Shopping for treasures with the pro's

This past Saturday I got to meet and spend the day with an awesome group of talented ladies hitting a gazillion thrift stores on Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, SC

Debbie of Refresh Restyle, Ann of Shabby French Country Cottage Basement, Kim of Today is my Someday, Debbie C of The Smart Set, Miss Sarah of Unto the Rainbow, me, the beautiful Miss Mary of Cotton* Wood Furnishing, and Karen of The Smart Set
We are rocking some cool Hometalk  T shirts.. 
Have you heard about Hometalk yet ?  Hometalk is a web community for sharing home and garden ideas with others. You can ask questions, share projects and get answers from a proYou can also find them on Facebook and Pinterest .

First stop and I knew it was going to be a fun day. With the exception of Ann and myself all of these ladies have booths in Two Women and a Warehouse now if you have been around a while then you have heard me talk about this fab shop before. Like all the way back in February of 2009. These ladies move quick. They found things that I never even saw and I'm talking awesome stuff ..

Miss Refresh Restyle stuffing her truck at stop number one .. remember we went to a gazillion..
She and Sarah rode together and they didn't have enough space left in that truck for a fly to catch a ride back to Savannah...

top picture ~ Miss Kim at stop number two realizing it's going to be great day .. Sorry
Kim and Mary had to take stuff out and rearrange after every but they managed to bring it all back to Savannah.. and might I add they found some great stuff...

and when the day ended we had four SUV's crammed packed with treasures..

Now I have to say I only found a few treasures

This map being a true hidden treasure for me. I bought the map to use for a back porch project but this morning when I went to cut it up I started really looking at the map. Memories started flooding my mind and before I knew it I was reliving my childhood.. Not only is this map dated at the time that my family lived in this area but it is where we spent almost every weekend.

Buttermilk Sound near the mouth of the Altamaha River in Glynn County, Georgia. We fished and camped all around these parts. My dad, brother and my uncle would load down the boats with everything we would need and we would camp on sandbars all weekend long.
We did nothing but swim, fish, eat, and sleep.
This treasure will not be getting cut up it is going to be framed. I wish I could share it with daddy. He and my brother would have loved seeing it and telling those fish tales.. again.

Thank you so much to each of these beautiful ladies. I enjoyed watching ya'll go and go and go, but most of all ... I enjoyed meeting each of you and look forward to shopping for treasures with ya'll again.. But next time.... I will be wearing my running shoes and have my eyes wide
Thank you also for sharing pictures ..
We all got so busy shopping we didn't take a lot of pictures ..
Thank you to Miss Miriam and Hometalk  for the tee's 
hugs ya'll, Cherry

SACGC,Inc. Botanical Garden

Good morning everyone and happy, happy Thursday it is going to be another scorcher of a day around here, but then it pretty much is everywhere right now isn't it..
This morning I am sharing some pictures I took
 a while back at our Botanical Gardens.
It was a cool rainy morning and the garden was filled with happy people working away.. 

how could you not be happy surround by all this beauty

You can follow the gardens here on Facebook  they have just posted some pictures of the old farmhouse being moved to the site years ago.. What a difference from then to now.  If you are local and haven't been out to the gardens you are truly, truly missing out. Some visits I walk and look at every little thing and other times, I just sit listening to the birds and critters sing and play..  Each and every time I visit I leave with a light heart and a wonderful peaceful feeling .. 

Thank you so much to all of the people that have worked so hard to give Savannah such a beautiful place to enjoy

Stay cool hugs ya'll, Cherry

Welcome to paradise in the middle of downtown Savannah, GA

We knew we were in for a treat when we saw the front entrance but we had know idea....

The lot was huge, lush, and incredible

The homeowners were super fun.. They told stories about all the hard work and had a photo album filled with the progress of the gardens over the years.. They shared a really cute story about the pimp daddy and his ladies that occupied one of the homes around them when they first moved in .. 
Let's just say Miss homeowner cleaned up her neighborhood by providing some early morning music with some pots and pans ....  You go girl !!

