Pink, Pink, and More Pink ... The color Pink and the month of October mean it's Breast Cancer Awareness time this month is almost over so here's a little reminder ... All you ladies out there and you know who you are .... if you have not had a mammogram this year what are you waiting on ? Make the appointment .. if you can't afford it there are many wonderful organizations that will help you ... Search your town till you find one .

If you want to be moved to tears with a huge smile on your face then you should have been with me Friday morning. I had heard that a run for Breast Cancer Awareness would be taking place but I had know idea where or what time but thought to myself I would love to see it ...

It was part of the Paint the town PINK campaign . Well lucky me .. I heard them before I saw them. I could not get parked fast enough. I grabbed my camera and went running to the street only to be so moved I didn't get many pictures, for I was too busy clapping, cheering and wiping tears.

Almost 400 soldiers from the 260th Quartermasters Battalion teamed up with St. Joseph's/Candler Hospital to raise awareness of Breast Cancer.

3rd ID soldiers take battle against breast cancer to the streets

(Steve Bisson/ Savannah Morning News)

Diagnosed with breast cancer, First Lt. Andrea Graham addressed her fellow soldiers of the 260th Quartermasters battalion and the gathered public about the importance of screenings. Read First Lt. Andrea Graham's story

Early Detection is so Important ~ it can save your life .. make the appointment

Happy PINK Sunday ya'll
hugs, Cherry

Procrastinator's united and now The big Reveal

The Lovely Miss Melissa @ The Inspired Room held a Procrastinator's Party and today is show off day .. She gave us two weeks to finish our projects and I must say I do hope she holds these parties often it sure helped get my butt moving. Some of my project have been going on all summer.

My big reveal

My blanket basket for the front porch it looks small in this picture but it's almost 3' tall

Oyster shells from past oyster roast yep we ate the little critters inside them.

They made a beautiful lamp

really ugly 1970 picture turned into

my interpretation of the Tybee lighthouse

This is the first time I have painted in years. I did it in acrylics.
did you notice the two seagulls they represent the hubby and I

my little desk cleaned up beautifully I love it beside the bed.


Drop cloth bedspread .. I bought a 9 X 12 drop cloth washed it several times. I Cut 3ft off the 12ft side we have a king size bed and then glued a hem. If you haven't tried the E6000 glue it is awesome. I also glued quilt bidding tape to the edge for a finished trim.

this is the piece from the thrift sale which I am madly in love with

Tada ....The Finished room .... oh and those are drop cloth curtains ..

If you would like to see the before pictures you can check them out here ...

This was really fun and I look forward to checking out all of the other blogger's projects. Hope ya'll will join us over at The Inspired Room.

Have a fun day !
hugs ya'll, Cherry

Here comes the weekend !

and more rain .. poo I'm over the rain I want sunshine and 72 degrees please !!

Oktoberfest 2009 Cherry & Beth

I was really surprised that so many of you have never seen Air potatoes. Mary Delle asked for a little more information so I went straight to The Georgia Gardner ~ Mr. Walter Reeves . I was surprised to learn that he says you can eat the air potatoes.

I had been told that it was poisonous and if you Google you will see that even the University of Florida says parts of the plant are poisonous .

Personally ~ I' m more of a big fat Irish tator covered in butter, sour cream & chives or how about a Sweet tator fried or baked with a little honey butter and my all time favorite tiny new potato any way you want to cook them... yummy ... now that's the kinda tator girl I am .. lol

here's a little info from Mr Reeves

Air Potato

Q: I have a problem with a lovely but horribly invasive vine that grows little potatoes on its stem. It sprouts and spreads like a demon - nearly taking over a 3 acre lot! What is it and what can I do about it?

A: Most folks afflicted with this pest call it “Tater Vine” or “Air Potato”. It is actually a variety of yam, scientifically identified as Dioscorea bulbifera. The glossy green leaves are certainly ornamental but the vine’s intrusive nature has placed it very near the top of Florida’s Invasive Plant list. I don’t know why it is not a worse pest here but we can all be thankful for small favors.

Like kudzu, air potato has a large starchy root. The root stores plenty of energy for re-sprouting if the leaves are cut off. A systemic weed killer like glyphosate (Roundup) or triclopyr (Brush Killer, Brush-B-Gon) would give you fair results immediately but you’ll need to re-apply the herbicide every time the leaves reappear. This will be quite a chore on a three acre landscape. You will have to protect other plants from the chemical spray but I think this is the best choice you have.


