Now this is what I call a good snooze !

Isn't this adorable ... meet Pitypat

This is Beth's furry niece or wait it might be her nephew .. I forgot to ask ..
I hope each of you are having a catnap kinda Sunday.

hugs ya'll, Cherry

I'm away for a few days so if you are seeing this then I figured out how to pre ~schedule post woohoo ... ya'll have a great week !


  1. That is one very comfy kitty. Great pictures.

  2. how very cute! My tootsie used to sleep on top of an old television when I was in college...she would get so deep into her sleep that she would actually hit the floor! did I mention she was about a 25 pound monster cat? oh how I miss her!

  3. Pitypat looks ohhhhh soooooooo comfy. Cute pics Cherry.

  4. There should be a Downward Cat pose in Yoga.

  5. I'm with Tatyana .. definitely a yoga pose in there some where Cherry ! .. my girls can have some funny poses when they nap too : )

  6. Hello Cherry,

    Sometimes I wish that I could sleep anywhere just like a cat.

  7. LOL! Very cute! I woke up to Lacey licking my face this morning..she's taking lessons from Bandit!
    Hey, I'm going away too...please tell me how to pre-post via email!

  8. This cat sure looks like it is having many sweet dreams or very very faraway with Alice in Wonderland. I hope it doesn't awake with a thud.

  9. That doesn't look like a comfortable spot at all! That must be one tired Pitypat!

  10. Absolutely the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! lol

    Cherry, thanks for the visit and for the warm welcome on Blotanical.

  11. I first read "catnap" to be "catnip". A catnip kinda Sunday wouldn't be bad either:) Luv the name Pitypat.


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