Flutterbys visit ~ Outdoor Wednesday

I have no idea who this guy is. If anyone can identify him please let me know. There was 4 of them and they were so pretty they loved the Blue Mist. This must be why I never got around to pulling it up. And if it will bring these guys back I will be moving it all over the yard ... lol

UPDATE ~ I HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED ~ I am a Long Tail Skipper
" The Long-Tailed Skipper is one of the most common and attractive skipper butterflies in the Southeast.
" I am amazed that I have never seen one before after reading that statement.

Thank you so much Miss Nell Jean he is so beautiful and now he has a name .

It's Outdoor Wednesday and the lovely Miss Susan over at A Southern Daydreamer invites us all to join her and the others. I have already visited with a couple. I wept at Miss Tootsie was drooling while visiting All things heart and home and got to stroll along a 1872 Covered bridge in Tahoe City, California While visiting with Miss Kat at She was old fashionedNow it's your turn ... go .... get to visiting.

Have a wonderful day ~
hugs ya'll, Cherry


  1. Cherry I must have missed the change over in your blog, it is gorgeous girl !
    These beautiful butterflies .. my goodness I have no idea "who" they are but they are so pretty and your presentation is wonderful !
    Joy : )
    PS .. Can you come over to my house and help me "fix" my blog too ? LOL

  2. Your 'friends' are breathtaking beautiful, your presentation fabulous.

    Have a bright sunny day.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  3. I can't believe these pictures. You got great shots of that little fella!
    Love it and love your blog!
    All Things Heart and Home

  4. don't be sad...next year will be even better!!!

  5. Beautiful photos Cherry. You have a very pretty blog indeed.

  6. Hi, Cherry. I guess you know the orange butterflies are Gulf Frits and their host is Maypops (Passion Flower in town gardens).

    The little critters that are not quite butterflies are Skippers. Now, go look up Georgia Skippers or Florida Skippers so you'll remember which is which and know where to look next time.

  7. Your photos are lovely and your models are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing their pictures with us.

  8. i just love them...butterflies, flutterbys...i just love how they add cheerful movement to a garden with all their fluttering! great shots1

  9. Long tailed skipper, aren't they so neat? I forget the golden one's proper name...sigh

  10. Hi Cherry, thank you so much for your visit and good wishes. Your flutterby post is very beautiful. I have an orchard full of Ageratum or so much prettier as you call it "Blue Mist" but I have never seen that long tailed butterfly. It is interesting how butterflies prefer certain flowers. Do you remember the story about the butterflies and the flowers; the red flower said no you can not come you have to go to the yellow flower etc. This story always made me sad!! (That was a very long time ago!) Cherry I link you to my blog "yesterday...." if that is al right.
    I always liked your posts. It seems quite a while since we started at Blotanical.

  11. Cherry, what fantastic photos of the butterflies and such. I have no idea what the first one is...it almost looks like a relative of the moth, but no clue. A beautiful display. Thanks for sharing!

  12. wow gorgeous photos of the butterflies. I have a few old digitils of butterfly shots,, they are not easy to capture without the right camera! You did a wonderful job, were you snapping away? I can imagine you were! thanks for visiting me!

  13. Lovely photos! I should pay more attention to the skippers! I don't know one from another as I'm always looking at the Monarchs and Swallowtails.


  14. What beautiful blue green color! I enjoyed seeing the Gulf Frittilary's as well. We have them here in Arizona too.


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