We could have stayed here forever...

Remember the tour was early spring. I bet these pots are beautiful by now. 

see the opening that they are standing in..

it lead to this beautiful spot 

See how lush ...

and then we had to leave... boo hoo
I said yesterday that I would also be sharing Miss mermaids garden but I didn't realize how many pictures I wanted to share of this beautiful home so will do her another day

I handed this to my girl when I walked in she looked at it for 2 seconds and started chopping I was scared for about 2 seconds but hey it's just hair and I love my hairdresser so I went with it.. It turned out cute, close to Kim's far bottom right but highlights instead of blond ... 

hugs and happy Thursday everyone, Cherry

Some more from the spring garden tour

Well hello ya'll the upstairs is CLEAN ...but it still needs to be organized so I have been working on it a little bit at a time but in the mean time I changed my browser from Firefox to Chrome and in the process of cleaning out I remembered I never finished sharing the garden tour... So here we go.. again

The front of this cottage was adorable. Simple but perfect... I had never thought of keeping confederate jasmine cut low like a small scrub. When I got home I planted the one that daddy had rooted for me right next to the front porch I think I will let a little bit of it climb and the rest keep low ..

we entered the back courtyard on the side of the house I loved the stucco walkway see the oyster shells

A big spider web in the tree that was cool

it wasn't a big court yard but it had a lot of vines and textures to make it quaint it was also full of people so I didn't get a shot of the entire thing sorry..  

This was a very nice small side yard.. love the walkway basically top right picture is the entire garden.

I want to lean more about Verde Talinum
 it looked like a cool plant.

Tomorrow we are going inside this elegant garden

and we will be visiting Miss mermaid thingy's garden..  
Have a great day everyone I'm off to get a summer bob and some highlights maybe I will come out looking as cute a
hugs and lots of love, Cherry

it's Friday the 13th Proceed with Caution

What I am sharing today should not even see the light of day let alone be put out on the World Wide Web to haunt me for the rest of my life ... This my friends is my upstairs ...

Over the years this room has had everything from a pool table and bar to treadmills and weight machines
lastly it was my craft room 

Now day's it is just one big giant scary mess 
or is it a bunch of craft projects waiting to happen ?? 
Actually it's both.....
 including the cat food, granola boxes
 and the toilet paper rolls....

this room became a dumping ground after we disassembled the extra bedroom to make hubby an office.
The kittens discovered it months ago and it was like little demons had taken over ...
They have torn through every box and bag up there .. They have run through the shelves knocking down everything that would move... I have picked this room up several times in the last few months even paid my niece Shelby to clean it...
Not that you can tell it right now....
They have brought things downstairs that I didn't even know was up there.. and if it rolled all the better .
They kept sending these little green plastic balls
 down the stairs ...
tink, tink, tink...  I kept picking them up and throwing them away. For weeks tink, tink, tink... They didn't look like anything so in the trash they went... 
Well I had to go up to the scary room for something and the floor was covered with silk orchids and everyone of them were missing the little green buds from the top of the stems ..
Opps so that's what I was throwing away ..
So that's when I decided I had to get up there and do some serious cleaning ..

and even though this scary little girl lives up there and every time I go up she is sticking her tongue out at me
 I have to be brave and get it done...

Exactly what do you do with a million cassette tapes from the 70's and 80's wait the 70's was 8 tracks and yep I still have some of them also...

~ ~ ~
Happy Friday the 13th ya'll ... Now I know a lot of folks are superstitious and I have my own little quarks but 13 is my lucky number and Friday the 13th's have always been good to me so maybe, just maybe it will help me get this done today ... If not at least I will have fun jamming out
Hope each of you have a wonderful weekend and maybe by the first of the week I will have a craft room again.. And the only reason I shared any of this with ya'll
was to embarrass myself  into getting it done...
If I don't share a follow up post next week send help cause I'm either still up there or went in the yard again and said the hell with it .... again.

hugs, love and Rock and Roll ya'll, Cherry