Everywhere I went this weekend I saw pink !

Bougainvillea 'Double Imperial Delight'

We have a beautiful new Camellia garden going in at the Bamboo farm they are just now adding plants so not everything was labeled . I bet next year this garden will be a sight to see..

Long tail Skipper enjoying a little Lantana

Pink Canna

Pink Azalea

pink Bromeliad

Northern Lights Camellia ~ Camellia sasanqua

Bougainvillea 'Imperial Delight'

Pink, Pink, and More Pink ... The color Pink and the month of October mean it's Breast Cancer Awareness time this month is almost over so here's a little reminder ... All you ladies out there and you know who you are .... if you have not had a mammogram this year what are you waiting on ? Make the appointment .. if you can't afford it there are many wonderful organizations that will help you ... Search your town till you find one .

If you want to be moved to tears with a huge smile on your face then you should have been with me Friday morning. I had heard that a run for Breast Cancer Awareness would be taking place but I had know idea where or what time but thought to myself I would love to see it ...

It was part of the Paint the town PINK campaign . Well lucky me .. I heard them before I saw them. I could not get parked fast enough. I grabbed my camera and went running to the street only to be so moved I didn't get many pictures, for I was too busy clapping, cheering and wiping tears.

Almost 400 soldiers from the 260th Quartermasters Battalion teamed up with St. Joseph's/Candler Hospital to raise awareness of Breast Cancer.

3rd ID soldiers take battle against breast cancer to the streets

(Steve Bisson/ Savannah Morning News)

Diagnosed with breast cancer, First Lt. Andrea Graham addressed her fellow soldiers of the 260th Quartermasters battalion and the gathered public about the importance of screenings. Read First Lt. Andrea Graham's story

Early Detection is so Important ~ it can save your life .. make the appointment

Happy PINK Sunday ya'll
hugs, Cherry


  1. Wonderful & important post ... TY for sharing.

    Have a lovely week. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. A lovely post I love the pink blooms and the long tailed butterfly.

    So important to raise awareness.

  3. Hello Cherry,

    Thank you for posting such an important message. What an emotional day. I love the white bougainvillea tipped with the pink!

  4. What an appropriate and informative post and with gorgeous pink blooms to match too. A good reminder for us.

  5. Important message and hooray for our soldiers. Love your pink blooms.

  6. Yes, a very important post and so well done.

  7. Thanks for sharing this lovely post, Cherry...a timely reminder!
    Lovely pink flowers and pictures too!

  8. Pink is the loveliest of flower colors, but surprisingly enough, I don't have many pink flowers. Must remedy that!

  9. Very moving post...the pink flowers were the perfect segue.

  10. Just beautiful flowers, how do you do it, I try so hard, maybe thats the problem, I want mine to look like yours.....Your blog is so important for many who need a reminder, thanks, I am a new follower, come for a visit...I will surely be back

  11. Beautiful pinks -- important message!


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