Air Potato

Air potato (Dioscorea bulbifera) is another non-native, invasive vine in Florida. Covered with large handsome leaves, it can quickly grow 60-70 feet in length, which is long enough to overtop (and shade-out) tall trees. A member of the yam family (Dioscoreaceae), air potato produces large numbers of aerial tubers, potato-like growths attached to the stems. These grow into new plants.

Dioscorea species are cultivated for their edible underground tubers in West Africa where they are important commodities. Uncultivated forms (as in Florida) however are reported to be bitter and even poisonous. Dioscorea varieties, containing the steroid diosgenin, are a principal material used in the manufacture of birth-control pills. Air potato is believed to have been introduced into Florida as an ornamental and a food plant in about 1905. By the early 1970s it was already recognized as a pest plant throughout the state.

Q: Can air potato ‘taters be eaten?

A: A search of the Internet revealed that they are eaten, steamed or boiled, in Hawaii and Panama but no notes on preparation were found. A few weeks ago, a reader sent in his recipe for cooking the ‘taters with rice, which seems safe enough in small quantities. Eat them if you must..... and while you enjoy them, remember that kudzu can be a dining delight as well.

Q: I have been growing for several years the “air potato” plant you wrote about recently. I grow mine on a fence so the bulblets don’t spread throughout the neighborhood. The tiny “potatoes” are edible and quite good if put into rice near the end of the cooking process (about five minutes seems fine). It is important to harvest as many of the bulblets as possible to reduce the number of additional plants next year.

A: Bon Appetit!

Hope everyone has big plans for a fun weekend !!!
Oh and isn't Beth a cute looking little Bavarian .. lol

One more thing ~ Good morning daddy I love you with all heart ..
P.S. don't forget you are going to be frying me up some sweet tators tomorrow night !! and a big hug to cousin Donna glad you are enjoy my blog

hugs and happy weekend ya'll, Cherry

Air potatos & Thank you's for everyone

I would like to say thank you to everyone for all the wonderful messages and blessings for our anniversary. We had a wonderful time.

The car for those that asked... the one in the pictures belonged to a friend of a friend and that night which was our High school senior prom my honey declared one day we will own one just like it..

After dating for 4 more years and 13 years of marriage this girl had not thought a thing about that car ... but it was always on his mind. He had been looking everywhere for one without me knowing a thing about it until one Valentine's day he opened the garage door and gave me my present a 1976 white Corvette he had even made a a giant card for the windshield .. awww it still makes my heart flutter ... lol

Now ya'll know who this car was bought for don't ya .... lol

I did drive it a little but that hood is so long that this 5'2 gal had to use pillows to see over it ..
We still have it. It is in the garage and is for sale we never drive it and now he wants a rag top to play with so if any one is interested say the word ...

Air potato ~ Dioscorea bulbifera

I love growing these vines on my front porch every summer. They do grow quickly and they get a lot of bad press but for me a little weeding and the first frost seems to maintain them just fine.
I normally run my morning glories along the porch with these but with all the rain this summer the morning glories didn't do so well. Love those big heart shape leaves they help cut the sun in the afternoon.

Update on The Procrastinator's Party I have been working on my projects. The basket is painted sitting by the door waiting to be moved to the porch. The frame is cleaned and ready for paint and I have almost completed the picture to go above our bed .. I did finish a couple of pillows and I'm almost through with the desk so see I have been working... now to get it all finished and in place before Tuesday !!!

Ya'll head on over to visit with Miss Melissa @ The Inspired Room there is 91 blogs participating in this party. I can't wait to see how all the projects turn out..

Have a fabulous day
hugs ya'll, Cherry

25 years of Wedded bliss & still feeling just like this..

See this guy and that car

See this girl ~ that guy wanted this girl and that car

and after this kiss ~ that girl fell forever ...

that guy ~ got the girl and car... It took him a few years but he did it and today we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary .. He still calls me his Bride and I still blush when he says it

I love you today more than I ever thought possible, I will love you tomorrow more than today and 25 years from now my love will be even greater.. You are my heart and soul you are the reason my world is always full of sunshine & laughter.. You are mine and I am yours .. forever ..