Air potatos & Thank you's for everyone

I would like to say thank you to everyone for all the wonderful messages and blessings for our anniversary. We had a wonderful time.

The car for those that asked... the one in the pictures belonged to a friend of a friend and that night which was our High school senior prom my honey declared one day we will own one just like it..

After dating for 4 more years and 13 years of marriage this girl had not thought a thing about that car ... but it was always on his mind. He had been looking everywhere for one without me knowing a thing about it until one Valentine's day he opened the garage door and gave me my present a 1976 white Corvette he had even made a a giant card for the windshield .. awww it still makes my heart flutter ... lol

Now ya'll know who this car was bought for don't ya .... lol

I did drive it a little but that hood is so long that this 5'2 gal had to use pillows to see over it ..
We still have it. It is in the garage and is for sale we never drive it and now he wants a rag top to play with so if any one is interested say the word ...

Air potato ~ Dioscorea bulbifera

I love growing these vines on my front porch every summer. They do grow quickly and they get a lot of bad press but for me a little weeding and the first frost seems to maintain them just fine.
I normally run my morning glories along the porch with these but with all the rain this summer the morning glories didn't do so well. Love those big heart shape leaves they help cut the sun in the afternoon.

Update on The Procrastinator's Party I have been working on my projects. The basket is painted sitting by the door waiting to be moved to the porch. The frame is cleaned and ready for paint and I have almost completed the picture to go above our bed .. I did finish a couple of pillows and I'm almost through with the desk so see I have been working... now to get it all finished and in place before Tuesday !!!

Ya'll head on over to visit with Miss Melissa @ The Inspired Room there is 91 blogs participating in this party. I can't wait to see how all the projects turn out..

Have a fabulous day
hugs ya'll, Cherry


  1. Great story about the car ... glad we asked :)

  2. Your journey in life as a couple is so romantic and special.

  3. Hello Cherry,

    That is a beautiful vine. I have never seen one before. I love the large leaves.

  4. now those potatoes are something to see! congrats on the anniversary

  5. Wow! That's pretty cool that you still have that car! Fun story. I've never seen air potatoes before! Those are really neat looking.

  6. i remember riding in that same car back in the day! glad your day was happy. can you eat air potatoes?

  7. Yes, that's a great car story!

    I don't know the "air potato" vine, but it looks so neat.

    Chilly weather is making me think of indoor projects, but I still worked in the misty rain today. So much gardening left to do.


  8. So glad to hear your day was great! Every anniversary should be celebrated, it's a happy day after all.

  9. Glad you had such a nice anniversary. I've never seen air potatoes. Maybe you should post on them and tell us more about them.

  10. So sweet about the car! I have never seen air potatoes before. What an interesting plant.

  11. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    I have never seen those potatoes before. Apt title!


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