Lots of Hodgepodge

Hodgepodge is a word used to describe a confused or disorderly mass or collection of things;

Hodgepodge is the best word to describe this post. I have been super busy and haven't posted in awhile... This post was actually dated March 16 it has a little bit of everything ..
First up is the Spring Festival a couple of weekends ago.

There was a lady from South Carolina with these Edgeworthia Chrysantha ( Paper Bush ) I had never seen them in bloom they looked pretty cool.

There wasn't a lot of plants the cold this past winter really hurt a lot of things around here but there was lots of other great stuff. Home made jellies, jams, local honey, handmade jewelry and

my favorite new birdhouse. The tiles were made in the early 1900's in a little town that I haven't been to in many years Ludowici, Georgia. I love the Dixie TM ..

The saddest sign ever !!! Hoping they will be open this Saturday when I go out for the plant sale, sure would like a strawberries and cream cake for Easter ....

and another sad moment, we watched a very, very happy 20 something year old young man drive off  in our baby .. We have had her for many years but haven't been driving her much so we felt it was time to let her go. I have a feeling she is zipping all around town and enjoying herself ..

And here's a few goodies from weekends ago that I forgot to show off... Beth and I did not get to do the Peaches to Beaches Hwy 341 yards sales but we did take off early Saturday morning to a big sale here in town which I personally think everyone from Savannah was at. I have never seen this many people at this sale before it was unreal even the volunteers were surprised. I don't know what the things above are but I love them and think they will make for something interesting in the garden ..

people, people everywhere people ready to find a treasure !

I bought lots of pretty linens, table cloths, pillow shams a little bamboo table and other goodies

this one is really pretty and big

I fell in love with this breakfast tray and can't wait to get it repainted.

Good Morning Atlanta yep instead of heading south to the beaches of the Golden Isles I ended up in Atlanta and it was cold ...

And see Miss Glenda I finally made it to a Trader Joe's. I bought lots of wine to add to the dozen bottles you gave me for Christmas .. lol and lots of other goodies too .. It was a quick trip, wish I would have had more time to have shopped at some of the other stores that we don't have here in Savannah.

OK I'll stop here for today but there is so much more to share like ...

The 75th annual Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens tour my girlfriends Bobbie, Beth and I did last week and the trip up to Rahn's greenhouses with Miss Lois last Friday and then the fabulous I will never miss another !! Plant sale at the Georgia Southern Botanical Gardens .
I didn't get to stay but a minute and was in a little car with 3 other adults and a baby/ seat or else I would have done some major damage .. I did manage to squeeze in a few gems ... Next year I will be the first one there and have a U haul attached to my truck ..lol

If you would like to see a pretty house from last years tour checkout the Wisteria House .
Have a wonderful day !
hugs ya'll, Cherry

“May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day.

May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. 
May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that's always blue. 
And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.

Happy St. Patty's Day
hugs ya'll, Cherry

Happiness is .. new life for some of that junk I keep dragging home ..

10 bucks for new daisy's, the other flowers I had crammed in a box, junk store basket, a can of spray paint and ribbon makes for a pretty new arraignment for the gate ..

Lots of things got spray painted this weekend and given a new life.
It was a beautiful weekend. I got so much done, planted some seeds, pulled all the plants out and gave them a big drink of water, a little shower and some sunshine. My Clivia has blooms starting to form .. Woohoo it's finally starting to feel like spring !

Miss Meredith I use a big nail I just tap it in wiggle it around and pull it out ..

Happy Monday let's make it a great one !
hugs ya'll, Cherry

Saturday's finds

The Ultimate Yard Sale was fun but I didn't find any treasures so off I went to to see what I could find else where and here's what $15.00 and a couple of stops got me..
A really dirty, stinky suitcase .. lol Not sure now what I saw in this thing .. lol
2 enamel pots which I have a weakness for .. I love to plant in them and use them when working in the yard .. a cute little pocketbook made in Hong Kong the handle looks like Tortoise Shell
( could have taken a better picture .. sorry )

and then this TA DA .. My find of the day..

OK I know this may not make your heart sing but me, I fell in love at first sight .. lol
I could not believe the lady only wanted $5.00 for it.
I see it as a really cool planter and can't wait to put it together .
The sun is shining so pretty here this morning looks like a great day to do some spray painting ..

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!
hugs ya'll, Cherry

Today ~ A year ago today

Today a year ago everything as I knew it changed
Today a year ago my world went dim
Today a year ago I lost you my big brother, my friend
Today a year ago I could not have known that your being gone would still hurt so bad or that so much would change when for me, it's still today a year ago...

Today I'm still trying to figure out why
Today I'm still waiting on you to stop by
Today I still pick up the phone to give you a call,
Oh lord how I miss those never ending talks with Mr. Know it all ...

How can it be that today, I'm still missing someone as aggravating as you ..

Today I still long for your hugs and hearing you say..
I love you sis, be good.

Today with tears in my eyes and a hole in my heart the sun shines and the world has moved on but me, I'm still sitting still in today a year ago !

One more 1st Birthday

Look at this sweet little fellow I just want to eat him up

Mr. Kaiden is now 1 year old...

His mommy and I took him out to Ft Pulaski to play and he had a ball we couldn't keep him in the stroller now that he has figured out this whole walking stuff he is a man on the move .. lol

It was the first pretty day we have had in a long time ..

and looking at these pictures is making me wish for warm sunshine and spring flowers ..

Happy first Birthday little man we love you so much
Happy Tuesday everyone
hugs, Cherry